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Another Maintenance Thread - 2012 DL1000

Have been putting my thoughts in order now that I have my new-to-me 2012 DL1000 at its new home. Even though I was assured the requisite maintenance was done, want to have a baseline for this new bike, and as such, will be doing maintenance/work over the next 8 months.

I have been looking at the wiring for the aftermarket add ons and it is done quite well. This wiring is for the heated hand warmers and heated gear - both on a switched circuit. The OEM horn was replaced with an air horn that is quite good, and of course the last mod was for the headlights. Like what was done so any changes will be done closer to the end of the maintenance/work period, if at all.

The RR recall was done, and it is a shunt type RR. I have a Compufire series RR coming and will be installing it shortly after it gets here. I asked my local Suzuki dealer if there was any outstanding recalls - gave VIN - and all is up to date.

Standard maintenance will be:

air filter
check valve lash
rad coolant change
oil/filter change
front fork oil change
LED headlights (near end)
turn signal and brake LEDs (near end)
Looking at the fuel filter mod
Accessory fuse block install
LED driving lights
Volt/Amp meter install
USB connector
Holeshot Supertune Tuner install
Speed Healer install
Smart Turn System install - like self-cancelling signals
New tires needed next year. Looking at the Shinko 705 (approximately $270.00 CDN for the pair), or the Michelin Anakee 3 (approximately $350.00 CDN for the pair)

16 tooth front sprocket - the OEM sprockets are 17/41 that gives a final ratio of 2.41. Installing a 16/41 combination apparently gives a 2.56 gearing ratio. The difference isn't much, but an increase in RPM for any given gear could be beneficial, especially in 5th and 6th gears. Juries still out on the benefits, but have read that this is advantageous. More to follow.

Looking into a suspension upgrade as well as the clutch basket mod. Between these two I think the clutch basket mod will be done first. Will contact Werks for a brief discussion.

Researching throttle locks and cruise control. Would have been nice on the trip out from Ontario to BC.

Have been looking at the oil around the sprocket cover to ascertain where the oil is coming from. The shifter seal looks well worn, but understand there are a couple of other areas that may be leaking. Will have to delve into this and clean up the area. When I was looking at this area and moving the shifter I noticed that the shifter lever was loose. Tightened the bolt that keeps the shifter on the shift shaft spline. Noticed that the shifter bushings were loose and will look at what can be done to tighten up this aspect.

Note to self, when delving into the maintenance/work, check securing nuts and bolts.

Looked at a thread on chain lube to use. Interesting difference shown, recommends Dupont Teflon Multi Lube or Belray Super Clean. Will investigate further.

Have the OEM service manual. One of the first items I try to acquire when I get a new bike, or a used vehicle.

My objective is to do as much up front so that I enjoy the fruits of my labour, instead of doing the work then selling for someone else to enjoy. In doing my research into the various items, I noticed that the performance and quality of ride when improved has resulted in owners keeping this bike longer. My '85 Goldwing has over 160K Kms of which I put on some 40K Kms since 2016, and my 1500 has over 174K Kms of which I have put 21K Kms on the dial since last summer (I'm retired and like to do trips solo or two up). Both these bikes will be around for a while, great for two up touring.

I don't expect any earth shattering issues when I get going on the maintenance/work, but if there is I will post.

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A reminder to test ride your Vee after each mod. From experience, too many changes done at one time makes it difficult to back trace a possible failure. Testing after each individual mod allows the option of reviewing where you previously worked. Don't forget to snap some pix. They are helpful if there is need to back trace, as well as if posted, to serve as guide to any up and coming DIY person attempting the same type of mods as yourself. Best of luck, take your time and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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Thanks for the advice. Only items that I feel need to be looked at in this light are the Supertune Tuner, Clutch basket mod, and 16 tooth sprocket. All others are maintenance, and/or won't affect the operation of the bike. I was thinking back on my ride of a 2018 Vee in August, and how much smoother it was when accelerating and shifting. The clutch basket mod should be a good addition.

I am interested in the electrical system amp usage and that is why I'm installing an amp meter. Voltage is good to know, but doesn't tell the whole story.

I will probably be investing some 3K CDN into this bike, but it will be for upgrades/mods that I want and believe the bike needs to bring it back to as new a condition as is practical - doing it upfront so I enjoy them. Even with this investment, I will not have spent what my friend paid for his 2010 Tiger 1050. He has been shopping every since to make the bike his. We have found that there are more aftermarket items for the Vee than for his Tiger.

