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post #1 of 8 Old 07-15-2006, 11:14 PM Thread Starter
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DL1000 K6 - battery dead?

Hi Guys

It's me again.

Had my bike for about 3 weeks now, and put in just over 1000km.
Rode it Tuesday night, and then didn';t ride it Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Saturday evening I try to start the bike and the pumps start up, but the engine won't burst to life.
After a few attempts, the pumps wouldn't even start. Appears like a dead battery.

Today I tried to jump start it using my neighbour's bike (12V 8ah battery)
V-stroms use 12v 12aH battries I believe.

The pumps start up normally, but again the engine will not burst to life.
Sometimes you can hear the engine attempt to start up (that mechanical whirring noise), other times it doesn't.
After each attempt, a tick tick tick noise can be heard from the back-end of the mess of thingys under the seat. This lasts for about 2 seconds, then it all goes quiet again.

Any ideas please?

1) Could it be to do with my neighbour's bike having a smaller battery?
2) It surely is not normal for a new bike's battery to drain out over just 3.5 days. (no, I didn't accidentally leave the park lights on - am anal about checking that)
3) How many kilometres do I have to travel before a new battery is fully charged? Is 1000km enough?

Thanks for your feedback as always.
Sorry I am not technical enough to provide clearer details, but am happy to give more descriptions if you can help by asking me the right questions

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post #2 of 8 Old 07-16-2006, 12:13 AM
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bike won't start


I had the same problem on my brand new 650. I brought it home on Monday (on a trailer) and only ran it around the block and parked it in the garage. On Tuesday evening, I got it out for the first ride, and it wouldn't start. My fuel pump turned on at first, then it wouldnít again, nor would the gauges go through their diagnostic routine. Dead battery.

That clicking sound you're hearing the starter solenoid. Mine made the same noise. I called my dealership, but they were already closed. I called the local bike mechanic in town, and he told me to jump my bike with my car, but donít start the car. Just hook up the cables and wait for one minute, then try to start the bike. I did that and she started right up. I havenít had a problem since, but Iím going to bring it to the dealer and let them test the battery and make sure itís OK. If not, they have agreed to replace it.

Good luck!

2006 V-Strom 650 (red)
2006 WR250F
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post #3 of 8 Old 07-16-2006, 07:36 AM Thread Starter
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried what you mentioned but no success.
Have tried jump starting with neighbour's bike and car (which both start up easily, so reckon his batteries are fine)

What I did notice was that the clock had reset itself to 1AM when I tried to jump start my bike this morning.
When I went to try jumping it again just a few moments ago, the clock was showing 8AM, suggesting the clock at least was working.

Attempts to jump the bike reset the clock to 1AM each time.

I guess no choice but to get the tow truck in, and haul the bike to the dealership for them to take a look.

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post #4 of 8 Old 07-17-2006, 07:21 AM Thread Starter
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Got my bike towed back to the dealership today.
They are now saying that it is a bad alternator, which they will get replaced under the Suzuki warranty.

They were not able to commit to a delivery date, but indicated it should not be a long wait.

Will let guys know the final outcome.

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post #5 of 8 Old 07-18-2006, 09:40 AM Thread Starter
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Got my bike back from the dealership today.
Seems to be working fine.

Dealer said that the charger coil was somehow low on some black greasy stuff (he was not very clear in his explanation and I am far from being technically inclinded)
Apparently that resulted in the failure to charge the battery.

He advises to monitor the situation and if it happens again, he will replace the whole charger thingy.

I am dubious about his explanation, but reckon if it works, then well, fine.

But would appreciate you guys giving me the heads up if I am being fubbed over big time....

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post #6 of 8 Old 07-18-2006, 10:33 AM
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H'mmmm . . . . "low on black greasy stuff" ? ? ? ?

Let's be honest here - either the charging system is or is not charging. It is something that can be measured. That is 1. if the dealer's shop has a DVM and 2 knows how to use one!

I think it was a case of "take the bike, look it over for obvious faults and return it to the customer with a bit of double-talk thrown in for good measure."

You might want to ask him how much the charging system is putting out at 4000 rpm. There is a spec for that!
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post #7 of 8 Old 07-25-2006, 10:50 AM Thread Starter
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Hi Guys

Not surprisingly, my battery was dead again on Sunday 23Jul after 4 days without being started up.

I too like fl-strom, was not very convinced with the first round of rectification work by the dealership.

Got the bike towed to the dealer again today, and went down with the tow truck to express frustration to the boss directly.

The upshot of this is they replaced my coil and rectifier with a brand new one.
They however claimed that the battery itself was still ok to be used after charging it up.

So now I plan to ride the bike for a few days, and then leave it for another 4 day break and see if I need to express my unhappiness in stronger terms to the boss again.

Hopefully not.
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post #8 of 8 Old 08-23-2006, 01:39 AM Thread Starter
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Hi Guys

ok, just for closure :

The battery was flat again after I left the bike standing for 5 days, despite the new rectifier and coil.

Towed bike back to dealership again, and expressed frustration in strongest possible terms.

Got the chief mechanic to check every single wire and connection, while forcing the boss to stand by my side and observe.

Chief mechanic finally found that the wire for the stebel horn was connected to the wrong socket in the relay.
As such, it was draining the battery even though the ignition was off.

I observed that when he touched the horn wire to the positive terminal of the battery, it sparked.
Other wires touched to the positive terminal of the battery did not.

Rode the bike a couple of days, and then left it standing for another 5 days.

This time thankfully it started up without any hesitations at all after the 5 day break.

Seems like the problem is exorcised.

So I lost a lot of time on this problem.
And the dealership lost money on the towing (3 rounds), and replacement rectifier and coil

I hope the mechanic that did the horn wiring (changed at the same dealership) loses his job!

Hopefully no one else has to go through this frustration, but if you do experience this sort of thing, you now know of another possible cause to check

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