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: Maintenance, Tech and Products.

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  1. Bolt Caps
  2. bar end bolt
  3. For real bikers
  4. Best Deal Anywhere for Givi E528 Monokey Top Case Mount
  5. "home" made tail rack
  6. Which case back-pad to buy ?
  7. need a second key
  8. Givi bags and stability
  9. Brake light housing issue
  10. Garmin Nuvi 550 Install
  11. Givi Alternatives
  12. Electrical install & thank you to All
  13. Electrical...smoke
  14. Handlebar Riser measurement
  15. Front sprocket question
  16. Holan Clearance
  17. Extra Screws
  18. Clutch problem - not fully engaging
  19. Tell me about these brake pads . . i know nothing
  20. Gmax helmet light
  21. Tire bead won't hold air to seat
  22. Thanks Blair at SV racing
  23. Rear tire alignment
  24. $30 Modulating tail light?
  25. Writeup: Mounting Pelican Cases on the VStrom DL650
  26. Givi Monolock - keys, and quality vs. Monokey
  27. Speed sensor question
  28. 12 Wee, Givi PLR3101 & SRA3101 rack install
  29. cooling system circulation
  30. fuel tank bolt
  31. Clutch Push-Rod seal....pushed all the way in
  32. Handlebar Chart/Spreadsheet
  33. progrips 785
  34. What else can/should I do on the vee 15,000 valve service?
  35. Factory Heated Grips trouble
  36. New LED driving lights installed
  37. Hopefully simple coolant change question
  38. Loose magnets
  39. Help Please re idler pivot
  40. Help! Got stuck in mud, now only have 1/2 power
  41. Hippo Hands with Mirror Extenders
  42. Normal to be able to move the chain very slightly in a lateral way?
  43. Madstad-20" v 22"?
  44. Voltage Monitor Installation
  45. Is this a good place to mount a PC8?
  46. Front wheel installation question
  47. I want to swap out my crash bars
  48. How screwed am I...Sprocket replacement woes!
  49. Filler that bonds to plastic?
  50. DL1000 Engine Guard Recommendations Needed
  51. K7 Wee Fuel Gauge Problem
  52. Fuel Gauge Issue
  53. Moronic Masterlink Mangler Needs Advice on Attempted Chain Replacement
  54. Rostra Cruise Control Hints
  55. Possible maintenance needed?
  56. Waterproof connector sets
  57. Windshield Thread??
  58. Another Heated Grip Installation Question!!!!
  59. DL650 2012 Brake Lever
  60. Vee Clutch rebuild question..hopefully easy
  61. Cut a hole in the windshield??
  62. new wee oem oil filter # ???
  63. Heated grips - help needed
  64. Wrong studs on plastic piece above gas tank
  65. Another seat question
  66. DL1000 misfiring at large throttle opening.
  67. is this considered a skid plate?
  68. inexpensive switched power?
  69. motorcycle cover
  70. 14K mile air filter
  71. Need Help HID Install Problem
  72. AME heated grips
  73. Has anyone used this Dry Bag?
  74. Loud horn that's triggered by current switch after time delay
  75. Where to buy OEM Crash Bars?
  76. mo-tech parts
  77. Sw motech highway pegs
  78. Crash Bar Question
  79. Convert to LED bulbs?
  80. Hex socket for bottom of forks
  81. Injector O-rings
  82. Weight of Crash Bars
  83. Source for circlips
  84. Oil Change
  85. Narcosis Junky Skid Plate
  86. Need advice on attaching box inside fairing
  87. Difficulty in starting the strom after 5 days on a boat from Panama => Colombia
  88. Compression Check & Valve Check @ 42K Miles Results
  89. Bestem 929 on factory rack with bags
  90. Leather Saddle Bags
  91. Oil Filter blues - the K+N special
  92. Successful handlebar replacement, thanks to Stromtroopers!
  93. Wee Strom - replacing rear suspension
  94. how to open givi bags
  95. Givi E45NJ luggage recommendation
  96. Differences in shop manuals?
  97. okay lets try another one
  98. Throttle sticking 05 wee
  99. Eastern Beaver H4 Headlight Relay
  100. Ammo Cans on Jesse Racks?
  101. How much rise allowed in new handlebars with stock cable length?
  102. 2012 Gear Guide
  103. Replacing the starter needed
  104. Rear Preload: Knob turns, but no changes on the shock
  105. Heated Grips
  106. 2012 V Strom and Hepco & Becker rack install.
  107. New Scorpion Racing Skidplates...
  108. SW MOTECH Steel Top-Rack
  109. Speedometer stopped
  110. Rear brake help.
  111. LEDs and Incandescant...Combining OK?
  112. Weird thing happened at the shop today
  113. Front brake cable housing abrasion -- suggestions on how to close it up
  114. 14500 mile maintenance
  115. front suspension -- thump??
