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: General V-Strom Discussion

  1. momma testin out the new wee
  2. Riding throught a lightning strom, shocked throught the handlebars
  3. I'm now an official member!
  4. Does this make a mockery of adventure bikes?
  5. water repellent for our windscreens?
  6. Shinko Radial 705 question
  7. How to quiet my Scorpion EXO 700
  8. HI-VIZ Scorpion helmet
  9. Have you ever had any problems with your V-Strom?
  10. Med Icon Variant Helmet at OKC CyleGear
  11. Rubber Bumpers on OEM Luggage Racks
  12. DIRT!
  13. slipping on the seat?
  14. Looking for DL1000 and any DL with Hepco Becker Crash Bars to test fit Frame Sliders
  15. The Blue and Yellow V-Strom Group!
  16. Dropped my Vee yesterday :(
  17. Does Vstrom-ing burn calories?
  18. Thinning the herd!
  19. What alarms are you using on your V-Stroms?
  20. Local color
  21. Lower Back Pain solutions
  22. Scotland Highlands
  23. First Week with my Vee (long)
  24. nightime mode for mirrors - does this exist?
  25. d3o armor?
  26. Key Help
  27. Gone, but not without a fight
  28. gaining confidence in curves ?
  29. Performed an emergency stop last night
  30. The end is nigh...
  31. Wow, you guys were right about dealers
  32. So I went to go pick up my new luggage
  33. Riding after cancer treatment
  34. Suzuki Urban C Crossover - ????
  35. New or used??
  36. pants?
  37. What is your fully loaded (all your luggage packed) gas mileage on your 'Strom
  38. New V-Strom owner in Diamond Bar CA
  39. V-strom dl650 wheel
  40. V-Strom Riding position/back pain
  41. Customs Procedures
  42. Completed a Saddlesore 1k
  43. FrankenStrom in progress...
  44. Keep Dropping Wee on Downhill Stops
  45. My first water crossing w/ the Strom - two up.
  46. Dropped her. Please add my name to the wall of shame ...
  47. ABS and off-roading
  48. Was thinking of a Super Tenere, but I am being lured by the new Wee
  49. I was hit by a car the other day....
  50. A new use for 1K V-Strom
  51. Dark side that is epidemic
  52. Sudburn ON in the morning.
  53. Last Campout of the Season! Connecticut
  54. My first 1000 miles on the darkside
  55. What a difference luggage makes
  56. Just some feedback after 4200 miles..
  57. Vermont VT Strom Attendees
  58. how important is tire profile during replacement?
  59. Is she fat, voluptuous, or sexy?
  60. a pain in the neck!
  61. 02 1000
  62. Thank you Stromtroopers!
  63. Review: Wee-Strom VS VFR
  64. Death wobble? Something is not right!
  65. Odd feeling
  66. Anyone watching the HBO series "True Blood"?
  67. Dropped Wee - Too good to be true?
  68. Seat Concepts for DL650 Review
  69. Stromtrooper Gear Orders - How Long?
  70. Renting A Motorcycle in Nova Scotia
  71. Who can post a scan of the MCN August 10 issue article on the new V-Strom?
  72. Hurricane Gear
  73. Colorado trip
  74. What is the point of not allowing new members to post in the for sale section?
  75. Stromtrooper Official Gear
  76. This is going to get expensive
  77. OEM Saddlebag Blanks
  78. Bandit Engine in Strom
  79. I would just like to say...
  80. Shinko 700 and 244 - Anyone tried them?
  81. Wow....Long Ride Setup
  82. Passed 90K mark K3 Vee!
  83. Mechanics of a low speed fall
  84. Is it just me.......
  85. What's is the trick to tight, low-speed turns?
  86. Post Crash Damage Checklist
  87. my strom doesn't like chevron gas
  88. New to the V
  89. New Bike = New Noises...Normal???
  90. Still need my training wheels
  91. Noob...
  92. VSTROM in Magazine
  93. Riding off road: forest svc & gravel
  94. Thank you Stromtroopers
  95. Is this normal? With video!
  96. VT Strom Adventure Attendees
  97. Corbin - doesn't fit 650?
  98. Tire Chains
  99. Big sizes with Road Toads
  100. Wow motorcycles
  101. Some thoughts.
  102. Looking for a Vstrom 1000 !
  103. Markbvt Shout Out
  104. I'm baaaa-aaack!
  105. How'd you first dump your Vstrom?
  106. What to pack for a trip????
  107. New to wees
  108. Just a Thank you to all.....
  109. Painted OEM windshield - Awesome!
  110. Mountain biking and camping trip on the Strom
  111. HD Ride PLanner
  112. Do you really think its a dualsport?
  113. 1000 seat to sit on Gaithersburg/ Frederick Area?
  114. Richland Rick
  115. people love the strom!
