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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Basic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:serious: Serious Serious
:surprise: EEK! Surprise! EEK! Surprise!
0:) Angel Angel
:frown2: Frown Frown
:nerd: Nerd Nerd
:smile2: Smile Smile
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:grin2: Big Grin Big Grin
:wink2: Wink Wink
:crying2: Crying Crying
>:) Devil Devil
:laugh2: Laugh Laugh
Imported Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:fineprint: Bom Deal2 Bom Deal2
:furious: Bom Furious3 Bom Furious3
:confused: Confused Confused
:headbang: Banghead Banghead
:thumbdown: Thumbdown Thumbdown
:green_lol: Green LOL Green LOL
:thumbup: Thumbup Thumbup
:yikes: Yikes Yikes
:yesnod: Yesnod Yesnod
:jawdrop: Jawdrop Jawdrop
:hurray: Hurray Hurray
:argue: Argue Argue
:iagree: Iagree Iagree
:worthless: Worthless Worthless
:bsflag: BS Flag BS Flag
:rant: Rant Rant
:ban: Ban Ban
:oops: Oops Oops
:rockon: Rockon Rockon
:asshole: Asshole Asshole
:bom_sunny: Bom Sunny Bom Sunny
:beatdeadhorse5: Beatdeadhorse5 Beatdeadhorse5
:weapons_59: Weapons 59 Weapons 59
:mod2_tooth: Mod2 Tooth Mod2 Tooth
:devil_11: Devil 11 Devil 11
:bom_computer: Bom Computer Bom Computer
:var_12: Var 12 Var 12
:mod2_1eye: Mod2 1eye Mod2 1eye
:bom_knife: Bom Knife Bom Knife
:var_44: Var 44 Var 44
:mod2_happybday: Mod2 Happybday Mod2 Happybday
:bom_santa3: Bom Santa3 Bom Santa3
:weapons_24: Weapons 24 Weapons 24
:weapons_47: Weapons 47 Weapons 47
:mod2_single_fuck: Mod2 Single Fuck Mod2 Single Fuck
:devil_0: Devil 0 Devil 0
:weapons_83: Weapons 83 Weapons 83
:var_1: Var 1 Var 1
:devil_34: Devil 34 Devil 34
:bom_huh2: Bom Huh2 Bom Huh2
:var_33: Var 33 Var 33
:mod2_devil2: Mod2 Devil2 Mod2 Devil2
:bom_policeman: Bom Policeman Bom Policeman
:weapons_12: Weapons 12 Weapons 12
:mod2_scooter: Mod2 Scooter Mod2 Scooter
:bom_snobby: Bom Snobby Bom Snobby
:weapons_34: Weapons 34 Weapons 34
:bom_tongue3: Bom Tongue3 Bom Tongue3
:mad2: Mad2 Mad2
:weapons_69: Weapons 69 Weapons 69
:mod2_yawn: Mod2 Yawn Mod2 Yawn
:devil_22: Devil 22 Devil 22
:bom_greedy: Bom Greedy Bom Greedy
:var_22: Var 22 Var 22
:mod2_beta1: Mod2 Beta1 Mod2 Beta1
:bom_mellow: Bom Mellow Bom Mellow
:var_54: Var 54 Var 54
:bom_skull: Bom Skull Bom Skull
:bom_sultan: Bom Sultan Bom Sultan
:weapons_58: Weapons 58 Weapons 58
:mod2_taz: Mod2 Taz Mod2 Taz
:devil_10: Devil 10 Devil 10
