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      Dzus fastener.
      Thanks! That led me to finding another thread, you've participated, linking to SW-Motech.

      Yeah, it is a Dzus TYPE fastener. You may have to replace the fastener "system" to a conventional type like this 1/4 Turn Quick Release Aluminum Dzus Button with Springs and Tab Plates 10 Pack-Free Rivets !, Hardware & Brackets - Amazon Canada . Maybe contact the rack manufacturer first.

      I'd like to refrain from modifications that aren't reversible. I've found a retailer that carries replacements that're visually identical with exception to textile markings for quality check and possibly branding (CAM.00.KFT). A local authorized dealership is looking up for the part after describing, I'll forward these findings to them if they can't find a suitable replacement. Cheers!

      If I’m not mistaken, the racks (and bags) are made by SWMotech. Maybe contact them regarding replacement parts.
      That seems to be the case (pun intended aha). I'll have to investigate this further to confirm to confident ordering.

      Cable ties FTW! :D
      ha ;) that's the current mitigation until I've obtained a replacement. I'm surprised it decided to fail while way under what I'd consider an acceptable load limit. It might've sheared off on rough terrain then flew off during the highway back home.
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