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Purchased weester Sept. 2015 with 3700 miles in it. Replaced the stock windscreen with a Madstad & mount. After several test miles I needed some upgrades so we went shopping. Ergo's are: tried 2 & 3" risers didn't like them so modified a set of Heli bars meant for the old style ST1100 with Grip Buddies. Seat is a 2nd try Terry A but much better than stock. Trunk/mount is a HF donation from a riding buddy from ST-Riders, modified with an inside 12v hella plug for a tablet and an brake LED strip behind the deflector. Rear views are M. SuperStore. Made a set of hyway bars using an old set of foot pegs of an ST1100. Starting at the front I added a SBD Fenda Extenda, 2" over SS front brake lines from AVtech. Fork brace from AV Tech, added Ricor Intiminators to the forks. Stebel air horn behind the rad. along with a forward lower left panel Hella plug for warm gear. Changed the SW Moto engine guards for Givi and added 2-35w Run-D Cree 7ct LED run lights off a Skeen dimmer. All lighting (tail exception) are LED, headlights JDMastar. In dash Digital volt meter, battery tender, Spare fuse block by EB with a tail light adaptor. All brake tail lighting to include 32ct Hyper Lites is thru a Back-Off modulator. Have gone with a 16T counter and Sunstar 47 rear, EK 525 new chain fed by a Loobman oiler that has some support pieces from Tutoro. Speed bleeders and 90deg valve stems. Puig Foot pegs, Tool caddy tube...Whew!!!!
2013 Suzuki DL650A (White)


Loobman oiler with Tutoro support pieces
SW Moto hard bags ....has bull nose is 22mm SS bent, cut to fit the front. Industrial strength Velcro is used to hold pieces on. No discernable change in mpg but the weester feels more stable in windy conditions. Tool caddy tube. Custom Hyway bars, foot rest off a Honda ST1100. Terry A seat after 2nd attempt. Puig foot pegs. Modified Heli Bars....vertical tubes filed with BBs, switch alignment pin holes were relocated to correct grip, clutch & brake levers locals. Home shop made GPS self. Modified water jug for hydration.
Scala G9x
Run-D (Amazon) 7ct Cree 35w LED thru Skeen dimmer via bike dimmer bar switch. Older shot of 1st stop light set up with Hyper lights, now 16ct vs. 8, trunk LED & tail lights working thru Back-Off modulator. LED headlights bulbs by JDMastar. All turn lamps are LED with clear lenses.
Adventuretech fork brace, Ricor Intiminators in the fork tubes
Wheel and Tire
Tires front & rear are Metzeler Tourance



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I hope Weester appreciates all you have done...that's quite a do you find the mirrors for reducing buffeting compared to Suzuki's pancakes, was there much of a difference? Is their much vibration transfer to the mirrors or are they as stable as Suzuki's?

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Hello Jerry, I can't find where I may have answered your question....anyway I forgot to add those to my list of things not OEM, they are from Motorcycle Superstore and cost $ 27.17 back in 016. Anyway they did help from wind buffeting better than the oem for sure. I still get little even with deflectors out front, but at some point you learn to live with some of it vs. getting back into a cage...ha! Apologies for the late reply.