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Dilemma: Keep My 2002 DL1000 or Trade It In?!

Dilemma: Keep My 2002 DL1000 or Trade It In?!

Quick History……I bought my 2002 DL1000 in 2004 with 1 mile on it. It was a left over from another dealer or something. It has been a great bike. It has been maintained etc… Did the 15,000 mile valve check, no problem. Just had the 30,000 mile valve check at around 31,000, again no problem. But, the other day, I just noticed that the oil level has been going down. I put in more oil the other (just up under to full line) and after less than 300 miles, the oil level has dropped to just below about half way point. This is substantial. There are no visible oil leaks. I spoke with the dealer. Sounds like the rings need replacing. This is a major repair. I asked, is this something they will have to determine what’s causing the oil consumption. They said, nope, classic rings worn and need replacing. Estimate is $300 plus in parts, $550-600 in labor, about $900 minimum just to replace what’s needed. And that’s if they do not find anything else bad inside once they open it up. I do not have the mechanical skill to do it myself. My bike has almost 32,000 miles on it and I thought this a premature repair for so little mileage. Of course the extended warranty I had has expired (go figure). And this repair would have been covered.

This is really disheartening since I just dropped about $600 into my bike the last couple weeks. $400 for the last service (valve check, new rear brakes pads and something else), and $200 for a new rear tire (tire/160 plus labor). And now, a possible repair bill of at least $900. This will be the actual 1st major repair on this bike, everything else up to this point has been maintenance related, new tires, new chain, new sprockets, etc… After talking with the dealer, the NADA on my bike is around $3300 retail and around $2200 trade-in. The whole quandary of spending about 1/3 of the value of my bike for a repair sunk in real quick. The oil consumption will not get any better, it may stay the same, or it may get worse. My brain gets to the spinning. I see that Suzuki is offering 0% financing, 0% down. I also see a used DL1000 out front. I didn’t think the dealer would give me much for my bike considering the repair that needs to be done. So I asked anyway, the weigh out my options. They are offering me $2000 on a trade towards a NEW bike, and $2500 on a trade towards a USED bike. So, here are my options:

1. Keep my 2002 DL1000, go for the repair and hope that the repair will only cost $900-1000.
2. Trade-In for a new 2012 DL1000. Looking at $11,300 with luggage or $10,700 without luggage. Minus the trade-in of $2000.
3. Trade-In for a used 2009 DL1000 with 27,000 plus miles on it. Just about 4,000 less miles than my current bike. Asking price is $7200, then minus the trade-in of $2500.
4. Trade-In for a new DL650. Not sure I want to go down, but dang that 2012 redesign looks nice and ABS.

I don’t know what to do. But, I do know I can’t take on another bill right now. I’ll have my vehicle paid off in November. I may need to rough it out till then. Keeping adding oil and monitoring the oil usage between now and then. But dang, sounds like a good reason for new bike though.

Anyway, thanks for reading this long post and letting me vent. I would appreciate your thoughts, suggestions, advice, questions and/or confirmations!
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there are many on this forum more qualified to give advice than me but I cant believe your rings are3 gone in under 30,000 miles. I have more than that on mine and never had a problem, in fact there are many with 100,00 on the original engine. barring some sort of abuse I just dont believe it. find another mechanic to check it out.
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Rings or valve seals

If you can have help and get a compression or leak down test will tell you if motor is health.

Also friend to follow you is there blue smoke

Is the pipes greasy on the inside
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Originally Posted by shankle View Post
They are offering me $2000 on a trade towards a NEW bike, and $2500 on a trade towards a USED bike.!
That's odd, it's usually the other way round (higher trade-in for a new bike)

Originally Posted by shankle View Post
1. Keep my 2002 DL1000, go for the repair and hope that the repair will only cost $900-1000.
If you still enjoy riding the Vee, this is the option I would take. The used Vee will cost you $4700 which is a whole lot more than your $900 repair bill. The new Vee will require a service within the first 1000 miles, not to mention the hassle of breaking it in, higher insurance costs, higher purchase price etc.

Presumably, after fixing your current issue your current Vee will be good to go for several/many more years without major repairs.

Originally Posted by shankle View Post
4. Trade-In for a new DL650. Not sure I want to go down, but dang that 2012 redesign looks nice and ABS.
If you're bored with the Vee and itching for something different, this is what I would do (and probably will do eventually).

Options 2 and 3 don't seem to leave you with anything substantially better than what you've already got, despite costing a lot more money.

