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Strom Cachers USA/CANADA

OK folks , there is a new game in town . The 1st Official game of " STROM CACHERS . You have all heard of Geocacheing ? Well , this game is very similar but sort of has a twist . Sort of a mix between Geocacheing and Travel Bugging .

A cache is in place and on the move as I post this thread . It is quite simple to play . It is a game that is USA/CANADA based and STROM specific . Lot's of clubs and orginizations out there so let's have our own game to boot .

How it works . There is a small blue waterproof Otter Box with a clear lid in play . Inside the the case are a few items that must remain in the box when it travels . They are to remain permenant . One is the TAG itself . It is 3/4" X 4 inches long brass TAG with a black nylon corded lanyard . Inscribed on the tag are these words .

IF FOUND 828-553-2442
11/22/2008 USA

Also in the box is a small note pad and a pen . Which of course can be replaced when need be . The intended use of the pad and pen should be obvious . Within the box is the true CACHE . How the cache comes into play is this . I started the Cache Box Tag in play today with the afore mentioned items , PLUS , I added a small token as a reward to the person now carrying the Cache . The holder of the Cache as of now is Ridge Runner . When Ridge Runner got the Cache Box Tag , he took the cache I placed in there , and before he places the Cache Box Tag next , he will then put a new Cache ( or small token ) in the Cache Box for the next rider/carrier to keep . This will allow riders to possess something of the rider who had the Cache Box Tag before him . If you have ever been invlolved in Geocacheing , you'll understand . Oh yeah folks , also post up what the Cache is that was placed in the Box for you to keep . We'd like to hear about those itmes too .

OK . There are two basic rules regarding acquiring and or placing the Cache Box which goes like this .

(1) THE PREFERED METHOD . As I did today , I put the Cache Box Tag into play , I rode for a while today , then physically handed it off to Ridge Runner in person . Ridge Runner obviously at that time became Cache Box TAG carrier and possessor .
Within the PREFERED METHOD , there are endless variables . What we hope for here is that riders will plan rides in another riders area , post it up , and hand pass the Cache Box Tag personally . Yep , creating a meet and greet situaiton .
When the Cache Box Tag is acquired by a rider , he needs to get GPS coordinates of where he got it , a photo of the Cache Box and his V-STROM and of course the rider in the photo . We want to meet and greet folks here , so give us all the scoop . If the Cache Box Tag is hand passed , a photo of both riders is best . We'd like to see the connection . Post up a trip report with details of trip , photos and anything else you Cache Box Tag . Or simply post up a planned trip in the forum here and see who all we can get lined up to pass it on to .

(2) The other , but less prefered method .... Pretty much Geocacheing is it . You'll need to hide it somewhere where the general public cannot easily find it . It will need to go somewhere where any style rider can go . Not everyone is Stromin' Nromin' and can take a Strom up the side of Mount Rushmore with lunch in his hand . You can do that along the way though of course . We want the Cache Box Tag to be easliy acquired by all who ride a STROM and want to play . Again , your bike needs to be in the photo and if all possible , we'd like to see a photo of you . NO FILE PHOTOS . The Cache Box and TAG needs to be in the photo as well . If you go scuba diving and want to pass it under water , fine , just also add a photo of your bike and or bikes at the docks or something .
If you stash the Cache Box Tag , we NEED specific info . None of this guessing game stuff on this one guys . Get exact directions to the site from major intersections within a zip code and town . Post a photo of the exact location . Pretty much spell it out .
The reason we want to eliminate the guessing game here is multifold . One , if you happen to be on your Strom in a mixed bike tour and realize you are going to go within a few miles of the Cache , we don't want you holding up your tour buds on their cruisers while digging around in the middle of the Dead Sea with a metal detector . Let's do all we can to dierct folks to it .
I suppose the biggest reason we want to spell out the Cache locations are so we can keep it moving as fast as we can , and as ' far ' as we can of course , so all can have a shot at it in time .

That's pretty much the rules and the objective all wrapped into one big roll . ONE BIG RULE THOUGH . Please don't acquire the Cache in January , knowing you have a trip planned in June and hold it in your sock drawer for six months so you can have the coolest locate of us all . Keep this thing moving . You may never know when it might come back around to you .
In fact , I think we should go ahead and impose a 72 hour hold on an acquired Cache Box Tag before you need to start moving it . If you have some amazing trip planned in 73 hours , let us all know and we can toss it up and see how everyone feels about you holding it past the 72 hours .
If you have the tag on a tour , you need to be set up to post your trip report at least every 48 hours but we prefer a daily report of the movement of the Cache Box Tag . Hec , if that seems to hard , just say so . It is all just to keep it moving .
Let's play , let's learn and let's meet and greet . Historical places , wonders of the world , natural environment ... etc... etc... etc.. is what and where we would like to see this Cache Box Tag go .

OK , one more small piece of business here before I do my post and report of the Cache Box Tag for today .

I figure we need a couple of guys to sort of moderate this a little but and help keep track of folks and things . I am looking to help with this for sure and have asked Ridge Runner to help me as well . So here in the USA it looks like the two of us .

Now , don't forget , this is a Canada and a USA based game , so we would like for our brothers from the North to pick amongst you which two guys can help this game when it comes to Canada . Just remember , we need DEDICATED STROMMERS to work on this thing . If you are planning on trading your Strom in for a Scooter in spring , you may not be the best pick .
You are Canadians . You are smart and you are tough , so pick us two meatheads so you are ready when time comes . And doesn't have to be just fellas , you ladies have plenty to offer as well .

