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Bike-scooter collision

About 4-5 weeks ago, in the Marion VA area, a Honda Goldwing, operated by a ~70 YO male, crossed the center line and struck a small scooter head on. The Goldwing ran off the road and crashed after the collision.

A ~70 YO female passenger on the Goldwing died of her injuries later that day. The man was fairly badly injured, but will, I suppose, survive.

Initially it was reported that the injuries of the scooter operator were non life-threatening, but, sadly, he too has now passed. He was in his mid 40s, I think. He was a really well-known young man.

The incident happened, if memory serves, in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day. Dry roads, etc. I know the general area where the wreck happened. It's a primary, 2-lane (one each way) highway, but not really heavily used. One vehicle (the scooter) just in the wrong place at the wrong time, I suppose. A heck of a coincidence, I think.

Please be careful and watchful out there.
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I'm of the 70 yr olds and really feel that physicals, like those given pilots, should be mandatory for operating a vehicle. Too many old farts are just a rolling hazard.
You don't often see a situation where some 40 year old has mistaken the accelerator for a brake and broken through a store front.
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OMG. My mother should not be driving a car at 86 IMO but keeps passing the tests. At least she lives rural and sticks to the immediate area with little traffic. On a motorcycle I agree with the physical except that won't happen in America IMO unless some states implement it but freedoms always comes with a cost.

I am a pilot and they just went the other direction maybe a decade ago. With a Sport Pilot license you can fly based on having a driver's license alone - no medical required and even to carry one passenger and only during the day. Also, my pilot's license never expires and no new tests are required. All I need are three take-offs and landings every 90 days to fly a passenger. It's easier than a car for Sport Pilot.

Sport Pilot grants you to fly one passenger in a Light Sport airplane which is limited to certain restrictions like 138 mph maximum speed and you can't get paid for it. You must also have a bi-annual flight review but you can't fail that. It is just for recommendations.

Now private or commercial is quite a bit different. My private reverts to sport pilot if I don't get the medical but have a driver's license automatically. I see some REALLY old guys flying solo. A few die flying each year and then crash. In an ultralight you don't need any license. Just have fun and don't fly over populated areas like a town.

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Good to hear from a pilot on the current requirements. Airplanes and Boats and basically any vehicle really need to be monitored mo bettah for the safety of the general public.
Harrison Ford comes to mind with the airplanes. Several mishaps in his advancing years but who wants to 'f' with an icon that is rich? Can't fly worth a crap anymore but hey, he's famous. Right?
My wife is in the throes of dementia at 77 yr old and thank goodness she doesn't want to drive.
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In this state of Oz, annual medicals are required from age 75.
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post #6 of 24 Old 11-03-2017, 11:35 AM
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Problem is

Only the rich old fogies can afford to fly. You ground all the suspect pilots, and the industry would collapse.
Fortunately, the amount of damage you can do with a light plane or LSA plane is pretty minimal, and no more than you can do with a truck, for example. And the hobby does tend to Darwin out the incompetents, usually in a blank mountain range or open field. Ground casualties are more the exception than the rule, though they tend to get the publicity. Flying is not kind to the stupid or careless.

Locally, with virtually no limits on how old you can drive, we see plenty of 'unintended acceleration' and 'loss of control' accidents with elderly drivers, although they are more than balanced by the young careless, distracted, under-the-influence drivers.

Was keeping track the other day as I traveled on the Interstate, and there was rarely a sixty-second period when I didn't see a case of really bad driving, wandering between lanes, excessive speed, un-signalled lane changes, tailgating, crossing multiple lanes to exit, passing on the right, failure to yield, etc. And the vast majority were young drivers.

One well-publicized 'accident' recently on a city street had a young driver turning right from TWO lanes to the left into a mall, while a wildly speeding young driver in the right hand lane failed to avoid him, causing the collision. The speeding driver failed to brake after the collision, traveling a couple hundred feet additional into oncoming traffic, fortunately without incident. Both drivers claimed that a recently decommissioned stop light at the intersection was to blame, though both were traveling in the same direction and would have been unaffected.

We really, really need to see stepped-up traffic enforcement, or the bodies are going to start piling up.

If any of you have the misfortune to be traveling through, understand that drivers here SUCK. And act accordingly.
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post #7 of 24 Old 11-03-2017, 06:09 PM
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Agree on the physical exams for those over 70, but it will NEVER happen. The AARP crowd would fight that tooth and nail. Age discrimination they'll say.

Take a look at those driving Class A diesel pusher RVs. I've seen dusty old guys carrying oxygen bottles climb out of the driver's seat after they're parked. Effin scary!!! They drive 20+ tons of vehicle down the highway at 80 mph, yet can barely walk without assistance.
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post #8 of 24 Old 11-03-2017, 07:23 PM
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We can all bemoan stricter testing for the elderly and neutering of the young.

BUT, we can save lives easily with one action. Immediately enact laws to force the cellular companies to deactivate sending or receiving of any calls or texts, while a vehicle is moving. Enforcement will not stop people from calling/texting, ONLY disabling the devices will.
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"If its not broke yet, it can still be fixed"
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I am 71 but agree with the test. IMO the cell half way up the ear while making a left turn from a light or stop sign and the look and text is killing more people than DUI. My late dad was a really good driver till 88 and had a few small strokes.I felt so bad as I lied to him and told him the Doctor was taking his lic. He told me to take his keys but would have to be court if he did it. He just gave me his car that I still have and gave the wife. A 05 Cobalt he got new that just has 70,000 now. Dad passed at 89 in 011. I never drive four wheel things much as motorcycles have been my main means of travel since 1973.The wife drives very little.
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Originally Posted by STCorndog View Post
BUT, we can save lives easily with one action. Immediately enact laws to force the cellular companies to deactivate sending or receiving of any calls or texts, while a vehicle is moving. Enforcement will not stop people from calling/texting, ONLY disabling the devices will.
While I agree with the sentiment - passengers cannot then use their phones? How to systematically determine if the owner is driving? I use my phone as a GPS and sometimes use it to track/share my location on long rides (makes the wife much happier to see me continuing down the road ) so that's out too?

Then 20 seconds later an app will appear to disable the disable...

Enforcement officers don't stop people holding a phone or texting because it's sooooo much easier (and more profitable) to sit on ones bottom and take photos of vehicles travelling 10km/h over some arbitrary speed limit...
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