:bom_book2: Bom Book2 Bom Book2
:var_11: Var 11 Var 11
:devil_71: Devil 71 Devil 71
:bom_kid: Bom Kid Bom Kid
:var_43: Var 43 Var 43
:mod2_hang: Mod2 Hang Mod2 Hang
:bom_santa2: Bom Santa2 Bom Santa2
:weapons_22: Weapons 22 Weapons 22
:weapons_46: Weapons 46 Weapons 46
:mod2_shuriken: Mod2 Shuriken Mod2 Shuriken
:bom_xmas: Bom Xmas Bom Xmas
:weapons_82: Weapons 82 Weapons 82
:var_00: Var 00 Var 00
:devil_33: Devil 33 Devil 33
:bom_hippy: Bom Hippy Bom Hippy
:var_32: Var 32 Var 32
:mod2_devil: Mod2 Devil Mod2 Devil
:bom_pleased: Bom Pleased Bom Pleased
:weapons_11: Weapons 11 Weapons 11
:mod2_santa: Mod2 Santa Mod2 Santa
:bom_smug2: Bom Smug2 Bom Smug2
:weapons_33: Weapons 33 Weapons 33
:bom_tongue: Bom Tongue Bom Tongue
:leaving: Leaving Leaving
:weapons_68: Weapons 68 Weapons 68
:mod2_wub: Mod2 Wub Mod2 Wub
:devil_21: Devil 21 Devil 21
:bom_gossip: Bom Gossip Bom Gossip
:var_21: Var 21 Var 21
:mod2_batman: Mod2 Batman Mod2 Batman
:bom_mad: Bom Mad Bom Mad
:var_53: Var 53 Var 53
:mod2_online2long: Mod2 Online2long Mod2 Online2long
:bom_singer: Bom Singer Bom Singer
:bom_stupid: Bom Stupid Bom Stupid
:weapons_57: Weapons 57 Weapons 57
:mod2_tank: Mod2 Tank Mod2 Tank
:devil_9: Devil 9 Devil 9
:var_10: Var 10 Var 10
:devil_65: Devil 65 Devil 65
:bom_karate: Bom Karate Bom Karate
:var_42: Var 42 Var 42
:mod2_hammer: Mod2 Hammer Mod2 Hammer
:bom_santa: Bom Santa Bom Santa
:weapons_21: Weapons 21 Weapons 21
:weapons_45: Weapons 45 Weapons 45
:bom_wings: Bom Wings Bom Wings
:smash: Smash Smash
:weapons_80: Weapons 80 Weapons 80
:var_0: Var 0 Var 0
:devil_32: Devil 32 Devil 32
:bom_helmet: Bom Helmet Bom Helmet
:var_31: Var 31 Var 31
:mod2_detective: Mod2 Detective Mod2 Detective
:bom_pirate: Bom Pirate Bom Pirate
:weapons_9: Weapons 9 Weapons 9
:mod2_sailor: Mod2 Sailor Mod2 Sailor
:bom_smug: Bom Smug Bom Smug
:weapons_32: Weapons 32 Weapons 32
:bom_toilet: Bom Toilet Bom Toilet
:ihih: Ihih Ihih
:weapons_67: Weapons 67 Weapons 67
:mod2_winkiss: Mod2 Winkiss Mod2 Winkiss
:devil_20: Devil 20 Devil 20
:bom_gorgeous: Bom Gorgeous Bom Gorgeous
:var_20: Var 20 Var 20
:bom_love: Bom Love Bom Love
:var_52: Var 52 Var 52
:mod2_offtopic: Mod2 Offtopic Mod2 Offtopic
:bom_sick2: Bom Sick2 Bom Sick2
:bom_stunned: Bom Stunned Bom Stunned
:weapons_56: Weapons 56 Weapons 56
:mod2_sweatdrop: Mod2 Sweatdrop Mod2 Sweatdrop
:devil_8: Devil 8 Devil 8
:bom_2thumbsup: Bom 2thumbsup Bom 2thumbsup
:var_9: Var 9 Var 9