  116. Vermont V Strom Attendees NOTICE
  117. Almost clipped Bambi.
  118. Used '08 DL1000 - what to watch out for?
  119. Eastern Shore, Md. De, Va.
  120. Route Planning Websites?
  121. Maiden Voyage starts tomorrow.
  122. Sunday Saga
  123. Testing the ABS on dirt
  124. Just did an Outback Oz trip - I'd like to thank
  125. I'm Sorry... I had to do it... I didn't have a choice...
  126. New Wee-Strom Article in Motorcyclist Magazine
  127. Park-n-Move trouble
  128. And so it begins...saying goodbye to the Vee
  129. Another Thinstrom project: Offroad sport cruiser
  130. New boot shopping
  131. Suzuki Gel Seat - anyone tried it?
  132. Cool Weather Gloves
  133. Is there a trick to getting the bike off the center stand?
  134. Pre-Loading Shifter
  135. Not Layed It Down?
  136. Mouth guard for off-road?
  137. Houston to Fairbanks & Return - Tires, Chain, Maintenance and Final Thoughts
  138. Alaska wrap up
  139. What do you carry that doesn't fit your in luggage ?
  140. 2 up question
  141. East Coast Trip starting this Sunday
  142. Got to test my Pat Walsh Crash bars last evening! Yay!
  143. Help with determining bike's value
  144. Corey's Bike, (A Short Story With A Few Photos)
  145. Protection and hot weather
  146. Kriega Bag as Tank Bag
  147. Reading Wiring Diagrams
  148. How do the hazard lights work?
  149. Looking for big summer gloves
  150. Wee Strom or Glee Strom? '11 or '12 and Decision Time (Merged)
  151. Gauge lighting
  152. Sargent Seat Disappointment
  153. Insuring Farkles
  154. Seat
  155. Dsrkside on a V-Strom after 8000 miles
  156. Back rest setup for DL-650 + Corbin Seat
  157. Houston to Fairbanks and Return on the same set of tires!
  158. Rode Off-Road (Side) Today...
  159. Riding alone?
  160. Q Bar Risers on a 2011 ABS Bike
  161. Should I sell my Cruiser??
  162. Trailer help from NJ to Long Island?
  163. VT Strom Attendees
  164. Best full-coverage insurance that you know for the buck
  165. Commuter Back Protection
  166. 145 MPH on the V
  167. Stebel horn is kaput
  168. I need help on the road
  169. what do you think about this size trunk? -
  170. Running cables through tank bag?
  171. No brake light on front lever
  172. Selling a CA registered bike in Seattle - question
  173. dead battery
  174. Any motorcycle superstores in Upper Michigan
  175. DL1000 battery in DL650?
  176. I'm 6'6" with the Givi windscreen and would like to reduce wind/rain when riding
  177. Another Performance Award !!!!
  178. Maybe not
  179. Shoei Qwest
  180. New Scooter !!!!!!!
  181. colors
  182. What spare parts would you take on a 1 year moto trip to S. America (for '05 DL650)
  183. Any reason not to buy the Happy-Trail Cascade Panniers for my trip to S. America
  184. Do you run your tires nearly bald?
  185. Just Delivered, My New to Me 2006 DL1000
  186. Why I plan to invest in engine protection...
  187. Calculating Tire Circumference
  188. Fork mounted lights
  189. any body know
  190. New white 2011 owner
  191. Greywolf in the AMA mag
  192. Dual Sport vs ADV vs Dirt
  193. Go soak your head
  194. Richland Rick
  195. Instrument Cluster Replacement
  196. Just bought my first V-Strom 1000 - What mods?
  197. what to do?
  198. Head to head with a buffalo in Yellowstone
  199. Who does NOT ride in rain/storms as a general rule?
  200. safe to start without instruments connected
  201. Picture wanted
  202. Bought a New White Wee today
  203. Suzuki Accessories in Buffalo Area
  204. Dialing her in...
  205. Stromtrooper - Ten Commandments
  206. Happy Ending.....Not that kind
  207. Cleaning chain on long trip advice
  208. Dirt Road Primer
  209. Should I get a new battery? Also questions on how to jump a dead battery
  210. Garmin Routing Notes
  211. Test Ride a Sargent Seat - Columbus, OH & Surrounding?
  212. Wasn't there a 2012 VStrom Thread?
  213. Cases, cases, cases...
  214. Note : Part is available that I did not need
  215. First (forced) farkle...
  216. buying leftover 2011 dl650 or wait for the 2012?
  217. MotoCaribe Updates: 2011-2012
  218. Fixing my DL1000 ( CRASHED )
  219. My Suggestions For Motorcycling The Cassiar and Daulton Highways
  220. Pitching to a Wider Audience
  221. Need advice on trade
  222. external filter mod
  223. Riding in the Heat
  224. Garmin 60CSX Purchsaed; Now how do I wire/mount it (have a richland rick gps mount)
  225. dl 1000 problem
  226. Throttle Body Synch - in Austin, Tx
  227. Strom sighting St. Michaels Md
  228. CT to VT Ride 7/5=7/6
  229. A girl
  230. Dan Vessel highway pegs with Givi bars?
  231. Strom Sighting Near Ashokan Reservoir...
  232. Found this V-Strom video on Google+/Youtube
  233. Arms not the same length?
  234. Congratulations - Iron Butt Finisher
  235. Just installed TKC80 and whoa....they feel weird
  236. Givi E41 Panniers on an OEM Frame
  237. Happy Trails vs TRAX vs Givi side bags
  238. Update on my accident...
  239. Motorcycle airconditioner
  240. The "new" V Strom....
  241. Motorcycle Rental Choices in Asheville, NC Area
  242. Valve Cover Bolts stripped Poll
  243. Clutch Lever replacement
  244. Strange Solo Riders
  245. Mowtercycle
  246. Q from an non trooper
  247. New Strommer with handlebar fitment issues
  248. Low beam is great, high beams search the sky!
  249. No more tall touring saddle?
  250. Engine shuts off shortly after startup