This ought to be a good and really fun game , SO LET'S GO !!!!! , Wes..aka..PO-SLOKE

[B][I][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]One day I'll have another DL1000 . I MISS YOU ALL !.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/B]

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The birth place

Today , I picked up the Tag itself from Spud and Deb's Hunting Dog Supply in Pisgah Forest NC, USA~ I told Spud what we were doing with the tag so he offered it up at no charge . I told him I would post his info in excahnge . Spud has an awesome Store for hunters . If you have hunting needs of any kind for you or your hunting dogz , he is THE MAN . He will ship anything you want that he has and he will make a good guy a good deal . The store number is 828-862-8725 . Mention you heard about him here and he will take care of you . He is a big old Hillbilly that loves people and loves dogz and hunters as well .

OK . I left Spud and Deb's , headed for the Henderson County North Carolina Toy Run that is organized by the Christian Motorcycle Assocation Chapter 520 out of Hendersonville Nc . I met up with the CMA Fast Lane Rep David Oates and we hashed out some good old stories regarding hopes for places the Cache Box Tag would and could go .
I had already planned to meet Rdige Runner at the toy run and pass the Cache Box Tag to him physically . I had never met Ridge Runner before today and it was a pleasure and an honor . I carried the Cache Box Tag from the starting point of the Toy Run at Fletcher Park in Fletcher North Carolina USA . ( N 35 25' 31.8 x W 82 30' 1.4 ) . The Tag rode with me on my bike throughout the Toy run . We terminated the Toy Run at the Hendrson County Courthouse where we all placed the toys on the Court House steps . ( N 35 18' 55.02 X W 82 27' 26.54 ) . I then physically passed the Cache Box Tag off to Ridge Runner . Obviously , he is now in possession of it and is the official carrier until he passes it on to the next STROMMER.

Here are some attached photos of the trip and effort . There will also be a photo of Spud holding the Tag up as I was getting ready to go . Good old Spud , you'd love that big ol' Hillbilly , I swear you would .
The photo of the two riders with the Stroms in the photo are Ridge Runner on the left , PO-SLOKE ( me ) on the right .

Don't forget guys , you gotta carry it on your Strom and it has to be in the Photo !!!!!

Photo 1 , Spud

Photo 2 Spud's Storefront
Photo 3 Dave Oates , CMA Fast Lane Rep
Photo 4 Toy Run Lineup 1
Photo 5 Toy Run Lineup 2

[B][I][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]One day I'll have another DL1000 . I MISS YOU ALL !.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/B]

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A few more pics of the originating point for the game .

Photo 1 Lead Vehicles
Photo 2 Generous Riders
Photo 3 Just a few of the toys donated
Photo 4 Just a few of the generous riders
Photo 5 The passing of thr Cache Box Tag . Ridge Runer on the left ,
PO-SLOKE on the right .

And this is just one way it can work .

[B][I][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]One day I'll have another DL1000 . I MISS YOU ALL !.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/B]

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Lets go South

I am looking to take this thing south, that way we can ride where it is not 20 degrees. So if U are interested let me know I am looking for someone in the Greenville county or somewhere around there to hand off to let me know or I will cache it by Wed.

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RR ,

I forgot to pay you for the Stickers . Those are nice ones so let me know what I owe you . Also , when the T's get printed , let me know how much those are as well .


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update on toyrun numbers

only 445 which is less than 1/2 of last year
over 6,000 in cash and then there were the toys. So, less than 1/2 the people, more than 1/2 the money and toys as last year. We were blessed to have such a great giving considering numbers, weather and economy.
Tee shirts are still for sale at Chrome and Stuff on 64 E R&P Cycles on 25 N, $15 for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve or sweatshirt. ALL the money from the shirts goes to the kids. None for the store and printing costs are covered, so slide by and pick up a Christmas present for somebody.

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Jesus Rocks!
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Noone from SC wanna pick this thing up. I'll ride 2 hours out to Columbia, and that means we cover all the way to Charleston. Howabout a GA. boy someone from the deep south let me know something. Lets see if we can get this thing to travel across the country.

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Kerry ,

If I were you , I'd try to hook up with knybanjo somehow . He is the kind of guy that is all about that sort of thing . I haven't seen him post in a day or so but someone would have his number I bet .

Just a thought , Wes

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Hey cool! I just found out about geocashing this last week. Seems pretty cool. My son and I are trying it out this week. I'm in San Antonio, Texas and am willing to drive 2 hours in any direction (or more if there is a good ride) to get the box. Let me know.

This forum is kind of hidden. I found it by accident...maybe wes hould promote on other forums. Just a thought.

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Thumbs up Atlanta area Weeble up for a handoff

PO-SLOKE, what part of the NC/SC state line do you occupy? I've been looking for an excuse to add SC to my little MC conquest map. Someplace like Franklin, NC or Greenville, SC would not be bad for me, but I can't get out there until Friday.

If there's someone in Athens (I KNOW there are DS/ADV riders in Athens and Gainesville!) or north GA or the Alabama state line wants a pickup, I can make it on Sunday afternoon.

Sorry. San Antonio's just a no.


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