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VSTROM 1000 Adventure
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I got this after trading my 650 Burgman in. I loved that bike too. I bought this to celebrate me overcoming some of my injuries sustained on a call as a police officer which ended my close to 30 year career. They never thought I would be doing this ever again.
This bike is just perfect for me. I LOVE low end torque and it has PLENTY of high end speed. I was going to bring home a 'Busa but my neck and back are fused and I cant look up enough to ride a streeter with out high risers and that defeats the purpose. THIS bike is so nice as far as a very upright and HIGH seating. You can look over traffic. I know it will handle quite a bit of serious off road, but I cant so gravel and cow paths are about it for me. Long rides are GREAT though! I do miss all the wind protection the Burg gave.
My awesome wife got me a Givi adjustable windscreen (works GREAT!), a radiator protector, a rear brake reservoir protector (shouldnt they have one??), and a Ravetech skid pan. I still have to put on the skid pan and I do like the way this one will kinda blend in with the bike. It is more than enough protection I will ever need. I hope!!
I HAVE changed the bar ends due to some of my exploring in unfriendly places and just like any other bike off road, at some time it IS going to go down. Luckily it is pretty well armored up!!! The only thing is that it bent the bar end's left bolt in the handlebar and it would no longer tighten up. I could have fixed it but bar ends are so inexpensive I just did that instead with a set of carbon fiber look ones. I also added a small tank bag, a mesh seat cover and a racing 3/8" seat pad that holds you in the same place on the seat. I really like these recent additions. The seat pad helps with keeping you really glued to the seat enhancing control and the mesh seat cover allows that pesky rain and such to not pool near in that area of anatomy and ALSO allows air flow under you on those hot days we have here in summer. The tank grips were $12 and was for GSX750, but not marked. They have an aggresive pattern that really gives you a good old with your knees sitting or standing. I have my phone mounted on the bars where it is easy to see my GPS programs and the windshield keeps most moisture from it. It can breath easily on the hot summer days. In the power outlet I put a multiple port head so my phone/gps and anything else I need charging can be happening while I ride. The mount was only like $12 but it has an all metal claw and the typical ball/socket composite holder. Nearly all the small additions are inexpensive but WORK. I am all about function and things not breaking when I am way out somewhere. I also put on a small bar stiffener which did make a difference I felt in the bars.
IF I plan on trail riding I cover my stator cover and the other side with black Gorilla tape. It forms real well with the areas and stops boot rub and stops scratches from unplanned horizontal stops. Then I just take it off, rub it with GooGone and it still looks like new. For just a day ride, I use an inexpensive back pack held down on my rear box mount with a $3 mesh cargo net. I always carry a couple trash bags for carrying out and trash I take in AND I use one as a waterproof lining inside the backpack to keep my stuff dry on those wet days. I ride all year, sun, rain and cold (as long as there is no ice). My "snowflake" light comes on in the winter letting me know it is chilly (I never had a bike before that does that!), but again, my awesome wife has gotten me presents of cold weather gear which makes riding just as comfortable as in a cage. There is such a freedom on a motorcycle, of course you already know that!!! See you out there. Always wave at your fellow bikers!!!
2014 Suzuki VSTROM 1000 Adventure (Black)


This is the new phone holder I use as my GPS/Comms/Bluetooth/Music, especially with my Bluetooth O'Neal Commander helmet. It works really well for me. I was surprised that his was $18 for the mount at, again, AliExpress. I was impressed because the mount arm that bolts to the handlebar is strong metal and the holder part has a shelf and rubber "arms" that compress up to a 6" unit and holds VERY well. It has worked in temp ranges from 105 degrees F to around zero windchill, since I ride all year except if there is ice on the roads.
The tank grips/protectors are actually for the 2007-2008 GXSR 1000 but work great on this one for me. Plus they are $12 on Ebay and
Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Holder from Aliexpress. (Awaiting pic just search for many at Aliexpress under mororcycle phone holder) It holds my cell/GPS to the handlebars and then a metal cross auxiliary bar for $6 (but it is good and SOLID!) I put on with a piece of black coax wire covering the bar so when i plug my phone, etc, in I can just double over the wires and stick them in the coax where they are safe, always give enough slack but keeps wires out of the way and removable. As the mount attaches with a metal base to the handlebar and the composite adjustable holder has rubber mounting arms plus a bottom shelf for your unit to sit on and then held by great compression. I have had no problems with it from all road types to heat and cold,
The palm speed control works great on trips for only a couple bucks. Just heat in hot water in a cup for two minutes and put it on where your throttle normally is when in cruising speed and it will cool and compress to hold in that spot.
I use reflective tape and reflective wrist wraps from the dollar store to be more visible.
I also have a high speed UBS converter I have in the power supply outlet. it works great for keeping my phone, GoPro and other vital necessities going.
I also have a great kickstand support for use in sand, etc that was just a couple bucks that works great from Aliexpress for $16.99. After a while I DID drill the smaller screws that come with it and replaced them with a hardier size just to always remain as trouble free on the road as possible. I still carry a big composite one just for extra peace of mind in muddy places or if someone else may need one. We get hot and cold here in MD, so your stand can actually sink through the pavement if you do not have something like this (or can/rock)
I am not about price so much as function. As long as it works it works. If you have any questions I can help with just let me know!
Wheel and Tire
This is actually quite thick and some warm water and liquid soap it goes right on. Makes shifting so easy!
Aliexpress $.99 cents. it has "Monster" on it but I have no problem with that.There are other plain ones for sale there that are also .99 cents. There are any others at that price point I have ordered a couple more.



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