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      So my old strom had a center stand, so tire changes weren't too bad.

      For this one, for several reasons im not gonna be putting a center stand on. So the concensus seems to be either front and rear stands, or a rear stand and then a jack under the engine case?

      Can someone comment if this will be sufficient for front and rear tire changes?

      Method 1: Im thinking this for the rear:

      and then jacking up under the engine when i need to remove the front.

      thoughts or experiences?

      Method 2: get the same thing as #1, but I could also get one of these for the front:

      No looking to spend any more money than i need to though so if method #1 will work let me know. With these front stands, is there enough room around the spools to slide the axle out?
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      I have a stand from Harbor Freight, it's not the prettiest, but it's stupid cheap and does work just fine. I do wish that it was slightly longer though, as I'm not bulky enough to push it down with one hand and hold the bike upright, so, I need someone's help whenever I lift it.

      Motorcycle Swingarm Rear Stand

      Good luck!

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