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How do you ditch your riding group?

Honestly i always put myself into trouble.Comfort of an airconditioned cage was unbearable for me.
So,my red hot V-strom got into my life.I call it my first "real bike"
last three months i was doing o.k.i was happy with my bike and the freedom came with it.I dont care parking problem,i dont care traffic jams,i dont care people who needs rides but somehow i only have one helmet so they need to cab.
My story starts with a "biker" conversation."We got to ride together"
Everbody agree,i am little nervous.i feel like little gold fish planning to swim with sharks.
My buddies :
Mr.X:He is on a ZX12.totally rebuild a few months ago.because of an accident kept him in hospital for a month.He has been riding for more than 10 years.His resume is full of supersports no dual sport or enduro.He promises ,he will be slow.Forget to tell ,likes to show off.
Mr.Y: On a R1200gs.He is also a veteran of accidents.His resume is full of dual sports.He also promises he is going to ride with me.
Mr.Z: Vtx1800.Hells angel wannabe,He believes open face helmets provide enough protection and his bike is a fast as zx12

Of course me:i am on my Dl650.i only have 2000 miles on it.Still getting used to bike.Practicing panic stops.Hoping to see my grandchildren.(age 32)

We supposed to meet at 9 am at work.They are all my coworkers.Mr.Y and i meet at 8:40 and start to ride to work.We arrived the work at 9am but neither Mr.Z and Mr.X were there.
Started waiting group ready to go at 9:50.We are late but happy.At 10am were are in Cycle Gear in San Francisco.One of them needs to get new riding shoes ! while waiting outside sun starting to cook me in my riding jacket.Why i feel like i took my mom to the mall?
Others also looking for stuff like anti monkey butt powder
10:30 ready again,Vtx guy left his leather saddle bags at home so, he is begging GS guy to put his old shoes into GS` saddle bags.
I thought we were going to start riding...
Gas stop...Even i have full tank of gas...
VTX didnt get any "He didnt like to price"he decided to go to ARCO station a few blocks away.
He got lost.We waited,waited.He showed up with a happy smile.Of course life is good.
Our direction was highway 280 ,highway 92, skyline boulevard.
after 20minutes, we were riding 80mph on 280.
80mph... 85mph... 90mph... i was thinking,i could not be true,i should ride 90mph.maybe my speedo is wrong,They should ride 90mph.I saw Mr.X and Mr.Y a few miles front of me.GS is trying to keep up with them also dont want to leave me behind.
Finally we reached to 92,it is weekend so full of cages.Traffic moves very slowly.My friends were abusing lane splitting right of motorcycles.WHY WE ARE IN HURRY?
After a few close call,i gave up.Started ride with traffic,stayed in my lane.
after a few miles.i saw them waiting for me.Laughing,Sure ,he is a noob.
we are together again but all the fun is gone.We are speeding on skyline boulevard,Everybody trying to show how fast they can enter a curve.I am a fool,still trying to keep up with them.
full throttle,aproach wide,enter the curve .i was too refuse to turn at that speed.This one will be wide one....
Pair of headlights front of me,horn.

I am on opposite directions lane.Cage stopped,i braked.Very very close call.I am shivering...
I gave up..Ijust want to abandon the bike and walk to home.
How did i let myself to do such mistake?
I stopped,took of helmet,washed my face.
I Turned back.
I am going home,thats enough
15 minuted later,i felt my cell phone was vibrating in my pocket.i stopped and call them back.
"I am ok,i need to go home for my alz-heimer patient land-lord"
it is more fun than riding with some jack-asses.

2006 Red V-Strom 650
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Those guys are idiots....they're an accident waiting to happen.
Do your own thing, ride on your own where you want, when you want, and how you want.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because somebody has a bike that they're some sort of kindred spirit....cos they're not.
You will run across like minded people on your solo travels, but staying with those guys will keep all the sensible people away so you've got no chance of getting good riding buddies.
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post #3 of 27 Old 08-23-2006, 03:25 AM
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Mate, I know how you feel and I agree with what Pete said...

