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      Hello everyone, I just bought a 2013 Vstrom DL650 from my local dealership and am quite excited as it's my first ever motorcycle. I do have a motorcycle license however and have maybe 30 hours of riding experience from when I used to ride my friends Yamaha R6 about 10 years ago (although its been 10 years since I have ridden a motorcycle)

      I did a lot of research and decided on the DL650, a choice I am guessing wont earn me many disagreements in this forum ;)

      I don't pick up the bike until April 1st (I am making payments on it and I dont want to pick it up until the salt is off the road here in NJ) but that isnt stopping me from picking out and buying accessories!

      I got the non-adventure model but I want the side crash bars that the adventure model has. Through my searching I have found the Givi crash bars, the SW-Motech bars and the OEM Suzuki "accessory bars". Ideally I would like to get them from as I have gift cards for Amazon. I couldnt find the Givi or SW-Motech bars for the 2012/2013 body style from Amazon but I did find the OEM Suzuki ones: Suzuki V Strom V-strom 650 Dl650 Steel Accessory Side Bar Guard 2012 12: Automotive

      I am basically looking for input on these OEM bars. They arent black which I am not sure how I feel about that, but I would assume the fit on the OEM ones would be best?

      I am also looking for input on other "Must Have" or at least "Must consider" accessories for this bike.

      Thanks much and I look forward to learning much about this bike and absorbing the knowledge about it from you guys!
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      I got my 2012 model 2nd hand with Suzuki OEM Crash Bars and MRA Touring Vario Screen already on:

      Color - When I picked up the bike, they did look a bit strange as there is no single part on the bike with the same color. It's something like light brown. I really don't understand Suzuki on color choice. By time, they grew up on me and didn't bother me at all. But then, when I was picking up the bike I noticed one bar was badly scratched. The seller (Suzuki dealer) told me it will be repainted and ready in less then an hour. Yes, it was true and it looked excellent. But, one month later, the paint on repainted one cracked all arround bolts. No wonder, ready in one hour and bolted and torqued over almost fresh paint... So, I took them of, took them to sand blasting shop and then to other shop to be painted black. Now they look great and they don't call any attention as they are the same color as the most of the bike.

      Quality - OEM Bars have different way on fixing them on the bike. Unlikely the other bars, OEM ones are bolted on the side to huge crankcase bolt and one little bolt on the part of the frame. Bars are then connected to each other in the middle, just like all aftermarket ones, but the connection is different. All that way of bolting them on the bike may not sound important but you can find a lot of complaints all over the internet that many different models of Crash Bars for your bike have resonating vibration that is unbearable. I don't know what models and trademark but mines have no vibration at all at any rpm's. When I took them out for painting I used my bike for few days without them and felt no difference in bikes vibration (keep in mind that our V-Twins vibrate by nature). Other guys noted huge difference after taking their aftermarket bars off. I can't assure you that OEM bars won't vibrate, I can just confirm that mines are perfect. After new paint I've put them on and they're still perfect.

      I hope this helped you a bit.

      Then, there is a screen issue. I'm 6"2.5' and that's a big issue for me. People not tall as I, usualy do well with OEM screen, but others of my hight or taller have big problems. There are two issues with the screen. First one is buffeting, second one is wind noise (rumbling in your ears). Buffeting is actualy turbulence you get having the part of your helmet in the area where that turbulance (dirty air) happens. As the result, your head starts to shake, sometimes to a point you partialy or completely loose your vision. It can be dangerous. The other problem is wind noise that sometimes can't be cut even with earplugs (my case).
      When I picked up my bike, it came with MRA Vario Touring (had that little adjustable spoiler on the top of the screen). I had no buffeting at all but wind noise was so loud that even with earplugs I was going deaf after each ride. Adjusting a little spoiler made no difference, as well as taking it off. So, I got Puig tall screen. Wind noise was gone but I got buffeting. True to be said, that buffeting is not even close to what some other guys are experiencing. I feel that my head shakes a little and if I duck 2-3 inches, buffeting is gone. But I can't ride ducked as it's very uncomfortable. So, now I placed the order on Givi Airflow and then I'll see the results.

      Regarding the Bars:

      The OEM bars came in a light brown color? They looked silver in the picture on amazon: Suzuki V Strom V-strom 650 Dl650 Steel Accessory Side Bar Guard 2012 12: Automotive

      I am wondering if your OEM bars are different than these or if the picture for these is incorrect or deceiving. I was OK with silver but definitely don't want light brown color. I guess I could order them and send them back if they arent silver like the picture, Amazon is good like that. Getting them painted black may be an option, I may call some shops in the area and see what they would want for that, probably too much to make it worth not going with the givi or sw-motech bars.

      I am interested in the details that you mentioned about how they bolt on. Were they easy for you to remove them and put them back on? I ask because I am wondering if I am going to want to have the place I bought it from put them on, I might even be able to get them to do it for free since I am buying the bike from them.

      Also, you mention they bolt to the crank case, would this mean that the engine crank case takes the hit? I had assumed they bolted to the frame.


      Regarding the screen:

      I hadnt given much though to the wind screen issue. It's been 10 years but I dont recall having any issues with my friends R6 with wind buffeting or noise. I can probably deal with the wind noise but the buffeting concerns me, especially since we are the same height.

      Is this caused by the fact that the wind screen is actually too high for someone our height? What i mean by "too high" is its too short to completely block the wind but does the fact its high enough to push the dirty air into our helmet the problem? I am wondering if getting a shorter wind screen would actually be helpful? In that situation the dirty air would hit more in the chest than in the head or neck I would assume?

      I have seen the added spolier that comes on the adventure model and fully raised I am fairly sure it wont be any where near tall enough to keep wind from hitting me in the helmet.

      Thanks for all the info! nice to meet you, lucky you are in PT being able to ride this time of year!
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