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An appeal to newbies and vets

i guess i'm a 'tweener ... haven't been here that long.

but i've been here long enough to note a familiar theme: newbies asking questions that have already been asked and answered, and veterans grumbling about newbies who don't use the "search" function. this is a theme that repeats itself on countless bulletin boards around the world.

i'd like a word with both the vets and the newbies, if i might.

to the newbies: i suggest you use the search function first, especially when asking about a topic that has probably been discussed before. for instance: which tires are best? what's the best brake pad? try search first. sometimes it won't work. it doesn't always work, partly because the right keyword to search on is not always obvious.

to the veterans: newbies will likely be the lifeblood of the portal. they come here with great enthusiasm for the strom in the hopes of finding out all they can about the bike. they are absolutely bubbly, and i, for one, am really glad they are here. they are tomorrow's vets, and with any luck they'll one day welcome newbies, in turn. surely we can show them some tolerance and good humor, rather than turning them off to this group. after all, if a topic pisses you off because it's been covered, you could always ignore it, right? repetitive posts only cost a few electrons.

that's it ... i'm hoppin off my soapbox. :rolleyes:
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Hey TouringDude,

Good points

It might help to have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) forum with links to the topics and/or articles.

Moe said, "Are you sure it's okay to fish there?" And Curly said, "Sure, there's a sign that says Fine for Fishing."
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'Course they'd have to look at it. I agree with TouringDude that we shouldn't flame a noob for asking a question, but equally there is something to be said for instructing them to use the search function first. I've answered numerous questions repeatedly, and will continue to do so, but it does get a little annoying when someone asks a question where the answer is in the thread right above.
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Great sentiments but unfortunately the issues that you have touched on affect every forum on every subject on the Internet.
People these days seem to be possessed by the attitude that they must have an answer now and that they have a right to demand instant gratification for what they perceive as a unique problem.
I've actually been really surprised about how placid and helpful the Strom owner community is. Even repetitive questions are usually answered with good grace and a touch of humour, in other forums I have seen the people who asked questions like that would have been flamed to death within minutes.
I think that the major reason behind the good nature and humour is that the subject of the forum the V-Strom is virtually universally liked by it's owners and is an extremely reliable product. I've seen car forums where people only join to bitch about this or that problem which then creates friction with those who refuse to believe that their vehicle may be considered a lemon in the wider world and the arguments go rapidly downhill from there.
I hope that this forum stays exactly as it is interesting, informative and fun.
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Touring dude, you have shown over and over in your posts, a good bit of sensibility and with it, an ability to see things as they are, calling out issues noticed and a solution to correct them. You would make a great moderator if you are not one already.
In this case there IS an issue with grumbling at the newbies as i have noticed it myself and been careful to not voice stupid questions although they come to me at regular intervals. I agree with all that this particular forum is more polite and considerate than most anyplace else on the internet but even so we should welcome the newbs as said because they are part of the brotherhood not only of motorcyclist but of stromowners. In touching on something said by K1W1, people who own stroms are not only the owners of great bikes, they are the owners of something a little different, a bike that does not quite fit anywhere but can go there just the same. I think the bike says something about the owner and that we are similar in many ways because of our selection of rides. Unlike the people who ride some other kinds,makes and models, We are not most interested in the way we look or the attitude we convey as we ride by.(although the design + an armor clad rider on board looks impressive to me) We are similar and maybe a bit more sensible than the guy on the ninja or on the Harley. In some cases maybe not but in most cases i'd bet so. So we all get along for the most part. In 10 or 20 years we will all be the guys and gals on the goldwing forums. Bet they are real nice people too.
In closing, let me say that this was a good post that will have a positive influence on this forum. I say let em post the stupid stuff then reply with"What a good question, let me give you the answer." But i'm a newbie myself so maybe in a couple years i'll be bitchin at em to. We'll see. Take care. J.R.
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I consider myself a tweener and a newbie concerning some aspects of riding on the street. This is my third summer with the Strom. Learned a lot about bikes the hard way with no one else to ask. Only source of info was the bike mags and they picked the subjects mostly. So here I sit at a computer with this fantastic source of info and many new friends to ask and exchange answers. I too sometimes get a bit annoyed with repetitive questions but they are a first for our newbies and they need to know with all possible speed fueled by their enthusiasm.
I am one of the worst for not searching a subject. I admit that, much to Heavy's slight disgust. Short of a face to face discussion with some one I find asking is the best for me. Must be my old guy way of thinking or lack of it. When newbies ask a question it forces me to think and renew my knowledge base. So I guess I am putting myself in the group who will not flame a newbie unless it is really a retarded question with no common sense involved. Even then, the newbie just might be having a blonde moment.

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Thumbs up Excellent Thread

Enjoy this thread immensely. Both sides of the position, objective and respectful. Well done guys.! My 2 cents....I mentor several younger folks in Project Mgmt. as well as run my own little consulting company. whn I get asked repetitive questions, I don't always offer up the answer, but do offer up how to find it - in the context of this forum that might mean - "try a search under "oil filter" rather than one under "changing your oil). If soemone isn't sure how to go about, show them - it usually only takes once the immediate benefit is increasing one's self-reliance and skill (and respect for the person who provided the means to the answer) . Obviously, if some one asks "what size is the drain bolt on the DL650 - just a one word answer will suffice. In my business - I cannot afford not to tell someone to go get it yourself - "teaching a man to fish is almost always preferred to giving a man one".

I've been a ham operator since I was a kid - I'm 54 now. There's a perfect example of a hobby that is dying out - why - IMO - the "old timers" , who got their ticket by experimenting and building and taking very complex exams, are extremely reluctant to share the hard-won knowledge with the younger set, who in all likelihood, got their ticket through easier licensing restrictions and are more than likely the dreaded " appliance operators". Lucky for me I had good mentors starting out and repay them by paying it all forward to the next guy. Laws and regulations will change, comraderie and the principles behind being a good buddy never do.

That's why I enjoy this forum so much.

Have a great weekend and safe riding


Necessity may be the mother of invention, but desperation is it's father........... (Bell)

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Touring Dude,

As a newbie, I can say you're absolutely correct! There is a wealth of info to search out on this site! In fact, I've only commented (like right now), and never had to ask a question!
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