Its Your bike, you ride it the way YOU want.

I like group rides, but my most favorite thing to do is ride by myself.

I stop where and when I want.

I go at my pace.

I enjoy it.....

Take it easy mate, know your limits and those of your bike, when I got my first Real Bike A GR650 I was the limiting factor, after six months it was the bike...

But MOST important of all enjoy yourself because there's no other reason in the world to ride a bike..

Later Mate

QLD Australia
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post #4 of 27 Old 08-23-2006, 05:11 AM
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If they continue to ride like that, sooner or later, someone will get hurt or worse. Make sure that is isn't you. Forget those knuckle-heads.

Moe said, "Are you sure it's okay to fish there?" And Curly said, "Sure, there's a sign that says Fine for Fishing."
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post #5 of 27 Old 08-23-2006, 06:14 AM
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Ride at your OWN pace and never yield to peer pressure. If the group is going faster than you feel comfortable with then slow down. They will either wait for you to catch up at some point down the road or they won't. Regardless, you are the one riding your bike so don't allow someone else to put you into a position you don't feel comfortable in.

I'm still very much a noob to. I understand the pressure to try and keep up with experienced riders, but I will not do it. I just tell them that I know where we are going and I'll catch up somewhere along the road. I won't allow that mental pressure to put me into a situation that I don't want to be in, it's too dangerous.

Experience isn't something you can buy. It doesn't come in a can or off a shelf. You have to develop it at your own pace. Stay within your limits.

I'd also like to add that they guys I have ridden with were very good about allowing me to catch up. Each time they would be faithfully waiting at an intersection or something obvious where I could easily find them. No teasing me about my lack of experience, just an understanding on everyone's part. They could ride at their pace, I could ride at mine, and everyone knew we'd meet up at some point.

Scott Craig - Nashville, TN
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I totally agree with all of the above comments.

Do not feel or get pressurised into riding beyond your capabilities, if others decide to prat around, leave them too it and arrive safely!

Group riding can be a very daunting experience no matter what size the group is.

Organisers of group ride outs have a responsibility to ascertain the abilities of all involved and to adapt the ride style to suit.

If your so called mates continue to ride the way you describe - find some new ones :wink:

90 degrees between the knees

Saddlesore Strommer
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Hey man,

As an 18 year rider, and an organizer of many group rides, I can see that those guys are NOT who you want to ride with.

I too have co-workers who ride like idiots. They always want to go for a ride but I keep telling them no. I don't give them a reason, I just say that I prefer to ride by myself.

Anyone who likes to "show off" on a ZX12, especially after having crashed several times, is an idiot. These kinds of riders give us ALL a bad reputation.

When group riding, the least experienced should ALWAYS be in front. The sweeper at the back is the most experienced and the pace is always set by the front guy.

My advice? Just say No.


Never Argue with an idiot, first he'll bring you down to his level, then he'll beat you with experience...

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I agree with SCraig 100%. Ride your PACE. Enjoying riding on 2 wheels is what we live for, not die for. I also have friends like that, yes I still call them friends. If they ride to fast for me, I JUST RIDE MY pace. I am far from a "OLD SLOW RIDER" but I enjoy my Yellowstrom and ride where I feel I am in control.

"Enjoy life now, tomorrow may be to late"

2007 DRZ400
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Me too..

I've had a few similar experiences. While I do ride with a small group on occasion I'd much prefer to ride alone; I like to ride to a destination, meet and visit with other rider friends at a good BBQ joint, then ride away alone. Good fellowship, and the only rider I have to worry about is me. :wink:

jack <><
'07 DL650, "which may just be the most shockingly competent machine in the world today"--Cycle World
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The easiest way is to just say no...and I agree with the others.

The GS guy showed promise by wanting to wait back for you...maybe he's better when not infected with the groupthink of the others. At least you can use him to find good places to ride on your own.

Good luck.

05 DL650 - blue
03 YZF-R1 - silver
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