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Another option might be to buy a new motor on ebay. Can get one that is guaranteed for around 1k there. Some have free shipping options too.

Someone would need to install it for you if you don't think you are capable. It shouldn't be too crazy hard. Just be sure to label all the wiring connectors and take lots of pictures before taking things apart. You could repaint your frame while you have it out, and check/clean/rustproof all of your electrical connections while its all apart too. Toss a new chain on there, replace some bearings. It would be a new bike afterwards. A project for Winter up here in the North, or maybe something for Summer down South when it's too hot to ride anyways.

I would definately have the engine tested prior to tearing the motor apart or replacing it. 30k is way low to be replacing rings i think.
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Rings gone in 30,000 miles?
That's weird. Usually that's a break-in problem and shows up before now. If it's an old-age problem it usually shows up after now. Did you break it in as per the manual?

You have a vee; I wouldn't trade it in for a new one. It'd be the exact same bike; you're better off fixing the one that's paid for.

If you want to change bikes, try the wee; that 2012 is mighty seckseh. Else, there's always the Burgman 400

Seriously; if you're trying to save $$$, fix your bike; even if it sets you back 3 grand, it'll be cheaper than all the other options you've mentioned. If you want a different bike, then looking at trading yours is ok, but trading for the same thing is always more expensive (and dumb) than fixing.
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Thanks for the advice!

Yea, I am bummed that my bike is about to hit 32,000 miles and a possible major repair. Dealer said this will be the first ever ring job ever done on any model V-strom. I did swipe my finger in the pipes, lots of black "sut", but no obvious oil, but the black "sut" does smell "oily".

What my bike broken in properly? As far as I know, Yes. I bought with 1 mile on it and followed the dealer's guidance on initial riding etc... and had ALL service intervals done with 100 miles or so of the mileage intervals. I consider myself an average rider. I have on occassion accelerated up to 7-8k rpm, well after the break in period. I wouldnt have thought that to do any damage???

As far as the trade-in numbers, I thought that was odd also, and asked again when I was there, cause that threw me off too.

I'm not bored with the Vee, its been a great bike. I'm the guy that wants to post down the road of having 100,000 miles on the original engine. But this isnt the way I imagined.

Rings or Valve Seals. They specifically stated Rings, but I'll discuss that with them again along with a compression test or leak down test.

Man, I really hoped this turns out something else. This freaking sucks, because I have been planning some trips in the couple weekends.

Thanks again, I'll update with new information once I have some.
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I don't know anything about your dealer or how much you trust them but I have to wonder (assuming they did not compression or leak down tests) that they just leap to the conclusion of the rings.
The DL1000 and its sister the SV1000 (which I had) are extraordinarily tough engines. I don't know so much on the DL but I don't recall, in seven years of SV1000 ownership and forum membership, ever hearing of anyone wearing out rings. Not to say it couldn't be but never heard of it.
I would be thinking of taking it to another shop for a second opinion.

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STOP This is unusual enough to warrant extra research. It is not a 1955 chevy where toasted motor is possible.

1 I am suspicious of this "failure" so soon after it was in the shop, they had the cam shaft covers off etc. Smart mechanics look where the last "surgery" was performed.

2 There is something called a "stuck" ring where sufficient gunk has accumulated so the ring does not spring out or allow the gases behind it to push it out

3 Small chance it is something to do with the oil system rather than the guts. Add an entire 8Oz can of seafoam to the crankcase and ride around like 50 miles for the frozen ring. Do an oil change with filter (check for 2 seals) new washer with a real motorcycle oil. Ride the bike with no belly pan so you can see easy. Ride and look periodically.

4 Blowing smoke but check inside the airbox for oil and condition of your air filter. Very clogged filter may result in vacuum in crancase and increased gas circulation. Also examine the breather hose attached etc.

5 Bad counter shaft seal will leak and just add to the gook already on the chain. Might only leak while you are riiding not sitting maybe 1 drip when parked

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About the $2k vs $2.5k trade in: dealers almost always make more money selling used bikes than new. Check the NADA trade-in versus retail prices and you'll see why.

I agree with Rich: if the bike was recently in for a major service, and now it suddenly starts using oil...seems like a pretty big coincidence if they aren't related.

It seems like you want a new bike anyway, so if "a" dealer (is there another nearby?) is willing to give you a decent trade on a new G-Strom, get one. Snag the 0% financing and be happy.

Go hakafugu yourself.
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