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Wee v. SV

I am looking at getting a bike for commute around town and the occasional, most likely a day a year, long trip. Yes, I know this is not a long trip, but with 4 kids from 3 - 14, this is all my wife will let me out and get away with.

I was originally looking at the new KLR, but I am not sure that I can take the lack of power. I have always liked the SV650, and really like the new faired version. I looked at the DLs when they first came out and really like them as well. I was noticing in some photos, they look just like a 1980s Yamaha Seca Turbo with a bit different front end.
I think it is just the far forward fairing that gives the side profile that look.

In any case, I am old enough to know better, 6' and 230lbs. Realistically, this will be a commute bike to and from work with a bit of highway but mostly city driving. Will it ever go on dirt? Maybe at best a dirt road. Has anyone had both the SV and the DL? Any advice?
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The SVS has a more sporting riding position with clip-ons and higher footpegs. Have you sat on one? The DL has, of course, standard bars with lower footpegs. Have you sat on one?

They're both great bikes and you can't go wrong with either. They're tons of aftermarket stuff for both. If you plan on doing longer rides and commuting, the DL is the way to go. If you plan on spending the majority of time commuting and maybe carving corners, the SV is the one.

I've had both except that my SV was the standard one. I rode it to Knoxville on a week-long trip and it was rather painful after 300+ miles. However, when the road got twisty it was an absolute blast. I actually wish I still had it.

On the DL, you can do 500 mile days with no problem. It will still handle well in the twisty stuff but not as good as the SV. I'd go sit on both and see which one you're more comfortable on.

Also, if you plan on riding two-up, the DL wins.

And, I'm not going to comment about your comparison of the DL to the Seca.

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They are both great bikes, i have both, but from a commuting standpoint, the Wee is the way to go, better mileage, more comfort and less wind

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I had a standard 02 SV and really liked the bike,the advantages IMO are the SV has a little more power,especially in the upper RPM's nothing crazy but it's their.
The lighter weight of the SV makes the bike more flickable and easier to ride in the curves and a hell of a lot of fun,I also do miss the bike for that reason,I'm able to ride the DL just as rapidly through the curves it just takes a little more effort.

The reason I went with the DL-650 was comfort,the SV's suspension in stock form is a little bit harsh and tiresome on longer trips(100+ miles)and the lack of wind protection adds to that,I did add a small screen to the SV which helped but it is still a long shot in what the DL provides in that department.

So if you're looking for comfort,better wind protection,a softer more compliant suspension,larger fuel capacity then look no further, get yourself a DL,I've had both and for me the DL just offers more versatility,good luck.

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as already suggested... sit on them both and the nekid SV too

ergonomicly, the SV is perfect for me, I still have to do some modifications to make the DL as comfotable as the SV.... butt, everybody's differnt, I put 135k on stock seat and suspension, several 1000+mile days, never had any complaints

as an all around capable of anything, but master at nothing, the nekid SV has it all over the DL, don't get me wrong, the DL is also an excellent choice in all around bike, but it's not as versitile as the SV,

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I'm making the transition

I've been riding naked SVs since 2001, both commuting (40 mile each way) and some 2-up touring.

The SVS definitely has a more aggressive (read uncomfortable for more than two hours) riding position than the SV. As a sportbike, they're cool, but far less versatile than the naked.

For urban riding, the SV has to be one of the best multicylinders out there.

If you're 6', the SV may be a bit cramped. I'm 5'8" and I can flatfoot it with bent knees, while my heels don't touch the ground with the DL.

The naked SV and the DL are both good 'compromise' bikes- jacks of all trades but masters of none. Either should make you happy for your intended use.
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sv vs dl

I've had both. Love the SV's handling but it was a bit cramped for me. I did a few 300 mile days on it but they were painful. So, I sold it and bought the DL. More or less the same fun motor but a lot more comfortable. Firmer forks and a fork brace help the DL but it's so tall it won't flick like the SV. Great compromise for me though.

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I have a 2001 SV650S and I was actually looking at getting a V Strom. I love my SV but the only things wrong with it are a. I think it is a few horsepower shy of satisfying, b. it is uncomfortable for sure when riding on long rides, and finally c. I dont like the lack of power while riding long distance two up, I want to have plenty of power to spare and not be in high rpms (6-7k) at higher speeds (80-90+ mph) So I was actually looking for some feedback myself. I am a tourer and I like taking my girlfriend on rides with me, I was actually looking at getting an SV1000 but now I find myself falling for the ugly brute look of the VStroms giant gas tank. And with that nice cushy seat it looks to be like a perfect sport touring bike that can handle dirt as well. Give me your input please! Thanks, Brandon
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Like was mentioned, SVSF has narrower lower clipons. I almost got one as well, and rode around on an older used half-faired S for comparison (same thing though).

The Wee will give you awesome fuel economy (dunno if its those dual-sparkplugs heads or what), very comfortable ergonomics, and big compliant suspension that doesn't care how well the roads are maintained (or light-medium offroad for that matter), a 300 mile cruising range, amazing headlights if you ride at night, good aftermarket, and it takes really well to "get'n'r dun" and doesn't look goofy with a top case hanging way off the back of the bike 2-miles in the air. With a bash plate and crashbars it just looks really rugged too.

It won't be as flickable though, feels top-heavy at low speed, its a little heavier, and you'll get a lot more dive from that soft front suspension.

BTW, I was considering not only the Wee vs the SV, but also Kawasakis offerings... the Versys vs the Ninja.

The Versys is even TALLER than the Wee (at least it felt so to me), but its a overall direct competitor. Reviewers say it doesn't do as well in offroad, but its the slightly quicker bike on the street. It has a 17" wheel up front w/ means more aggressive on-road only tire options. Headlights aren't as good, looks kinda goofy w/ a rack and has a rather slender tail though, and only comes in red so far. The Ninja 650R compares the opposite way to the SV. It again is a direct competitor to the SV650, and actually is slightly more fuel economic, much much more upright, with a softer suspension.

Both worth a look at though, if nothing more than just feeling that much more confident in your decision when you do get a Wee. Everyone has different needs though, and there are lots of awesome bikes out there.
Originally Posted by NoahDL88 View Post
They are both great bikes, i have both, but from a commuting standpoint, the Wee is the way to go, better mileage, more comfort and less wind
With a madstad or aftermarket shield less wind... otherwise you get blown all over the place in the turbulence! Stock is kinda sucky IMO.

BShelton, have you considered a sport-tourer as something to look at as well? If you're 100% onroad and you have a healthy budget to work with, for two up touring where you can still take the bags off and have some fun I'd look at the new Concours 14 from Kawasaki.

Don't worry, you can replace that horrific looking bazooka exhaust with a lightweight aftermarket slipon:

A 2002+ used VFR Interceptor would work as well. I wouldn't get a new one though, as depreciation would be big since I believe next year they are totally revamping it.
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I had an '03 SV naked, and have an '07 Strom 650.

The SV was (is) a sweet bike.

I would say this, though, the SV has a hooligan nature to it that made me ride it at pretty much maximum everywhere I went. That translated to poor fuel economy, stupid risk taking, and a lot of traffic stops. Go figure.

One negative about the SV not mentioned is the fuel range - I was getting 130 miles a tank; I nearly double that with the Strom.

For the rider I am today (a bit more sedate, longer trips, 2-up, etc.) the Strom is the way to go for me.

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