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And now... a bar vibe from hell issue...

I like my new '15 650 but I appear to be a Vibration issue magnet so far.
One of the primary reasons for the purchase was it's smoothness and fuel economy at I-road speeds for my 75 mi./day commute.
As the farkels were added, each step brought multiple problems..

Givi bars turned it into a tuning fork between 4,300 ~ 5,400 rpms. Tried multiple "fixes" to no avail & ended up removing them (sold now) and vibes went away.

Added H/T brackets for my large Teton boxes and vibes started again. Again multiple fixes applied (duct tape the backs, acoustic asphalt strips inside, bolt torques, etc.) Finally got them down to a tolerable level on the highway.

Added 2" Rox risers, BarkBuster Storm hand guards and a bolt up cross brace on the bars. Felt some vibes but not a big'en... grip puppies fixed it.

After perforating a oil filter @ 730 miles with a rock kicked up, decided to install AltRider bars w/ my Advmoto 3/16ths thick skid plate left over from my '07 1k.
Now... OMG!!! Vibes from Hell now 4,400 ~ 5,300 rpms!!! Throught the whole machine but worst in the bars.

Now when the new AltRider bars went on, I had to deal with aprox. 1/3rd bolt hole mis alignment on the left side upper bracket bolts (4) and the thru bolt going across the bike at the bottom V bracket mounting the engine. A little lever persuasion got it together and I loosened and re-torqued ALL motor mounting bolts just to get them to seat up and play nice with each other, but with vibes ever since.
Suggestions/ words of wisdom/ know any budget priced exorcists?
This is starting to really try my patience......

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With all due respect, you bought a V-Strom, not a Goldwing.

May I suggest: 2015 Toyota Prius | The hybrid that started it all

Just kidding...

2012 DL650A Adv.
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Not sure what bikes you came from, apart from the V1000 , but I found that different Tyres on my old Concours made big differences in transmitting road surfaces through the bike. Some tyres would send a resonance through the fairing, and you could feel every ripple on the road. Which in Australia is saying something.
Weighted bar ends helped as well.

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I've got a 2009 wee with Givi bars and not an issue. A mate has a 2014 with genuine bars and the vibration through the bars at 100kmh is ridiculous! Numb hands after 20kms, I wouldn't put up with it. And he's tried all sorts of fixes....
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The above referenced vibes are strictly engine rpm related, no tires,balance, road surfaces, etc..
The bike was smooth 'till the 1st crash bars (givi's) went on & left when they came off. The givi vibes were so bad you could not physically hold the onto the bars when they started vibrating. The AltRiders are much better... you can hold onto them at the same rpm's vs the givi's.
I was thinking something to do with mounting plate / bolt / possible mis-alignment issues might be the cause, but don't know about how to research such issues as they seem to not exist on the DL 650's...
Bar end weights came w/ the BarkBusters, so that possibility is already addressed... numbness results in 7~8 mi.
Guess I should have gone with another KLR for their known smoothness on the highways at speed...

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Get the throttle bodies balanced by a mechanic with OCD to reduce the source of vibration.
Install rubber o-rings in the joint where the left and right side sections of crash bars meet.
Some people report success filling the bars with loose lead shot or a rubber snake.
Make sure your engine mounts are properly torqued and brackets are aligned.
Make sure your fairing bracket bolts are tight.
Double check your wheels are balanced properly (both of them).

I think that covers most things.

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This solved my vibration problem. Basically a turnbuckle from the skidplate to the bars. Worked great.

Blends in and not really noticeable.

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I put a Enduro Guardian skid plate on my 13 and it solved all the vibration issues.
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My Altrider experience. LONG

I searched every post on crash bars when deciding what to purchase in 2012 for my new glee. The Altrider reviews all were positive and folks claimed vibration was not a problem with this product.

At the time Altrider advertised the high quality and precision of their products for perfect bolt on alignment. Stainless steel and made in the USA. Perfect, I will buy the best and be done with it..

First they shipped me bars for the 1000.. Finally got the correct bars in my
garage and ready for a quick install. Hmm, the “button tab” on the top mount of the left bar doesn’t fit correctly. Really, this is precision alignment? I ended up grinding the tab smaller to get alignment.

First trip with the bike. Wow, vibration was unreal. Reflected engine noise from the plate noticeable.

Got home and remove the bars and assembled them on the garage floor to look at alignment of the bars and that button tab. (I should have done that at first install but was impatient and was already convinced I had the best bars in the business and this must be within the range of normal) Clear and obvious misalignment of the bracket of the problem tab.

I was in contact with the CEO of Altrider at that point because they were convinced I couldn’t have a bad set of bars because they have never had a problem.

Sent the bars back for inspection and had to pay for that shipment until inspection because they were quite sure the bars were not a problem.

Waited and finally they confirmed the bars were misaligned. They claimed they reviewed their manufacturing process and determined this was a “one off”

They want to send me another set of bars. I declined as I had had quite enough with my Altrider experience at that point. Of course now they didn’t want to take back my skid plate as it was used. I convinced them to take everything back for the restock fee as an act of goodwill considering all the problems and shipments I had gone through. I think it cost me about 60 dollars.

That experience made me decide a couple of things. I was going to have a separate plate not dependent on bars for mounting. Smaller plate that wouldn’t reflect engine noise. Bars that had a separate cross member bar allowing easier tweaking and alignment if needed.

Hepco Becker bars with a Tourtech plate. Unlike the Altrider bars I received that were designed and fit the Gen1 wee, these bars follow the lines of the new glee. To my eye the Hepco Becker bars and tourtech plate look proper and proportional to the bike as if they could be OEM. Love them.

2012 650A
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Changing anything on a bike needs to be thought through carefully. Bolt the parts on loosely (just a little snug), one thing at a time, and then ride the bike so things settle in (nothing should have to be forced into place). Then, tighten up a bit more, ride, let settle in, and then tighten all the way. If vibes are still there, it's likely affected whatever you bolted the part to, which means you could try to loosen that part and ride to have it settle in together as a unit.

The other issue is how the parts change geometry and weight distribution. If the bars shift you (and your weight) back on the bike, your front end is now light and you could try to lessen preload to get more weight on the front. Or, increase rear preload.

My bike's smooth as glass but then again I haven't tarted it all up.

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