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truax 05-15-2010 02:00 PM

2 Wolfman Mods
Here are two Wolfman Mods that might be helpful to the collective. One is using the Raninier Tank Bag (but this could work on number of bags... even ones other than the Wolfman's) and the second is on the Wolfman Fender Bag (again others make fender bags).

With the Rainier Tank bag
I made a custom camera case, with the tool bags I made mini tank panniers.

I used foam camping pad ($9) that I bought at Walmart. After much research I found that the blue foam sleeping pad uses the exact same material as internal padding in many camera bags. I cut a sandwich of four pad slices glued them together with (contact cement-- which is the correct adhesive. Other glues like super glue, and gorrila glue, etc., will not work).

I then cut out holes for my lens and camera.

I also cut slices to pad all the sides and tops of the bag. I was as if the Wolfman Rainer was designed with this in mind. There are actual internal sleeves/pockets that hold the padding perfectly.

Here is my fender bag modified to attach to my crash bars. The modified straps wrap around the two horizontal bars-- this bag is not going anywhere. My socket set, screw driver and wrenches easily fit into two bags. Since that accounts for a lot of my touring weight, it is nice to move that weight up front and low. It is also very accessible.

Explanation continued in next post:

truax 05-15-2010 02:01 PM

Mod to fender tool bag.

Notice the two metal clips used to hold the bag to the fender. These are replaced with quick release clips. I got my clips at Walmart.

I bought four straps with the quick release clips ($1.47 each) and just used the buckles which are are a perfect fit.

I hope this helps. BTW: I am not affiliated at all with Wolfman bags, but I am impressed with the quality and the construction.

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