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Lane Splitting (OT)

I know this is a bit off topic, but the "off-topic" board has crickets chirping.

In the October, 2006 issue (page eighteen) of Cycle World, a letter to the editor was critical of the magazines previous publication of a photo depicting "lane splitting", calling it " of the stupidest and unsafe traffic maneuvers a rider can of those actions that give the rest of us a bad name."

The Cycle World response was this:

..."lane splitting is legal in California, where the photo was taken. Here and in virtually all of Europe, where threading between lines of jammed traffic has been recognized as a fuel- and time saving practice for decades, lane splitting is also vastly under-represented in accident statistics. It should be legal and encouraged in all 50 states."

How do you all feel about lane splitting?

How do you think others (in cars) might view lane splitting?
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OK keep in mind that I have had only 2 years experience
with a 250cc and 2months with the 650 strom.

I think it's ok to try it IF you
are experienced enough and IF the road
conditions are just right.

Having said that . . . I don't think over all
that it's some thing that one should do on a regular habit.
I feel it's inherently more dangers than sitting in traffic. . . not
so much because I don't thing the rider can pull it off safely
as much I feel that a cage drivers will do something
that could make it go all wrong.

I had a friend who was lane splitting between
parked cars on his right and moving cars to his left.
Some idiot opened the door to there parked car with out looking.
Suddenly my fiend had no avenue of escape. He was boxed in.
He had to lay the bike down. Lucky he was wearing
protective gear and was unharmed.

Yester day on the 94 I was stuck in traffic.
There was some sort of major ascendant up ahead that shut
down all 5 lanes. I was temped to lane split but it was raining that day
(rain = poor visibility and traction), and the cars were bunched to close for
my skill. I knew if some on did some thing stupid I might not be able
to take evasive action in time. I managed to get over to
the left edge and ride that up to the exit.
I did manage to get ahead of the jam on the
hi-way and when I got back on I was rewarded with a hi-way
that barley had a car on it. I did 60 to 80mph all the way home.
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Can anyone mention another country in the world where "Lane Spliting", "Filtering" or whaterever it's called is not "normal"? :?:

This is an honest question.
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Sure, Canada or at least Ontario. It's not illegal here but it is discouraged. In the two months I've been commuting with my bike, I have had a few occasions to stare longingly down that empty alley between the cars.

I have mixed feelings about it. I would like to do it, but there are too many idiots that would abuse it. Just look at how people ride bicycles. It might work if it were a recognized practice in the law. That way if a biker made contact with a car he/she could be charged with unsafe filtering or some such. Whether that would be practical in the real world I don't know.

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I do it all the time, one of the perks of being on a motorcycle, once you get used to it its no big deal. I went to the Peterson automotive museum in LA on 9/3 decided to take Pacific Coast hwy back north to Ojai. I hit PCH at Sunset blvd it was a parking lot all the way to Pt Dume about 10 or more miles. If I couldn't lane split I would still be sitting in traffic. I once followed a Gold Wing lane splitting, I was on my ST1300 I couldn't keep up with him.
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Originally Posted by Storm Girl
He had to lay the bike down.
The actual meaning of that sentence is, " He locked up a wheel during a panic stop and dropped his bike." Practice emergency braking everybody.

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The main reason I bought a bike it because of lane sharing and the carpool lane. I ride 120 miles round trip to work 5 days a week. Living in southern california lane splitting is a blessing. I take the 15S-91W-55S-405N. I can carpool/toll road or lane split most of the way. Most days i end up following a group of other bikes. 1-2 times a week i end up following a motorcycle cop. In both cases (especially following CHP) it makes it a nice smooth ride. If i could not lane split I would drive a car and my 1 hour commute would be around 2 hours.
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I lane split every day on my commute on Hwy 94 San Diego. All statistics, unfortunately I don't have them say splitting lanes is safer than sitting in stop and go traffic. The chances are way higher that you will be rear ended than cut off. If done properly and at the right times and speeds it is a safe way of riding.

I will lane split at any speed as long as I feel it is safe, or putting me in a safer spot. If I am following a clump of traffic at 60-65 and see open hwy ahead, I will split to get out of the clump and on to the open road, where there is less chance of any one hitting me from any direction.

I do agree that it takes a certain kind of mind set and rider confidence. I have friends that have been riding for 15-20 years that do not feel comfortable splitting in traffic unless its stopped. And sometimes even then they don't feel comfortable.

One rule of thumb I use is not to split if the car has a space to get in to on the other lane. I only split when cars are side to side and wait for that moment. If there is a spot on the lane your chances that a car will take it are high, so let them and split right after they do.

In my 20 years of riding Kalifornia, I have had almost none lane splitting incidents, compared to 1 rear end, 1 dog, and multiple cars pulling in front of me or turning in front of me.
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Originally Posted by greywolf
Originally Posted by Storm Girl
He had to lay the bike down.
The actual meaning of that sentence is, " He locked up a wheel during a panic stop and dropped his bike." Practice emergency braking everybody.
True. I think David Hough talked about that in Proficient Motorcycling. There is no such thing as "having to lay the bike down to avoid a crash". That IS a crash.

- Gary

Be Ashamed to Die Until You Have Won Some Victory for Humanity. ~Horace Mann

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Everday,I commute on highway 101 round trip 60 miles.I dont like lane splitting,i am not very good at it either,but sometimes when traffic stops.i do it .I see some bikers reach more than 50mph between stopped cars.

2006 Red V-Strom 650
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