  116. Pat Walsh Crashbars on 2012 GleeWee
  117. Stuck in Nicaragua:Ignition fuse melted (not appeared to short) out twice (in 2 days)
  118. Givi Top Plate for 2012 Wee
  119. Lighted Waterproof LED Switches
  120. GIVI SR3101 Monokey Topcase Mounting Kit
  121. Scott Oiler Questions
  122. New fuzeblock
  123. Bluetooth option for 2up and possible 2 rider
  124. Windshields....
  125. Audiovox Cruise and Kisan tailBLAZERS and Purple wires!
  126. One Exhaust Valve- .08mm clearance
  127. trailering the vstrom
  128. New Rotor requirements?
  129. SW Motech Center Stand Installed - Question?
  130. 12 Wee, SW-MOTEH pannier rack install
  131. Battery Question
  132. Off-roading the strom -- Center stand is now crooked -- do I need to fix it?
  133. Low power (acceleration) in climbing and fully loaded?
  134. drill out exhaust bolts, surely not the only guy
  135. Which rear tire would you go with?
  136. The tapping noise I've been chasing- video
  137. How much time to dedicate to: front cam inspection?
  138. Steering Head bearing retainer thread size
  139. Murphs center stand, SWMotech bars...which skid plate?
  140. How to Fix scratches in Flat Black side panel?
  141. PIAA 530 driving lights the answer for Watt saving?
  142. Is the chain supposed to rub here?
  143. Western Power Sports Chains? Experience & Opinions Requested
  144. Crash bars and skid plates. Recommendations?
  145. dl1000 passenger peg lowering anyone?
  146. what should i do for my winter maintenance?
  147. Passenger Armrests?
  148. tank bag for wee
  149. LED brake light?
  150. Need help finding 12V DPDT relay handling 15A
  151. Seat cushions (rubber "feet" under the seat)
  152. Rear Shock DL1000 Questions
  153. lifting wee-strom off the ground
  154. Winter project
  155. StreetF/X knock off of Hyperlite brake LEDs
  156. DIY Rod Bearing Swap?
  157. RAM Locking Knob
  158. Oxford Box Hands won't turn on
  159. Question about painting acrylic clear sheets
  160. 4th and 5th gear derestriction mod
  161. need suggestions for rear shock
  162. Time for Color Change
  163. CTEK Battery Charger
  164. Throttle Body Sync on pre '07 Wees (2005)
  165. Valve checks... do you do them every 14.5K miles?
  166. Spark plug replacement... wait 12K miles till next valve check?
  167. Coming up on 4K miles since last oil change; a few questions
  168. Oem center stand protection for bottom tube?
  169. Drain hole
  170. Handle Bar Risers on ABS Wee-- PROBLEM
  171. Installed a Pipercross Cleanable Air Filter ... Noticed loss in power&torque
  172. Just lubed a chain; rode off-road next day; time to clean & re-lube? (dusty chain)
  173. Has Anyone Tried Battery-powered Heated Gloves?
  174. Chain at Limit?
  175. Chain Length - new chain
  176. No power when key in on position
  177. Crooked luggage rack... a problem? Or just keep riding? I say keep riding :)
  178. Slightly crooked front end?
  179. Chain sitting right on chain guard... OK?
  180. Secondary LED Tail Lights
  181. Cutting the frame to lift the exhaust!
  182. DL650 cuts out when gas tank is full
  183. Can anyone recommend Givi side cases compatible with this top case?
  184. Yes! I won!
  185. Is my Givi rack setup right? Bike came this way.
  186. Shinko 705 question
  187. Whirling sound
  188. Fuse block not working
  189. new farkles, and updated home made skide plate
  190. Jacket Turn Signals
  191. What should I get if...
  192. Richland Rick's Peg and Control Lowering Kit
  193. Stock horn crapping out
  194. Those with an aftermarket air filter; how often do you clean/re-oil it?
  195. Hand Cover Position?
  196. Water found in the Gas Tank after the Rain
  197. wee won't start!
  198. TOOLS
  199. concours
  200. homemade skidplate
  201. DL1000 fork pinch bolt specs?
  202. removal of immobiliser?
  203. Installing USB port in fairing
  204. Can I clean with kerosene
  205. Mounting the Motofizz camping bag
  206. Gerbings dual controller for jacket liner and grips?
  207. power consumption and alternator question
  208. How to tell when you need to replace the battery
  209. Jesse Panniers vs. Trax Panniers
  210. Where to put washers in Sonic spring/emulator install?
  211. oil change - should I be concerned - idle changed
  212. Givi E-21 Case Liner Bags
  213. Seeking alternative switch to Symtec heated grip kit
  214. When checking chain tension; how far do you try to move the chain up/down?
  215. Silicone Bonding Tape
  216. Which size beadrider for passenger on wee?
  217. Fuel Filter Question
  218. Racks for OEM Side Cases
  219. Cleanable Air Filter (K&N versus Uniflow Filter)
  220. Grounding Question
  221. Does running a higher octane gas prolong V-strom engine life?
  222. Anyone try new Michelins?
  223. Neutral light power relay
  224. not running good at all
  225. Wee-Strom Xpedition pannier locks
  226. Reinstalling old exhaust
  227. Should it be just as easy to move the bike when its in gear (with clutch) as neutral
  228. i finally adjusted my suspension
  229. Front Brake Not Smooth Stop
  230. Does this Master Link need to be changed?
  231. What does an air filter look like when it should be replaced?
  232. Caribou 35L top case for Wee
  233. Has this occurred to anyone~?
  234. redlunaracing bar-riser/bar-back on ebay?
  235. Ricor Intiminators take-apart
  236. Seating the bead on tires
  237. Progressive 465 shock
  238. Tank panniers on a V-Strom
  239. Fork Clunk
  240. Moose expedition luggage rack system
  241. Moose Luggage Rack opinions
  242. Hiding the FI Error Codes
  243. Shinko 705 Delamination
  244. Cartridge spinning in damper tube
  245. Pat Walsh Crash Bars
  246. V-Strom in Baja Fun & Consequences: Loss of power w/ high revs; Oil leak on its side?
  247. Any Advice for Removing Handlebar Pullbacks/Risers?
  248. Front signals as running lights?
  249. Replacing the headlight assembly
  250. madstad 20 vs 22 - windshield vs buffeting consideration