I thought of a new Vee and the prices are quite good compared to the other OEM adventure sport touring bikes. Even so, My investment will still be good considering that outfitting a new bike to fit me and to install additional items such as heated hand warmers, etc raises the cost of a new bike as well.

I also prefer the two gauge dash, looks so much better.

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Have started the parts process. Ordered the Supertune Tuner, Speed Healer and 16 tooth sprocket from Holeshot.

I agree with the Tuner concept because of the emission requirements the OEM has to meet. Vehicles, especially bikes, snowmobiles, etc are leaned out from the factory to meet these standards. The engines operate hotter when this is done and performance is sacrificed. This is the primary reason for the changes most make to the HD before getting the HD out of the shop. The HD is chocked so much to meet the emission standard(s), not to say a redesign of the engine in total wouldn't hurt.

My son-in-law's 2014 Moto Guzzi California touring bike - 1400 cc - suffers from this as well. There is an aftermarket fix similar to the Supertune Tuner for the VStrom, but he has not made the leap yet.

Ordered a replacement clutch basket with tool and gasket from Werks parts. Good chat with Terry regarding the issue and the overall impact on the Vee mindset. Opted for the exchange program to keep downtime to a minimum.

I'm of the opinion that the Supertune Tuner and the Werks clutch basket mod will bring the engine back to as close as possible to new. Once I get these two items installed and tested, going to do a demo ride again with a new 2018/2019 Vee to compare, should be interesting.

Once these items are received and installed, the rest will be standard maintenance work. Going to be an excellent ride. Cheers
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Had an email from an acquaintance in Sacramento CA and I had mentioned that I was going to do the clutch basket mod on my VStrom. He has an older GS 1100 and had to do a clutch mod as well. Original basket received a thicker gauge backing plate, stiffer springs, and the three rivets that hold assembly to the gear are bigger in diameter and are welded in place. He upgraded the clutch hub with one from a GS 1150 (1984 through 86), steel spline more robust than the GS 1100.

It's good to know that there are other bikes out there that require a mod or two to get them up to good working order.

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Parts in:

Compufire series RR
Holeshot Supertune Tuner
Holeshot Speed Healer
16 tooth front sprocket

Parts en route:

Werks Clutch basket
Smart Turn System

Will be starting the installs this week.

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Congrats.....make it your own!!!!

BRIAN "GO Buckeyes, GO Wildcats"!

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Did some work yesterday. Installed the Compufire series RR, and laid in the Holeshot Supertune Tuner (hook up this weekend). It's working well, steady at 14.1 VDC when moving. Found that the brake lights are a power draw, switching to LEDs, and the headlights will be changed as well.

Was able to connect into the existing OEM system. The instructions for these units is to go directly to the battery, but this is not necessary. The unit is quite compact compared to the Shindengen SH847 ( had one that I gave to an acquaintance in Sacramento - he reciprocated by sending me the Compufire), and fits where the OEM RR was located.

Picture attached. The silver bracket is to keep the unit from rotating if the bottom securing bolt comes loose.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Series RR installed.jpg (114.8 KB, 6 views)
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Reading the OEM service manual last night to find where connectors and such are, what I have to do to check the valve lash, and it's more interesting than the news.

Paid attention to the rad fan. When it comes on, the voltmeter lets you know. Spec in the manual is if the amp reading is above 5, replace. Did some math and it can draw up to 60 watts when operating (P=IXV). This is a huge power draw. Going to look around at the local electronic shops to see if I can find a similar sized fan that draws a lot less power. A lot of my riding is city and the fan comes on a lot. I did read a report on the Holeshot Supertune Tuner in that once it was installed the engine operated much cooler, not going over the two bars on the temp gauge. Hoping this will happen after I install this unit this weekend.

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Just for grins, when you have the oil drained, open that left side case and check your magnets...and do the jb weld fix if it's not already done. Also, check your stator for burn marks or the beginning of the "rubbing" that kills these stators.

I know you mentioned that you're steady at 14.1 VDC, so it doesn't sound like there's an issue in there currently; but it can't hurt to check! Bummer is you'll need the $15 gasket unless you're handy and can make your own. (But the oem gasket is partially metal (it sticks to the magnets when you get it close to them), so...not sure that kind of gasket material is available for DIY?)
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