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      I had a similar situation with an old Bonneville high up in a truck bed. I rode the front brake and duck walked it back down one of these ramps. Aluminum Loading Ramp - 1200 Lb. Capacity

      I also had a friend on either side to keep the bike vertical. Sounds like you made it down in one piece. Congrats. I hope that's the hairiest maneuvering you do for awhile. Truckbeds seem to get taller every year...
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      1. Don't Panic.

      2. Go to harbor freight and get the 6' bi-fold ramp As seen Here.

      3. Back the truck into a ditch (with either the truck in a yard or on a road with little traffic and good visibility) so the back tires are in the lowest part and the tailgate is that much closer to the ground. Just make sure it's a ditch or yard you won't get stuck in... especially important after a downpour.

      4. Secure the ramp.

      5. Don't be a puss.

      6. If you can touch the ground at a stoplight this ramp is wide enough to have feet down on the raised lip edges while riding up or to walk the bike up on one side while standing on the other.... or if it's flat or downhill enough just ride on - slowly.

      I recommend this ramp as I've been using it for a couple years now, maybe two dozen times... and have loaded and unloaded without problem every time - into the back of a 2500HD 4x4 with oversized tires. The only thing that makes it even easier is a wheel chock that will hold the bike upright till you can get two straps on it.

      When you're done with it you have a decent ramp you can use for a lawnmower or whatever else, or fold it up and put it in a closet.

      Or... rely on the charity of others and the use of a loading dock that may be miles from your destination.

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