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Specs & road report on V-Strom 650, 1000c owners please

SUZUKI DL650 V-Strom TESTED: Jan '04

Hi ALL,Iam sending this to you all because the 1000cc V-Strom is not the BEE's NEE'S OK, the negative vibes I get from the bigger V-Strom (1000cc) OWNERS is crazy Iam send this report to you all on the 650 its a great bike ok.
The 1000cc V-Strom also a great bike I got the imfo from the two wheels sight its worth a read.STANDING START for the 1000cc bike is ľ mile 12.75sec @ 110.11mph the 650 is not that far behind see table below.
cheers Julian.
I hope the 1000cc V-Strom owners under stand that the little 650 Strom wont be far behind you in the straight but will get you every time in the BENDS HAHA. I hope a few more 650 riders speak their mind !! CHEERS.

A punchy and endearing motor, outstanding touring ability and great town manners

Very little other than the odd oversight. A lack of performance for some and little in the way of charisma


Suzukiís V-Strom really does have something to offer riders with a wide range of requirements. On top of its versatility, itís great fun

The styling weíve seen already, or a pretty close take on it, as Suzukiís one litre DL1000 V-Strom has been on sale for a year already, and visually this and the 650 could be twins. The engine is a known quantity too, coming in only lightly modified form from the successful SV650S, while the frame and other mechanicals have been diverted from the DL1000 production line.

Hardly the stuff of banner headlines, is it? But what do you want from your bike? Dramatic magazine features or a fine all-rounder with a punchy and endearing motor, outstanding touring ability and great town manners? If itís the latter then the 650 V-Strom is for you.

V-Strom project leader Etsuji Kato says the bike is aimed at a wide range of riders, in particular relative novices, women (why are women always grouped together with novices?) and born again riders, but he says it should also appeal to experienced riders.

Sexual stereotypes aside his bike is spot-on. The V-Stromís ace is its mile-eating ability. Riders who really travel long distances know there is no other factor more restrictive than having to tank up every 100 miles or so. And theyíll love the V-Strom, which combines a reasonable 45mpg (Iím guessing, but itís pessimistic and based on well known SV650S figures) with a 4.85 gallon (22 litre) fuel capacity, with the result that you can expect to cram 200 miles in between petrol stations.

The 650ís comfort isnít shaded by big tourers either. Of course the weather protection is reduced, but the small screen and bulky bodywork punch a big enough hole in the atmosphere. The V-Stromís screen works well. Itís adjustable too, although shifting the screen the full 50mm from lowest to highest requires the use of the underseat toolkit. Simple manual adjustment would be easier.

The bike is outstandingly comfortable, the upright riding stance with its wide bars and low-ish footrests keeping aches and cramps at bay.
The engine plays at tourer very effectively too, partly thanks to slightly lower gearing than the SV650S and some cam profile changes which benefit the mid-range by about five per cent with a small loss in peak horsepower. Itís punchy when overtaking or climbing hills (such as the gaspingly cold Bavarian Alps of the launch), the only downside being a laboured sensation should you rev it from 9000rpm to the 10,500rpm red line. Which as itís hardly a track bike, no one will.

The Showa suspension offers an especially plush and controlled ride for a low-priced middleweight, controlling the longer than average 150mm of wheel travel at each end effectively, although the bike does dive eagerly under heavy braking. But with the 1000ís stoppers fitted, it does slow to a halt with real force, just what you need when youíre coming back down those steep Alpine passes.

Youíll be reckoning the 650 V-Strom is just a tourer now, but far from it. Like the new wave of soft comfy, do-it-alls from the Aprilia Tuono to Ducatiís Multistrada, that high-up riding position, long suspension legs and general wieldiness make this a very useful sports tool too.

The bitter cold meant that the tyres werenít gripping convincingly, but the handling was still sharp, the steering neutral and easy and the bike coped well with rapid direction changes. Itís also very stable at high speeds Ė my faithful GPS told me Iíd topped out at 116mph.
Details are mixed, with an appealing dash, excellent if ugly mirrors, and a carrier flush with the passenger seat for easy load attachment.