:devil_46: Devil 46 Devil 46
:bom_juggle2: Bom Juggle2 Bom Juggle2
:var_41: Var 41 Var 41
:mod2_gun_bandana: Mod2 Gun Bandana Mod2 Gun Bandana
:bom_sad3: Bom Sad3 Bom Sad3
:weapons_20: Weapons 20 Weapons 20
:weapons_44: Weapons 44 Weapons 44
:bom_whip: Bom Whip Bom Whip
:sleep: Sleep Sleep
:weapons_79: Weapons 79 Weapons 79
:devil_31: Devil 31 Devil 31
:bom_heart: Bom Heart Bom Heart
:var_30: Var 30 Var 30
:mod2_cowboy: Mod2 Cowboy Mod2 Cowboy
:bom_pimp2: Bom Pimp2 Bom Pimp2
:weapons_8: Weapons 8 Weapons 8
:mod2_saddam: Mod2 Saddam Mod2 Saddam
:bom_smoking: Bom Smoking Bom Smoking
:bom_toff: Bom Toff Bom Toff
:weapons_66: Weapons 66 Weapons 66
:mod2_whistling: Mod2 Whistling Mod2 Whistling
:devil_19: Devil 19 Devil 19
:bom_goofy: Bom Goofy Bom Goofy
:var_19: Var 19 Var 19
:mod2_balloon: Mod2 Balloon Mod2 Balloon
:bom_lipsrsealed2: Bom Lipsrsealed2 Bom Lipsrsealed2
:var_51: Var 51 Var 51
:mod2_nuke: Mod2 Nuke Mod2 Nuke
:bom_sick: Bom Sick Bom Sick
:weapons_31: Weapons 31 Weapons 31
:bom_stooge_moe: Bom Stooge Moe Bom Stooge Moe
:weapons_55: Weapons 55 Weapons 55
:mod2_surrender: Mod2 Surrender Mod2 Surrender
:devil_7: Devil 7 Devil 7
:angel_25: Angel 25 Angel 25
:var_8: Var 8 Var 8
:devil_45: Devil 45 Devil 45
:bom_juggle: Bom Juggle Bom Juggle
:var_40: Var 40 Var 40
:mod2_gunsmilie: Mod2 Gunsmilie Mod2 Gunsmilie
:bom_sad: Bom Sad Bom Sad
:weapons_19: Weapons 19 Weapons 19
:weapons_43: Weapons 43 Weapons 43
:bom_wacky: Bom Wacky Bom Wacky
:sifone: Sifone Sifone
:weapons_76: Weapons 76 Weapons 76
:new_soapbox: New Soapbox New Soapbox
:devil_30: Devil 30 Devil 30
:bom_hat2: Bom Hat2 Bom Hat2
:var_29: Var 29 Var 29
:mod2_cool2: Mod2 Cool2 Mod2 Cool2
:bom_pimp: Bom Pimp Bom Pimp
:weapons_7: Weapons 7 Weapons 7
:mod2_rolleyes: Mod2 Rolleyes Mod2 Rolleyes
:bom_smiley2: Bom Smiley2 Bom Smiley2
:bom_tiny: Bom Tiny Bom Tiny
:weapons_65: Weapons 65 Weapons 65
:mod2_wheelchair: Mod2 Wheelchair Mod2 Wheelchair
:devil_18: Devil 18 Devil 18
:bom_glasses2: Bom Glasses2 Bom Glasses2
:var_18: Var 18 Var 18
:bom_lipsrsealed: Bom Lipsrsealed Bom Lipsrsealed
:var_50: Var 50 Var 50
:mod2_nono: Mod2 Nono Mod2 Nono
:bom_shy: Bom Shy Bom Shy
:weapons_30: Weapons 30 Weapons 30
:bom_stooge_larry: Bom Stooge Larry Bom Stooge Larry
:weapons_54: Weapons 54 Weapons 54
:mod2_stupid: Mod2 Stupid Mod2 Stupid
:devil_6: Devil 6 Devil 6
:weapons_90: Weapons 90 Weapons 90
:var_7: Var 7 Var 7
:devil_43: Devil 43 Devil 43
