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12-13-2015 12:40 AM
MisterDuck Haha, yeah, I think just because they fold in so hey, lanesplitters. I know there are some brands that point in as well, so the mirrors go towards the inside of the bars. Technically you can flip the CRGs that way too if you wanted. Not sure what kind of view you would get doing that though.

In any case, very few things on the bike that were annoying to me, mirrors were up there along with the low RPM oddities, but that has to wait for the first service to bitch about the ECU.
12-12-2015 04:04 PM
Nail34 Mr. Duck, I agree with everything you just said, plus I like the look of them. I guess my issue is with the name. In revzilla's 8 minute video, lane splitting was mentioned in 1 quick sentence, "if you live in Ca or Europe you can lane split". Why not call them Slipstreams, Buffetless, Garagefitters, or See your behind mirrors, not very glamorous names, eh. Sort of like "Black Ice", one of my favorites.
If you haven't already noticed, most of the above is said in jest, I have plenty of time on my hands before the Golden State Warriors game starts, 24 baby and looking for #25.
12-12-2015 01:16 PM
MisterDuck I get that a lot of people probably won't find them particularly useful while splitting. Extended they do create less space, certainly. Splitting for me is extremely occasional as I live in WA where it's illegal. The most I have done with these was on a 10 day jaunt around CA on my Street Triple. So for everyday splitting maybe it would be more annoying. Though at the end I wasn't folding in both mirrors, just one side so I could see behind.

It's hard to get an accurate picture of how it works visually, but when I am on the bike a very quick eye glance to the right or left shows me everything behind in either side. With stock mirrors I am constantly shifting my head/body to try and get a good view. These work no matter how I am currently sitting, hunched forward a bit, relaxed, bolt upright, whatever. It doesn't even require head movement. So you are not sacrificing your attention for any significant period of time. As you use them you get more used to the information at a glance. I've been riding with this kind of mirror for about 3.5 years so by now they feel extremely natural to me.

There are a lot of choices in this style too. So you can grab a lot of different brands/mounting mechanisms. I prefer this setup because you still get dampening from the bar ends and the mirrors are mounted inboard to the bar ends which helps protect them a bit and lower the profile.

Everyone is definitely on point about fragility. These would not be a great option if you plan on dropping the bike a lot. By that I mean doing lots of offroad where it's often a foregone conclusion. Perhaps lane splitting might get somewhat annoying, but for my general road use they are much better and a cheaper options than getting mirror extenders + the Givi screen to ward off the wind. Also, not have mirrors right in front of in preferable to me overall, but that's a feel thing.

I wish I could easily get something that shows exactly the viewing experience with the mirrors during riding, but I've no idea how that could be accomplished.
12-12-2015 03:23 AM
Nail34 I'm trying to picture how these lanesplitters work, I split traffic on every ride. I probably use my rear mirrors more than looking forward, I'm exaggerating of course. I presume you can move them in and out while riding with your left hand or do you use your right hand for the right mirror.
On the freeway I have split traffic for 10 miles or more and I can't imagine not having my rear view mirrors. Some times the traffic is stopped and then it's moving at 50 mph and I'm still riding in between cars and you must look forward to stay alive so you can't turn your head to look to the side or rear so you use peripheral vision and a glance in the mirrors to stay safe. At let's say at 40 mph cars come from behind switching lanes and sometimes there is a moto splitting faster than you are (not very often lol), so the mirrors become an important part of the equation.
In town, you would have to move them in when walking the bike when traffic is stopped and out when you accelerate at the light to leave the traffic behind, so you would have to do that at most stop lights, seems a bit cumbersome.
I like the look and I'm sure they help with turbulence, however I have ridden without rear view mirrors and find it strange, very uncomfortable at any speed.
Maybe I don't have it pictured correctly.
12-11-2015 11:49 PM
Bugzy These look functional. I would be worried about them breaking in a tip over, but they could be easily replaced. I added mirror extenders and a Givi Airflow to my 2014 and have zero buffeting. The mirror extenders get the rear view around my shoulders so they are functional. on my 04 the mirror extenders helped a lot with wind noise, but the airflow took care of that on this bike.
12-11-2015 12:44 PM
MisterDuck They don't actually make them wider. The mirrors themselves fold inward very easily. I've used them before on my Street Triple and folding them in to split then back to the same position after is a non-issue. The bar ends that hold the mirrors are no longer (might even be a tad shorted) than the stock bar ends and the mirror itself mounts in the middle of the bar end, not at the end. So no size increase there. Mine may look wider solely because there is a spacer there for the stock handguards. So they are wider to begin with, bar ends + mirrors or not.

Honestly the only draw back to these are that they probably are not going to stand up incredibly well to heavy offroad use. I've actually slipped on ice in a parking lot with them on my Street Triple and the mirror folded in, the bar end itself (which has replaceable sliders) took the brunt of it. But I definitely doubt any repeated drops would be very nice to them.

Looks aside, you increase your road vision and it really does seem to help with the wind. I have yet to return the stock screen to its highest setting, but I am pretty sure when I do there won't be any trace of the buffeting. If anyone has issues with that, I suggest going for a quick ride with no mirrors on, see if that changes anything for you.
12-11-2015 11:49 AM
notacop The mirrors make the bars wider.
I can understand why folks like the looks of the little dudes though.
12-10-2015 07:14 PM
rockitcity Looks like they would fold in when you whack somebody's mirror!

But hey, if they help you see better it works for you.
12-10-2015 12:56 PM
RhinoMoto Bar Ends and CRG Lanesplitter Mirrors

So my last 2 bikes have had bar end mirrors with the above config. I just picked up a DL1000A a few weeks back and this is the last outside mod left (aside from luggage).

The stock mirrors are all but useless for me as I have fairly broad shoulders and no amount of adjusting seems to help. I also think they look fairly terrible. Considering I will likely never be off-road (apart from fire roads) I went with bar ends again.

Since I have done this before I know these bits are quality (if not a bit expensive). Install was straightforward and you can completely re-use all the Suzuki bits just adding the bar end and mirror (no RhinoMoto internal hardware). I also have the stock hand guards and they work great with this setup (including the stock spacer).

My rear view is greatly increased, I can see pretty much everything behind me in almost 360 degrees. It somewhat feel like a different bike. Being able to see that much gives me much more confidence riding and I've been a lot less tentative than in the beginning.

An added bonus seems to be that the buffeting is practically gone. I had read about this helping in an older DL650 post (I had one about 4 years back). I am 6'2" and the stock non-touring windscreen is at half height and farthest forward and today for about 10 minutes on the highway at 70ish mph I felt no discernible wind. Caveat there is I come from a Street Triple so I notice wind a lot less, but comparatively it looks to have helped out. I am definitely happy about that since it saves money and that Givi screen is enormous.

Anyway, some attached pics below to see how it alters the look and how far they stick out (they easily fold in when needed, hence the lanesplitter name).

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