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View Poll Results: Have you ever fell/gotten into an accident with your bike?
yes, however i ride safely 52 44.07%
yes, however im a daredevil 3 2.54%
no, and i ride safely and will continue to do so 54 45.76%
no, and i'm a thrillseeker and a daredevil. 9 7.63%
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post #1 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 03:44 PM
The Blue Pilot
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Be honest, Strom riders....

Lets be honest...i'm looking towards a bike, just for weekend cruising, mainly mostly towards times with the least amount of traffic on the road, however living in a city this makes me wonder if I really should.

How many of you guys have ever had an experience where due to another car or animal or pedestrian whatever you have fallen off your bike? And for those of you who had, please be honest, how often do you ride? And where do you live, city or somewhere more isolated?

And also, are you people daredevils of any sort? (riding to impress others, riding in between cars, riding during traffic hours to save time, etc)

I really really really want to ride, however lately all i'm reading about is people falling and bikes getting totaled. I know that driving has gotten really bad lately, however, has it come to this?
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post #2 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 03:53 PM
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Regardless of your riding style, there is always a risk on getting into an accident. As a first-time rider, I'm cautious but the confidence grows to being more bold every ride (am now playing around with lifting the front wheel and tighter, slow speed turns).

Arm yourself as much as possible (take the course), wear protective gear, and be alert and this will help minimize the risk.

For me, if I don't feel 100% (too tired, ailment, mood) or bad weather is nigh or on the way, I take the car.

Blue DL650K5
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post #3 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 04:05 PM
The Blue Pilot
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Originally Posted by lajaro
Regardless of your riding style, there is always a risk on getting into an accident. As a first-time rider, I'm cautious but the confidence grows to being more bold every ride (am now playing around with lifting the front wheel and tighter, slow speed turns).

Arm yourself as much as possible (take the course), wear protective gear, and be alert and this will help minimize the risk.

For me, if I don't feel 100% (too tired, ailment, mood) or bad weather is nigh or on the way, I take the car.
I'm pretty much at the same level of mentality that you're at, i've taken the course, however planning to take it again, and i'm going to invest in a good amount of protective gear. I'm just trying to get some statistics as to how people are doing with bikes. Honestly, I wish that there were certain days and certain times where no cars could be allowed on the road (not saying that other motorists arent dangerous, but lets compare apples to apples, right?)
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In answer to your question a resounding Yes! I was taken down by a Racoon in '83. not the most pleasant feeling , was slowpoking on a back road in Vt, and it came streaking out of nowhere ( actually it was a cornfield)
I never had a chance to swerve or brake.I went down and tore up my gloves,jacket, pants & helmet. But I got up and after assesing that my front forks were folded back I decided towalk the rest of the 4 miles home. Due to pressure from the new Wife I had the bike fixed & sold it . I returned to motorcycling in 2000. I have logged over 40,000 miles since 2000 and I currently have 5700 miles on my '05 1k . I RIDE EVERYDAY & I RIDE SAFE,
It's currently in a Tropical Heat wave here in the North East. 97 degrees this afternoon :shock: , I donned the J.R Meteor jacket & My overpants today as I do everyday ATGATT:!: This is a rule I live By.

2014 V2 DL 1000 25 miles and Onward
IF I only Rode in Good weather..
I WOULDN'T get to Ride in ALL!
we have 2 types of roads in Vermont, Unpaved roads and decaying back to .............Unpaved roads..

2005 DL1000 98,547 miles and continuing in the hands of it's new owner
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post #5 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 04:11 PM
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I've gone down 3 times on the street and twice on the track. First time on the track was my fault (pushing waaaay too hard on cooked tires). Second time on the track was not, a guy had target fixation and went right into me.
My first accident on the street, a woman ran a stop sign and i was nailed (luckily in front of a motor cop!) and I was banged up but not too bad. Second time on the street i was filling my bike up at the pumps and a genius on his cellphone dropped his large SUV into reverse instead of drive and pinned my hand between his tail light and the brake lever so i was stuck, plus broke the fairings on my bike, which was then totalled. Third time i was making a right and the stereotypical geriatric driver with coke bottle glasses rear ended me because they couldn't see me.
I've been blessed, i've been ATGATT since day one and continue to do so. I wear an Olympia AST jacket in slime-lime hi viz yellow along with modulating lights and tons of reflective tape. I know I take my chances but at the end of the day, the freedom and neurosynaptic pleasure of riding are worth the inherent risk. Ride. Just Ride.