:bom_joker: Bom Joker Bom Joker
:var_39: Var 39 Var 39
:mod2_flowers: Mod2 Flowers Mod2 Flowers
:bom_rolleyes5: Bom Rolleyes5 Bom Rolleyes5
:weapons_18: Weapons 18 Weapons 18
:weapons_42: Weapons 42 Weapons 42
:bom_wacko: Bom Wacko Bom Wacko
:seeya: Seeya Seeya
:weapons_75: Weapons 75 Weapons 75
:new_shitsmiley: New Shitsmiley New Shitsmiley
:devil_29: Devil 29 Devil 29
:bom_hat: Bom Hat Bom Hat
:var_28: Var 28 Var 28
:mod2_clown: Mod2 Clown Mod2 Clown
:bom_party3: Bom Party3 Bom Party3
:weapons_6: Weapons 6 Weapons 6
:bom_smash: Bom Smash Bom Smash
:bom_thumbsdown: Bom Thumbsdown Bom Thumbsdown
:weapons_64: Weapons 64 Weapons 64
:mod2_walkman: Mod2 Walkman Mod2 Walkman
:devil_16: Devil 16 Devil 16
:bom_glasses: Bom Glasses Bom Glasses
:var_17: Var 17 Var 17
:mod2_arabia: Mod2 Arabia Mod2 Arabia
:bom_lips2: Bom Lips2 Bom Lips2
:var_49: Var 49 Var 49
:mod2_no: Mod2 No Mod2 No
:bom_shout: Bom Shout Bom Shout
:weapons_29: Weapons 29 Weapons 29
:weapons_53: Weapons 53 Weapons 53
:mod2_stuart: Mod2 Stuart Mod2 Stuart
:devil_5: Devil 5 Devil 5
:weapons_89: Weapons 89 Weapons 89
:var_6: Var 6 Var 6
:devil_39: Devil 39 Devil 39
:bom_jester: Bom Jester Bom Jester
:var_38: Var 38 Var 38
:mod2_excl: Mod2 Excl Mod2 Excl
:bom_rolleyes4: Bom Rolleyes4 Bom Rolleyes4
:weapons_17: Weapons 17 Weapons 17
:bom_stooge_curly: Bom Stooge Curly Bom Stooge Curly
:weapons_41: Weapons 41 Weapons 41
:bom_veryangry2: Bom Veryangry2 Bom Veryangry2
:weapons_74: Weapons 74 Weapons 74
:new_hijacked: New Hijacked New Hijacked
:devil_28: Devil 28 Devil 28
:bom_hanged: Bom Hanged Bom Hanged
:var_27: Var 27 Var 27
:mod2_clap: Mod2 Clap Mod2 Clap
:bom_party2: Bom Party2 Bom Party2
:weapons_5: Weapons 5 Weapons 5
:mod2_red_indian: Mod2 Red Indian Mod2 Red Indian
:bom_smartass2: Bom Smartass2 Bom Smartass2
:bom_thinking2: Bom Thinking2 Bom Thinking2
:grouphug: Grouphug Grouphug
:weapons_63: Weapons 63 Weapons 63
:mod2_wacko: Mod2 Wacko Mod2 Wacko
:devil_15: Devil 15 Devil 15
:var_16: Var 16 Var 16
:mod2_angel: Mod2 Angel Mod2 Angel
:bom_lips: Bom Lips Bom Lips
:var_48: Var 48 Var 48
:mod2_ninja: Mod2 Ninja Mod2 Ninja
:bom_shocked3: Bom Shocked3 Bom Shocked3
:weapons_28: Weapons 28 Weapons 28
:weapons_52: Weapons 52 Weapons 52
:mod2_sorcerer: Mod2 Sorcerer Mod2 Sorcerer
:devil_4: Devil 4 Devil 4
:willy_nilly: Willy Nilly Willy Nilly
:weapons_87: Weapons 87 Weapons 87
:var_5: Var 5 Var 5
:devil_38: Devil 38 Devil 38
