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  • Mr. Black ·
    I'm not nearly as tall as you and find the risers very much so beneficial. They may or may not go right on. You really have to look closely at the wiring, brake, and clutch hoses so keep that in mind.
    stromstradamus ·
    Hello...New to the site - riding a '14 V2 as well and noticed you had installed the 1" risers. Has that been helpful? I am 6'1" and thinking I may need a bit more height in the bars....thanks!
    Buszzbait ·
    Hey there Mr Black,
    I searched but couldn't find it on any of your post on the Hindle Exhaust you got off eBay..I'm still watching this guy who's selling them.. Can you please tell me which one to get like big is the hole diameter I need to get?..there's one right now 2.25" that to big?
    Thanks buddy
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