There are nasty cable ties on the bars, some coolant hoses which ought to be hidden and that adjustment gripe, but on balance this is a fine bike, undemanding yet rewarding to ride with a fat portfolio of abilities.


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PRICE £5,149
ENGINE 645cc lc V2 cyl
TOP SPEED 114.6mph (tested)
STANDING ľ 13.32sec @ 98.48mph
MAX POWER 72bhp @ 9,000rpm
MAX TORQUE 47lb.ft @ 7,200rpm
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Thank you for a very nice informative post but please don't think us 1k riders are stupid.
Top speed 114.6 verses 134 - 20 mph faster
Quarter mile 13.32 verses 11.55 (my bike) 1.77 sec. faster quarter mile
Quarter mile speed 98 verses 110+ 12 mph faster
While you may think you would not be far behind, but behind you would be and riders of equal ability, the 1k rider will be there first everytime.
Perhaps you can tell me why the 650 riders are so quick to attempt to imply that they made a better choice. I think most 650 riders bought because they are lacking money in their pockets so they purchase what they can afford, (which I can understand) then because they had to buy a smaller bike they come on forums like this and crow they made a better choice. Yes we 1k riders paid more money but we bought what we wanted so please don't think less of us. :lol:
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Mortaine................they are lacking money in their pockets........NOT. Had more than enough for a 1000 but my Choice was a 650. Some riders opt for the 650 because of other commitments in life too. Splitting up the cash for more than one passion can be the reason for having a 650. We are not all independently wealthy as you apparently are from your comment, or do you live in one room to support your bike and your only passion. We all make choices for varied reasons.

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Dear Mortaine,
I bought my 650 V-strom about 2 years ago because at that time their was not one bike that could match it for Value for money as like many owners have found out its a great all rounder does every thing so well & affordable on your hip pocket , as I myself ride my bike to & from work every day of the week.
Looking forward to your well worded reply Julian.
:wink: :wink: :wink:
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See what I mean you guys always take offense, its ok for you to sling a lot of bull at the 1k owners but its not ok for us to sling back. You guys bought what you could afford, and or what you wanted, well the 1k owners bought what they could afford and what they wanted. If your happy then I am happy for you but climb down off your pulpit we don't need your preaching. Hell most of you don't even know why or how your bike works. If you want to ride a bike you have to twist the throttle and row the gear box on to make it perform that is your choice, I being lazy by nature don't like to row the gear box to go in a hurry, I like to sit back and just twist the throttle and go. Even Harley riders are less argumentative then you guys and the ones I know are much more fun to be around. Yeah WW I have the money and or credit to buy pretty much what ever I damn well please, but I bought the 1k because it sits like a dirt bike and is so damn ugly that I like it. I have ridden several of your 650's and still opted for the 1k because that is what I like. :wink: :wink: :wink: :lol:
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Each to his own

Graham Downunder
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And Mokusz asks us why we visit the other sites! Does this ever end?
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Each bike is great. Can't we just stop with the 1000 vs. 650 threads? Both has their pluses and minuses when compared to each other. Some 650 owner was the first to post in the 1000 forum trying to flame, then a 1000 owner decided to return the favor in the 650 forum.

Enjoy whatever you own and know that it was the best bike for YOU!!!!

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I bought the 650 because I don't NEED the extra power and weight of the 1000. I saved three grand not buying a 1000 so I could buy the farkles I needed for the 650. If you want or need the little extra power from the 1000, get it. The legal spped limit is still 65mph, so what difference does it make if the 1000 has a higher top speed.
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Originally Posted by spongebob218
The legal spped limit is still 65mph, so what difference does it make if the 1000 has a higher top speed.
No one does the EXACT speed limit and never go over it, if you say you do your a liar. Some of us like to go to the track and see what our bikes can do. Just because the "legal speed limit" is 65 doesnt mean we cant have a bike that will have the power to go over it. People always ask "Do you need to go 130mph?" answer is "Yes I DO"..."Will you ever do 130 mph on the road?" and Yes I WILL. Thats my style of riding. So I NEED the 1000. To me it makes a difference.

Btw the Legal speed limit here in cali is 75
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