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What a relief :-)

Well it had to happen sometime...

I like to flick the Wee through the turns as it is just plain fun. You know, get her down low and roll on the throttle to stand it up. Well I rolled it over making a left at an intersection onto a secondary road. It tried briefly to grab hold and stay on track but just couldn't get the traction. Normally I double check the surface before committing but didn't this time and it cost.

SCREECHHHHHH!!!!!!!! and down she goes slides a long 30' and comes to a stop.

Got the shifter hand guard and left fairing. I didn't get the anti-gravity option when I bought it. Blue Wee's do slide well though.

All right in front of three cagers who did stop to offer help. Although the lady who was cutting grass in the yard not more than 20' away never skipped a beat, guess she was in her own world. One guy asked if I needed help getting it back up, but when I snatched it up with one hand the look on his face was priceless.


Took out my left knee (rashed up through the pants, damn kneepad shifted around as it hit the ground ??) and great toe on the left foot(broke the sifter with it), minor road rash rode it another 12 miles. No big deal just another day in the life of the Wee...

Funny thing though. My head hit and skidded but my coat doesn't show any sign of ever being on the asphalt. I've got to replace the visor as it is rashed up pretty bad. If I hadn't had on my jacket, gloves etc the left shoulder are etc would be rashed up right now. I can't for the life of me know what it looked like.

My only guess is that the road surface was flowing with me rather than stopping me with friction.

ATGATT is why I can pick it up and ride it away with just minor scrapes.

The cause...

Didn't double check before committing to the turn.

The highway crews are re-surfacing the secondary roads with what appears to be ball bearings in the form of some sort of man-made gravel of sorts. They spray the old surface with asphalt and the spread this on it, roll it and there you have another election year road done. There was a 1" deep layer of the excess sitting in the intersection, I didn't see. It extended from the primary road back about 15' onto the secondary road. Normally it is a lighter color than the rest of the road but it had rained last night so it was shaded and wet. This road had been resurfaced more than 3 months ago??

Lesson learned...

Look twice when turning onto suspect surfaces, don't know if it would have helped on this one though. I went back and tried it again and it was really loose and slippery, the grass would have been the way to go.


Now with the first drop out of the way and the "new off the penny' I can really have a good time with the Wee.

Man I love this bike........


2007 Wee Strom
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Glad to hear your ok. Its definitely a good thing to be able to stand up and walk away
You should probably replace your helmet if you took a thump on it, as the foam only compresses once. Depending on who it made by you can send it back and they will inspect/xray it for you to let you know if its ok. Thats what I did with my shoei rf1000 and they said it was ok (minor bump on the chin).

What type of pants were you wearing that ground through?

Glad to hear your still rolling!

dl650k5 -fully farkled- 65k miles. Sold but not forgotten
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+1 on replacing the helmet...
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post #4 of 11 Old 08-22-2007, 04:08 AM
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+2 on replacing the brain bucket

Would also like to know what pants you were wearing and if the lack of protection is a result of a poor fit or inadequate gear. Glad to hear you're bouncing back well.

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Ain't riding in good gear worth it?

I mean there is going to be a time when you get to test it firsthand. Just think you will be the crash test dummy, so wouldn't you like to have the best gear money can buy on your body when you do this testing?

You have just shown many folks why it is so important to dress for the crash, not the ride.

For that I thank you.

Sure am glad to hear that you are fine.

Adrenaline sure does give us a lot of strength! I've seen lots of folks pick up very heavy bikes when they drop them. Being upset at yourself gives you that ability to right the bike.

Ride safe!

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Originally Posted by raypope View Post
Well it had to happen sometime...


Now with the first drop out of the way and the "new off the penny' I can really have a good time with the Wee.

Man I love this bike........

Ray, thanks for sharing that with us. It's always best to learn from others if at all possible! :rolleyes: Glad you are okay with just a little bit to remind you how careful we all need to be all the time. Good for you!
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Good to hear that you made it through all of that. I have seen too many times the results of not wearing the proper safety gear and it has made me a believer.

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Thanks for the kind words.

The pants are off being patched. They are a first gear product. They did provide the initial impact protection which saved my knee from serious internal damage, I don't have a complaint with them. My Kilimanjaro performed flawlessly and I wouldn't take anything for it.

I also got a exhaust burn on the back of my left calf, so that may indicate a awkward position of my leg under the bike during the slide.

When my left knee hit the ground the pad caught and the material simply slid around the leg exposing my knee to the unprotected material behind the knee. I would say poor fit was the cause rather than a design failure. All in all my body experienced a rolling effect over the gravel more than a sliding on the ground. My knee was the first part to meet the actual road surface coming out of the gravel area.

Yes I tried to move the bike yesterday and boy it is heavier now that the adrenaline isn't flowing. And I was pissed at making such a stupid mistake.

Anyway the Wee looks rather good with a little rash on it sorta like its a real bike and not a garage ornament.


2007 Wee Strom
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Glad you are OK. Many areas still seal coat, or chip seal roads. In the Dakotas they even chip seal the Interstates. The loose gravel at the intersections can be tricky. If it is a residential area I am surprised that it has not been swept up.

Sorry to hear about the first gear pants. I have the HT 2.0 overpants and have been thinking of buying a pair of HT 2.0 Air overpnats, not certain I will if they wore through in 30 feet.

As a side note, my first inspection job was a seal coat project for a suburb. The crew was doing a pretty good job of keeping the chip spreader close to the truck spraying on the ashpalt emulsion which is fairly warm 140 - 170 degrees F. They only had about 30 feet inbetween them. A young kid in shorts, no shoes, no socks, no shirt jumps on his bike comes down the driveway and goes inbetween the two pieces of equipment. He gets sprayed by the hot goop coming off his tires, drops the bike, runs in the hot emulsion screaming like some one was killing him back to his house. The foreman and I run up to the house, I am expecting a future court date, and meet the kids mom. We explain what happen as we make sure he is ok. Ended up fine, she was so grateful her son was OK with no burns and did not get hit that she was thanking us for a 1/2 gallon of diesel fuel and a bunch of old rags to clean her son with, and apologizing for his charging right out into the street. I wish all things like that had a happy ending.
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The HT pants are alright, I had a poor fit and if they hadn't shifted around to the single layer behind the knee the would not have worn through.

Imagine a single layer of nylon, the knee and the weight of the bike, its gonna do something.

I would buy these pants again if they couldn't be repaired. When they are back I'll give the name of the, right now I'm not sure but I think they're the HT model.

Your description of the road surface is exactly what they are doing here in NC lately, dip and chip.


2007 Wee Strom
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