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Is Everyone Crashing? What is going on?

Seems like every day we have a post about someone going down. I must say that it is depressing to read, but does communicate the realistic risks we all encounter when we ride. Many of the experiences are good to learn from.

Lets do something here. If you "went down" in the last 2 years, doesn't matter what type of MC you were on (Dirt doesn't count, if you don't crash while off-roading you are not riding hard enough ) please post a short blurb about your incident here.

For the sake of space and personal opinions about gear, following to close, critiquing others riding, lets don't have any replies other than sharing ones actual experience.


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I would like to make a comment on this, prior to anyone posting.

What I have been taught is that ALL crashes are caused by an interaction of factors. Those factors include, but are not limited to:
  • Too much speed - or improper entry speed to a corner.
  • Improper cornering technique - not using the "Slow, Look, Press, Roll" method.
  • Insufficient following distance.
  • Not being able to see far enough ahead for the conditions.
  • Unfamiliar roads.
  • Riding above one's capabilities.
  • Riding above the capabilities of the motorcycle.
  • Improper braking technique.
  • Riding impaired.
There are other less significant reasons, but most crash investigators will take right from this list as most crashes are caused by more than one of these coming into play. Eliminate just one and the crash might not happen.

"Mental Motorcycling" is a column each issue in Motorcycle Consumer News. It focuses on most of these factors when it looks at ways to ride safer. Great reading. Riding safely is a hard thing to do and it takes a lot of hard work and also a lot of attention when riding to continue riding in a safe manner. There are a lot of folks that ride safely. I hope all of our forum members will do just that.

I hate to read about riders going down - never a fun thing. When injuries and damage to the motorcycle is incurred, well that's even worse.

Most of us can learn something from reading about the crashes out there and can take that knowledge with us. Some will even think about it when riding so they too don't fall prey to what has already caused one of our friends to crash.
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Who you callin' mental? :mrgreen:
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I'm first -- yippee!

Originally Posted by Howboucha View Post
Lets do something here. If you "went down" in the last 2 years, doesn't matter what type of MC you were on (Dirt doesn't count, if you don't crash while off-roading you are not riding hard enough ) please post a short blurb about your incident here.
Okay, I'll go first. Accelerated too quickly while rounding an uphill corner. Didn't see the sand and I spun around. I high-sided, rolled down the road with the bike sliding behind me. Torn ligament in right foot, sore back & neck, hole in left boot from shifter or footpeg, broken left foot peg, scratched givi luggage. Full-face helmet had nice scratches in it where it hit the road. ATGATT saved me from any road rash and bruises. Givi crash bars and good grip covers saved major damage to bike.

My fault, totally.

-Peter in Niagara Falls
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Toooooooooooo! much speed on the draggon.

Mighty Shep has the evidence.

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Lightbulb Loose Sand & Gravel

Originally Posted by fl_strom View Post
Too much speed - or improper entry speed to a corner.
One thing I always try to look for when cornering is a buildup of sand or loose gravel on the edge of a curve or at an intersection.

Many people want to lean the bike too much and/or applying the brake too strongly in these conditions and the bike goes right out from under them.


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Mine was pretty simple. I was going down my gravel driveway at about 10 MPH, going down a slight dip, when the back end decided it wanted to pass the front. Simple inattention on my part definitely contributed. Not much damage other than a broken shift lever and some scratches on the fairing.

John Jenkins
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Here is my crash story. Taking a nice ride just outside of Las Vegas this past January, preparing to turn into a restaurant for a pit stop and a return trip. Some nice gentleman was busy sliding to a stop from a high rate of speed, all wheels appeared mostly locked up, in the lane I need to be in. I leaned the Kawasaki Mean Streak a little harder and found the sand on the inside of the corner. Bike and rider down! I pop right up to grab the bike and have time to see four heads swivel in the car and the tires light up. No plate on the car, probably just a movement permit in the windshield. Dented the tank, ground down two turn signals and a mirror and nearly snapped the right side peg off.

All of protective gear did its job. Helmet and boots actually did very little, but my jacket has a small hole in the sleeve and my gloves were shredded. I did have to make a trip to the hospital later that night to find out that a broken thumb will indeed cause swelling to twice its normal size.

Lesson learned, stuff happens, bikes can be fixed, never carry a pocket knife while riding. You will land on it! I wanted to quit riding on the spot, but my lovely wife told me that it is now part of my life and there would be no way I could just give it up. To be honest I have had way more horrific crashes than this on a mountain bike.

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Dropped a previous ride in the driveway about two years ago. Purely Operator malfunction. I didn't fully deploy the kickstand and over she went.

No other real crashes. I guess at my age I'm getting more conservative and careful. Probably because I don't heal a quick as I used to.

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I had a drop at a standstill, but caused by a horrible Volvo driver.

My parking garage at work has a series of very tight, steeply ramped (~15% grade) 180 degree turns on smooth concrete. It had been raining that day, and the already slick-when-dry concrete was like ice. I'm coming up the ramps about to make one of the 180s and this woman in a Volvo is coming down the same ramp, IN MY LANE. I hug the curb and quickly but smoothly and firmly give it some front brake, which only causes the front wheel to slip, but I was going slowly and only leaned over about 10 degrees so far, but I have nowhere to go but either into the Volvo or turning further to the right. Since the front wheel is already slipping on the slick smooth concrete, it's not cooperating with my need to turn, so I ease on the rear brake, which causes the front to hook up and get me leaning, only now I'm at a stop, and the bike is leaning about 35 degrees. The Volvo is moving past me with inches to spare and is going down the ramp, doing her best to ignore the chaos she caused as I desperately try to prop up ~475 pounds of motorcycle at 35 degrees with my right leg. I'm simply not strong enough to lift it up at that angle and after 10-15 seconds, my knee feels like it's about to give out, adrenaline or not, so I surrender my then 2 week old 650 to the unforgiving concrete to save my knee. Fortunately, the only damage was a smashed turn signal, half snapped front brake lever, and a tiny scuff on the bar end - I was able to at least set it down gently.

I suppose if I'd have been smart enough to use the rear brake FIRST instead of the front, things might have gone differently. But it was a panic stop, and my street instincts tell me to go for the front first.

I still see that blue Volvo in the parking deck at least once a week, and I was tempted to leave a note, but there are 3 different blue Volvo wagons that park here. :mad:

Now if you'd asked for close calls, I have ALOT of those recently. There seems to have been a dramatic increase in stupid around here over past month or two, but alertness and vigilance has kept me from becoming road pizza (barely). It's just getting less and less fun to ride around here.
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