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Please Help Me

first of all, i am very upset so let me apologize upfront for any offensive language
ok heres the deal

Recently(june 30th) I purchased two 2007 VStroms from my local stealership. Both were financed through different companies. One via Suzuki(hsbc) and one via GEMoneybank. At first all seemed well. They were low payments( under 100/month) at low interest rates ( under 10%) and i felt all warm and fuzzy.
However when the statement came in from GEMoneybank- it listed a rate near 21 percent and a payment well over 200 dollars. I of course called them and told them to gently caress themselves with a barbed wire fence post and they said that was how the loan was turned in by my dealer. I said ok ill call them. In the mean time, i asked them to open a dispute as i felt i should not have to pay that much more then i agreed to. so they did.
Upon calling the dealer, they said OH YES THERE WAS A SMALL ERROR- WE WILL CORRECT IT. I gave them 72 hours and waited for confirmation that something had been done. I heard nothing. I called them to ask WTF and got the biggest BS run around. One person blaming the other and yadda yadda yadda. After losing my temper and threatening to chop someones ****ing head off, they finally take me serioulsy and get on it. they tell me its fixed- and ill have something on paper in a few days. I say FINE
WELL- Then my SUZUKI statement arrives. And it, too, is fukt up. Since i have yet to receive the corrected paperwork on the other loan, i take a long lunch today and go to the dealer and demand to see my sales slip. They ask why and i explain that now the 2nd loan statement doesnt match the terms i agreed to. After some run around i get copies of everything on both loans and low and behold what do i see? The carbon I have no longer matches the original on bike number two. Someone crossed out and wrote over the terms i signed for and changed my rate AND payment. This is bike number 2 mind you, i have been told that bike number 1 was all sorted out.
I have a minor meltdown and they start kissing my ass and telling me they will handle it. I then demand proof that loan number 1 is indeed straightened out and what do they present me with? A new loan packet, and although the terms match what i was promised- they filled it out and had an employee FORGE MY ****ING SIGNATURE. THATS how they FIXED it. I ask them who sigend it, the finance manager explains to me that he had one of his guys copy my signature to keep me from being inconvenienced by having to come down and re-sign the papers.
So bike number one was "fixed" with forged papers and bike number 2 is still unfixed and someone had written over what i had signed and agreed to. I have copies of all forged signatures on bike number1 and copies of the original changed sales agreement along with my unchanged carbon slip for bike 2.

what do i do here folks? allow them to fix it? demand better pricing ( we paid 9k for each unit) or get an attorney? they know they ****ed up at this point and the dude is now rightly worried about sh!t. or should i bring the bikes back and say FUKK YOU - NOW YOU KEEP THEM? can i even do that? someone have some real advice here? At this point i dont want them to make any money off me, I love this bike, but there are others just like it. do i have an out here?

im new here i know and i hope this isnt out of line, but im hoping yall can shed some light here
thanx alot

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I don't know what to do regarding the bikes, but I would be in contact with the Better Business Bureau and tell them your story. I hope you get this sorted out to your satisfaction.
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thanx man- i did call the BBB today, they said all they could do is file a complaint on them, and thats all. i also talked to consumer affairs and they are sending me a packet but they say 60 to 90 days for them to look into it. ahhh speedy just like i like it.

2007 Suzuki V-Strom 1000
2006 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
2001 Honda VFR800 Interceptor
2000 Suzuki TL1000R
1977 Suzuki GS550
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It never hurts to talk to an attorney for legal matters to find out if there is any recourse. And if they can help you. I'd offer my opinion but I'm quite certain it's not much different than yours. Sorry to here about your situation. I truly hope it gets resolved in your best interest.

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Turn them in and find another dealer.

Call the BBB, Suzuki, Reg. Suzuki Rep etc... if you want to wage a complaint.

Make them give you a screaming deal.

No excuse for forgery and that it's a Fed offense.

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#1. Consider your credit report.

#2. Consider your credit report again, and how this could make you look bad for the next 7+ years. (All of this stuff is headed to those reports, like it or not.)

#3. Now call a lawyer, first thing tomorrow morning. I am not a lawyer, don't even play one of TV. Money fraud and identity theft, well... those are criminal acts punishable by prison time. Pay the lawyer a couple hundred bucks and have him explain this entire situation in writing to the dealership, copying each lender and the credit bureaus.

If you want to wait on the lawyer for the moment, go to your local police department or sheriff's office and talk to a detective, preferably one that deals with fraud cases.

Also let Suzuki and your bank know of all these actions and provide them copies of all documentation.

These guys need to be in jail, plain and simple.

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You REALLY need to contact an attorney and find out if you can void the deals altogether and return the bikes. Forgery would be a good starting point for that discussion, I'd bet. After all, you yourself said there were plenty more Stroms just like them. The key here is feeling comfortable with the ongoing relationship that you will have with the dealer you buy from. That wouldn't seem possible at this point. Best of luck to you. It's a crappy situation and I sure don't envy you a bit.

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If you like the bikes then find a way to keep them. But the dealers employees and maybe the owner himself needs to be taken to legal task for what they have done to you. This kind of stuff is typically not an isolated incident. Not only can you help yourself by taking this as far as you can with the law, you will also protect many people from becoming victims in the future. If you just take a 'deal' from them to cure your issue thats fine but wont stop them from cheating others. IMHO
Hope it goes well for you. Seems like it could hardly get any worse.

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Good grief, that is totally nuts. Call a good lawyer, present him with all the paperwork and ask for your options. I would think the dealer is in a real pile of sh*t right now and he knows it. Good luck and keep us up to date, this will be a learning curve for all of us.

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My .02$. You need to decide the level of justice you want to get from this situation. If you really have them over the barrel as you describe you can basically do one of two things. 1, get the very best monetary deal for yourself. Decide what $$$deal will make you happy. Correct the sale and enjoy your deal(s). I would think that the dealer would be eager to be generous to avoid the courts or any negative publicity from this going to court. 2, contact the States Attorney General and nail the SOB. But remember, your actual monetary benefit to you might be from option 1. I have a family member who went through this very thing several years ago on a car purchase from a local dealer and this is what an attorney spelled out for him. He opted for #1 and got his car nearly for free as the dealer was really eager to avoid court. With option 2 you are probably going to pay what you initially agreed to pay but the dealer will be in slightly more trouble with the State. Other than the legal expense of court time and some publicity your dealer's attorneys will see that the dealership suffers very little from this. At least that is the way it works here in Ohio.

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