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: General V-Strom Discussion

  1. New rider, need input.
  2. First ride on the new toy.
  3. Fuel economy increase with screen change...
  4. Welcome to northern Virginia.
  5. To Go or Not to Go?
  6. plug size
  7. Stroms saving lives!
  8. Anakee 2 rear, what can/ should I put up front??
  9. Grip Puppies
  10. Anybody use R&G Heated Grips?
  11. The V-Strom as an ambulance!
  12. Good news for black vstrom owners.
  13. What top box fits?
  14. Sargent seat review 2013
  15. New Vee owner in need of helmet opinions
  16. Tires
  17. what is this thing?
  18. Bye bye V-Strom, hello BMW
  19. Vee compared to Wee seat.
  20. Too good to be true?
  21. Heidenau's tires
  22. Rox Risers (not the adjustable type)
  23. Has anyone had fuel pump trouble.
  24. Cleveland to N. NJ ride route
  25. Tell me everything I need to know about bar weights and Barkbusters
  26. jumper cables
  27. I think i'm riding to much
  28. Rockies/Yellowstone Opportunity - taken with pics
  29. well it finally happened
  30. New model Wee Stroms Riding Position
  31. Riding from Kansas City to LasVegas End of August
  32. Helmet of the future?
  33. Cold weather gloves
  34. Colorado Question
  35. K&N Filter Minder - opinions or reviews
  36. Vstrom Bike Rack
  37. Two up on a 2012 Vee
  38. Good idea? Or bad idea?
  39. Bike diving [too much] into the turn
  40. Vee or Wee
  41. Corbin Vs Dale Walker
  42. SV Blair there again
  43. Bent rim bead/lip
  44. Off to a Bad Start
  45. Modified seat pad.
  46. Nitro x fuel commander
  47. Pace of modern DL650 clearly more dangerous than slow Harley (paperwork anyway)
  48. Water bottle/location ideas...
  49. Tie Down Points on Our Bike
  50. Butler Motorcycle maps
  51. Missing Bolt
  52. Long ride ahead (4k+ miles) Need some advice on gear!
  53. Moto Pro Chain Lube
  54. look what i saw when I took off my seat.
  55. New to me 05 V first impressions
  56. 6'4" and 270...which V-Strom?
  57. Test Ride
  58. removing nolan faceshield
  59. Cheapo Frame Sliders China
  60. rear abs sensor ...."s...t!"
  61. stromtroopers rules question
  62. Aftermarket Seat Opinions/options
  63. Rusty mirror bolts.
  64. Name that part!
  65. 10 new things I learned (or now believe) from my latest 30-day, 7,500 mile trip
  66. Thought on Adding a "Trader Rating" ?
  67. Installing givi monokey
  68. Difference between the 110/80Q-19 ; 110/80R-19 TL110/80Q-19 ; 110/80R-19 TL tires?
  69. Price check and opinions sought
  70. CPAP and travel by bike
  71. New tire = new handling issue.
  72. STROMS in Mongolia?
  73. Changed out Handlebars Today
  74. Re-connection (after 1-year break) and Traxxion/Elka upgrade
  75. Pressing Starter button while engine is on?
  76. Northeast Vstrom Adventure 2 weeks PLEAS
  77. ***Sargent seats on sale until the 22nd***
  78. WDYWWYR?
  79. Fuel line connection
  80. What is the dumbest thing you have seen a motorcyclist do on the road?
  81. V-strom demo video
  82. I love 3M
  83. A Morbid Question
  84. Elio: A "car" to give the Strom a run for its money?
  85. Source for the biggest Bar end weights
  86. Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
  87. Northeast Rally Saturday Breakfast
  88. Only a motorcycle for transportation?
  89. Topbox
  90. TPMS
  91. 4-5 week backorder wait for Darien pants?
  92. Long Trip Saving Farkles
  93. 2 Wees - neither one is rideable :-(
  94. My bike
  95. upload routes to Garmin Nuvi
  96. Beating the heat
  97. chain buzz
  98. Strom Trailer Hitch Build
  99. Hearing protection
  100. Top 10 Safety Farkles
  101. Very Embarrassed
  102. tick or knock when the engine is being shut off
  103. Rubber seat spacer
  104. Is this a problem?
  105. Squeak/Rattle From Fairing?
  106. Nelson Rigg CL 855
  107. Weatherproof phone mount system?
  108. Datel Install Question
  109. Broken reflector - HELP!!!
  110. Monarch Pass Saddlebags With OE Sideracks?
  111. Heading South
  112. HID bulbs with EB relay
  113. Tourance EXP
  114. Has anyone taken their Strom on "The Trans American trail"?
  115. Decision time
  116. Chain tension, got tighter on trip
  117. DIY quick release mounts for Pelican style cases
  118. Search Engine
  119. Looks like I am coming back...
  120. Top Case
  121. Tour de France
  122. Remote Preload Adjuster on Elka
  123. VStrom went down but I'm fine
  124. Cheapo Volt Meter Solution
  125. A lot (actually a little) of new info on the upcoming DL1000 refresh
  126. Chain Lube Thread
  127. air pump
  128. Lucas Chain Lube - Aerosol Spray Can
  129. Saying So Long
  130. Soupy's Performance
  131. The V's a tall bike
  132. Things to look out for on a used DL650
  133. Weatherproof Stickers/Vinyl
  134. how important to adjust my valves?
