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      So I've been looking around for luggage, reading through hundreds of threads and trying to avoid spending over $1000 to get some hard cases on my bike.

      I started with buying some used SW Motech EVO racks from the marketplace on, but couldn't decide what do do for the cases. There are a lot of options, but many are pretty expensive.

      I ended up getting some Pelican/Hardigg iM2600 cases off Ebay to throw on, but while I was waiting for them to arrive, I stumbled across these cases at my local Home Depot. From everything I could tell, they would work out nicely.
      • 33L per side
      • Waterproof
      • Pretty burly
      • Lockable
      • $29 each!!

      Here they are mounted up. I didn't try to make them quick release, but rather opted to bolt straight through them onto the rack. Really looking forward to giving them a go!


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      I've been looking for a trunk box for my 2011 Wee. The MCM cases look nice, but I ran across this Ridgid tool box at Home Depot tonight. $29. It would need the upper panel - which prevents small items in the lower removable compartments from coming out - removed. That looks like an easy job. Lockable with padlocks, and with a nice heavy gasket for waterproofing.

      One of the reviewers has had a similar motorcycle idea, with photos.
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