'08 Yellow DL650
'06 Red DL650 with some goodies
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post #6 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 04:22 PM
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Riding a moorcycle is always going to be a little risky. However, I think most experienced riders would agree that most accidents (probably >95 %) could have been avoided. This doesn't mean they were the rider's fault, but they could have been avoided had the rider been more aware of their surroundings. I live in a city and commute daily to work. I have been riding street bikes for 14 years and have never crashed, tipped over, or otherwise hurt myself or the bike. (I learned to ride on dirtbikes, so the newbie mistakes had been made off the road.) There have certainly been some close calls, but no actual accidents. I attribute this streak of good fortune to experience and following a few simple rules:

1. Never take your bike somewhere in traffic that a car couldn't go. CA riders will disagree, but if a cager doesn't expect a vehicle (car) to be somewhere, they definitely won't be looking for a motorcycle.

2. Always leave plenty of room in front of you to allow the car behind you to get stopped safely. Increased following distances are to keep you from getting rear ended, not just to save you from rear ending the car in front of you.

3. Never assume that a driver sees you, or acknowleges your right of way. Bottom line...bigger vehicle has the right of way. Until you see a car stop, or acknowledge you in some definitive way, don't pull in front of them.

4. Constantly evaluate your surroundings. Make sure you know where all the cars are around you, and even who is driving them. A lot of times you can look and see by the person's demeanor if they are likely to try some aggressive maneuver in front of you.

Other than that. Just have fun and enjoy the fresh air. Motorcycling is worth the risks associated with it!
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post #7 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 04:24 PM
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I reckon I fell off about 15 times between 71-73....on one occasion I fell off at the same roundabout twice in 30 seconds! On the way in, got back on, and then fell off again on the way out. :lol:
Another one was going headfirst through the window of an Indian restaurant and ending up spreadeagled across a dining table covered in curry! :lol:
On all those occasions it was my fault for being stupid, but on each occasion I got up and walked away with a few scratches.
So I wised up a lot.....the wake up call was when a very good friend got beheaded riding in front of me. That stays with you forever.

The next dismount was Feb 1978 when I had a tank slapper at 110 on a GT750 Suzuki. No warning, it just happened.....but there was a degree of cuplability on me because I knew it was a bit unstable, yet I still pushed it.
I got up and walked away with just scratches....and realised how lucky I'd been over the years.
My eldest son was only 6 weeks old at the time, and his life would have been very different if I hadn't been there for him.
So I really wised up and fully matured then.

Since Feb 1978.....nothing! Except offroad....but that doesn't count cos it's compulsory.

So yes, I have fallen off....a lot! But in a different time when I was a different person.
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I hit a patch of black ice and laid it down doing ~20 mph. I consider myself a very safe rider, but stuff happens sometimes!

Wish You Were Here...
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post #9 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 05:18 PM
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I took the conservative approach when returning to riding after many years away:

-Read "Proficient Motorcycling" and other riding books
-Bought 'Ride Like a Pro" DVD's
-Took the MSF course
-Bought a 650 instead of the 1000 that a buddy suggested
-Kept the ATGATT policy. Full face helmet, jacket (bright yellow), pants, boots, gloves. EVERY ride
-Practiced in my neighborhood, then
-Practiced riding secondary roads to a parking lot, where I
-Practiced the MSF and RLAP maneuvers (frequently)
-Practiced emergency stops from higher speeds on deserted roads, before I
-Practiced short rides on the slab
-Rode conservatively.

After all that, I encountered a left-turning cage, in the rain. Went down, totaled bike, damaged me (hopefully nothing permanent). No matter how you play it, things can happen. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. You can tilt the odds in your favor by wearing a helmet and not drinking, as well as other stuff (see above). Ultimately, we each have to decide whether it is worth the risk not only to ourselves, but to those who care about us and/or depend on us.


Former DL650K6 rider
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post #10 of 43 Old 08-02-2006, 06:43 PM
I rock at logic
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A black cat came out of cornfield and took me down at 55 mph in '85. I high-sided without a helmet on
(I was stupid back then). For some reason I kept my chin tucked into my chest
as the back of my shoulders hit the pavement. My head never touched the ground.
The rest of my body suffered road rash, but no broken bones.

The scariest part was that I had "hard" contacts in that day, and when
I hit the ground I must have squeezed my eyes shut incredibly tight, causing
the contacts to slice into my corneas. It wasn't until I had been home
from the hospital for several hours that I lost my site. Scariest damn thing.
All I could see was white. I spend a week with patches over both eyes. I was very relieved when
I took them off and I could see again.

I was told that the damn cat eventually stood up and walked away.

2006 DL650

"We've done four already, but now we're steady and then they went one, two, three, four..."

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