  135. shifting technique or gear noise
  136. J&M CB antenna wiring
  137. Shut off sequence
  138. Anyone else going?
  139. Suspension guru needed, denver/boulder CO area
  140. Modify Shoei Face Shield to work with Pinlock Lense?
  141. Owning a motorcycle in Europe
  142. more noob questions
  143. Interesting buffeting discovery
  144. If you have had a rotor/flywheel magnet failure please post it here ! ! !
  145. Spirited versus Abusive...
  146. Possibly the Most Unique Stromtrooper Ad Ever
  147. I pick up my 1000 with Realshelbys basket and new anakee 3s
  148. far have you gone to bring one back from the dead?
  149. Emgo filter
  150. Security/ Surveillance Camera
  151. Hot Weather Riding tip
  152. Northeast Last Warning
  153. re: Check your Gas-Mileage-and-Octane-Requirements.
  154. Saddlesore 1000
  155. Water bottle fanny pack?
  156. NER Weather Page
  157. Won't idle, but restarts ok
  158. Does this forum need a new main banner?
  159. Diesel fuel for cleaning?
  160. Front fender stamped steel nuts
  161. DL1000 to DL650 fork internals
  162. Thudding when clutch engaged???
  163. I got it
  164. Denali Hwy report
  165. Considering Upgrades
  166. Luggage Volume for camping
  167. MCN busts Chain Saver lube
  168. Late Apex -- Close Call Today
  169. Installation of new oil filter
  170. Big CA Road trip, route and gear reviews pt 1
  171. Riding Pants?
  172. Carrying chain lubricant on trips
  173. Will a DL650 run with any gauges?
  174. Pinlock system
  175. Long Way Round Question
  176. Creative thinkers wanted
  177. Vstroms in Law Enforcement
  178. Travel costs -- a surprising result
  179. Newsletter from ??
  180. NeverWet
  181. A fix for leaky boots ?
  182. New member new to the V-strom
  183. Passing of Ardys Kellerman
  184. Your Brain on a Motorcycle!
  185. Are eBay kevlar/sintered brake pads a good idea or not? -no links to eBay within post
  186. A strange kind of fun.
  187. Which Headset should i buy.
  188. Severed Fingertip Club
  189. SoCal dealer recommendations
  190. 2 Full Turns On the Oil Filter vs Torque Spec
  191. 2006 air filter for 2009
  192. Replaced my Chain and Sprockets (w/photos)
  193. 2007 Wee Strom "stuck" in NY
  194. Dodged a Bullet and dodged a bullet part 2 Merged
  195. What is this - footpegs...
  196. New Old Indian Trick
  197. Anybody change their oil using a vacuum extractor ?
  198. ecu replacement
  199. Bluetooth GPS pairing with ScalaRider
  200. Stromtrooper official wave?
  201. Dan Vesel Backrest with Corbin???
  202. Fulmer (Texport/Mossi) Tourtrak jacket
  203. Suzuki Top Case Diagram?
  204. Crash bar bags made from gas mask carriers
  205. Check your Gas-Mileage-and-Octane-Requirements.
  206. EBay Rotors
  207. Where's Waldo?
  208. Leaving for Alaska (again) tomorrow
  209. Charging system failure
  210. Tires for Alaska trip
  211. North Carolina
  212. Insurance WTF?
  213. V-Stroms abound in the Suzuki USA web site
  214. $110/tire for labor to change tires? Is this a joke?
  215. Revzilla Honey Badger 1200 Strom
  216. Windshield and mastad questions
  217. Michelin Anakee 3
  218. Farkled Up Kuryakyn Farkle
  219. Loose-shaking fairing even possibly locking steering
  220. new vs used
  221. Is my chain shot?
  222. Inspection facility near Blaine, WA border crossing
  223. Should have taken the Strom...
  224. bad stripped fairing bolt
  225. Good Book (V-strom adventure ride)
  226. Chesapeake, VA to Austin, TX Route Suggestions
  227. A little help for a new guy Please.
  228. new to V strom
  229. Sticky ignition key
  230. Grip puppies over heated grips?
  231. Windy riding advice?
  232. Rick's footpeg lowering kit
  233. Favorite Panniers
  234. Colorado fires
  235. Crampbuster
  236. 2012 saddle bags and trunk
  237. What's the dumbest excuse you have ever heard? Heres mine.
  238. Ready for the Iron Butt...
  239. looking for a v strom expert in fort collins, colorado
  240. Tourmaster Air Venture pants
  241. Help with Contour mounting..
  242. Need help for Vee Camping trip...
  243. High speed wobble
  244. Dust Seals
  245. Does oil level change with altitude?
  246. AAA Motorcycle Towing is EXTRA!
  247. What's this about a manual?
  248. VStrom accessory dealer
  249. Yuasa battery
  250. need soft saddlebags quick.