:bom_indian_chief: Bom Indian Chief Bom Indian Chief
:var_37: Var 37 Var 37
:mod2_euro: Mod2 Euro Mod2 Euro
:bom_rolleyes2: Bom Rolleyes2 Bom Rolleyes2
:weapons_16: Weapons 16 Weapons 16
:bom_square: Bom Square Bom Square
:weapons_40: Weapons 40 Weapons 40
:bom_veryangry: Bom Veryangry Bom Veryangry
:patriot: Patriot Patriot
:weapons_73: Weapons 73 Weapons 73
:new_fineprint: New Fineprint New Fineprint
:devil_27: Devil 27 Devil 27
:bom_hair2: Bom Hair2 Bom Hair2
:var_26: Var 26 Var 26
:mod2_chris: Mod2 Chris Mod2 Chris
:bom_party: Bom Party Bom Party
:weapons_4: Weapons 4 Weapons 4
:mod2_pinch: Mod2 Pinch Mod2 Pinch
:bom_smartass: Bom Smartass Bom Smartass
:bom_thinking: Bom Thinking Bom Thinking
:driving: Driving Driving
:weapons_62: Weapons 62 Weapons 62
:mod2_turned: Mod2 Turned Mod2 Turned
:devil_14: Devil 14 Devil 14
:bom_drummer: Bom Drummer Bom Drummer
:var_15: Var 15 Var 15
:mod2_alucard: Mod2 Alucard Mod2 Alucard
:bom_laugh4: Bom Laugh4 Bom Laugh4
:mod2_kiss: Mod2 Kiss Mod2 Kiss
:bom_shifty: Bom Shifty Bom Shifty
:weapons_27: Weapons 27 Weapons 27
:weapons_51: Weapons 51 Weapons 51
:mod2_smartass: Mod2 Smartass Mod2 Smartass
:devil_3: Devil 3 Devil 3
:troll: Troll Troll
:weapons_86: Weapons 86 Weapons 86
:var_4: Var 4 Var 4
:devil_37: Devil 37 Devil 37
:bom_indian_brave: Bom Indian Brave Bom Indian Brave
:var_36: Var 36 Var 36
:mod2_eek: Mod2 Eek Mod2 Eek
:bom_rolleyes: Bom Rolleyes Bom Rolleyes
:weapons_15: Weapons 15 Weapons 15
:mod2_shit: Mod2 Shit Mod2 Shit
:bom_speechless: Bom Speechless Bom Speechless
:weapons_38: Weapons 38 Weapons 38
:bom_vanish: Bom Vanish Bom Vanish
:party: Party Party
:weapons_72: Weapons 72 Weapons 72
:devil_25: Devil 25 Devil 25
:bom_hair: Bom Hair Bom Hair
:var_25: Var 25 Var 25
:mod2_chinese: Mod2 Chinese Mod2 Chinese
:bom_operator: Bom Operator Bom Operator
:weapons_2: Weapons 2 Weapons 2
:mod2_phone: Mod2 Phone Mod2 Phone
:bom_smart: Bom Smart Bom Smart
:bom_sweatdrop: Bom Sweatdrop Bom Sweatdrop
:ciappa: Ciappa Ciappa
:weapons_61: Weapons 61 Weapons 61
:mod2_tt2: Mod2 Tt2 Mod2 Tt2
:devil_13: Devil 13 Devil 13
:var_14: Var 14 Var 14
:mod2_alien: Mod2 Alien Mod2 Alien
:bom_laugh3: Bom Laugh3 Bom Laugh3
:var_46: Var 46 Var 46
:mod2_innocent: Mod2 Innocent Mod2 Innocent
:bom_shame: Bom Shame Bom Shame
:weapons_26: Weapons 26 Weapons 26
:weapons_50: Weapons 50 Weapons 50
:mod2_sleeping: Mod2 Sleeping Mod2 Sleeping
:devil_1: Devil 1 Devil 1
:thumbup1: Thumbup1 Thumbup1
:weapons_85: Weapons 85 Weapons 85
:var_3: Var 3 Var 3
:devil_36: Devil 36 Devil 36
:bom_idea3: Bom Idea3 Bom Idea3
:var_35: Var 35 Var 35
:mod2_double_fuck: Mod2 Double Fuck Mod2 Double Fuck
:bom_rockstar: Bom Rockstar Bom Rockstar
:weapons_14: Weapons 14 Weapons 14
:mod2_shifty: Mod2 Shifty Mod2 Shifty
:bom_sombrero: Bom Sombrero Bom Sombrero
:weapons_37: Weapons 37 Weapons 37
:bom_vampire: Bom Vampire Bom Vampire
:nopity: Nopity Nopity
:weapons_71: Weapons 71 Weapons 71
:mod2_yinyang: Mod2 Yinyang Mod2 Yinyang
:devil_24: Devil 24 Devil 24
:bom_guitarist: Bom Guitarist Bom Guitarist
:var_24: Var 24 Var 24
:mod2_chef: Mod2 Chef Mod2 Chef
:bom_Mr-T: Bom Mr T Bom Mr T
:weapons_1: Weapons 1 Weapons 1
:mod2_ph34r: Mod2 Ph34r Mod2 Ph34r
:bom_sleeping2: Bom Sleeping2 Bom Sleeping2
:bom_surprised: Bom Surprised Bom Surprised
:cheers2: Cheers2 Cheers2
:weapons_60: Weapons 60 Weapons 60
:mod2_tt1: Mod2 Tt1 Mod2 Tt1
:devil_12: Devil 12 Devil 12
:bom_deal: Bom Deal Bom Deal
:var_13: Var 13 Var 13
:mod2_2guns: Mod2 2guns Mod2 2guns
:bom_laugh2: Bom Laugh2 Bom Laugh2
:var_45: Var 45 Var 45
:mod2_helpsmilie: Mod2 Helpsmilie Mod2 Helpsmilie
:bom_scholar: Bom Scholar Bom Scholar
:weapons_25: Weapons 25 Weapons 25
:weapons_48: Weapons 48 Weapons 48
:mod2_sleep1: Mod2 Sleep1 Mod2 Sleep1
:devil_00: Devil 00 Devil 00
:weapons_84: Weapons 84 Weapons 84
:var_2: Var 2 Var 2
:devil_35: Devil 35 Devil 35
:bom_idea: Bom Idea Bom Idea
:var_34: Var 34 Var 34
:mod2_donatello: Mod2 Donatello Mod2 Donatello
:bom_rifle: Bom Rifle Bom Rifle
:weapons_13: Weapons 13 Weapons 13
:mod2_shaun: Mod2 Shaun Mod2 Shaun
:bom_snore: Bom Snore Bom Snore
:weapons_36: Weapons 36 Weapons 36
:bom_uhoh2: Bom Uhoh2 Bom Uhoh2
:nono: Nono Nono
:weapons_70: Weapons 70 Weapons 70
:mod2_yes: Mod2 Yes Mod2 Yes
:devil_23: Devil 23 Devil 23
:bom_grin: Bom Grin Bom Grin
:var_23: Var 23 Var 23
:mod2_boat: Mod2 Boat Mod2 Boat
:bom_mickey: Bom Mickey Bom Mickey
:weapons_00: Weapons 00 Weapons 00
:mod2_osama: Mod2 Osama Mod2 Osama
:bom_sleeping: Bom Sleeping Bom Sleeping
Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:) Smile Smile
:orig_confused: Confused Confused
:orig_mad: Mad Mad
:( Sad Sad
:p Razz Razz
;) Wink Wink
:D Very Happy Very Happy
:o Surprised Surprised
:orig_rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: Surprised Surprised
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