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Bugzy 06-07-2014 09:13 PM

Suzuki Demo Ride
I took the new V2 out on a test ride this afternoon. I rode my 2004 DL1k there so i had some immediate impressions about it.

The V2 is considerably lighter up top. I could really feel the weight when i got back on my bike to go home.

Power response was similar I thought. I didn't notice a huge difference. Does the power come on a little faster? Hmm. maybe, but my old bike still pushes me back.

Suspension seems better on V2. Some of that may be weight related too.

I had no issues with stock bike height (5;10" and 32" inseam). I could flat foot the bike. Not sure if it had the lower seat on it or standard one.

The seat is not as comfortable as my Russel. I can feel pressure on my tail bone even on that short ride, but it is stiffer than the Vee stock seat was, and I suspect more comfortable long distance.

I didn't notice anything with the TC settings. I didn't try to wheelie it or anything, but hard acceleration seemed the same no matter which TC setting I used.

It was nice on the highway. Cruising was comfortable and planted. Cornering was easy as well. I didn't need to go into 6th for our demo ride. No chutter or anything. Smooth acceleration.

A very well put together bike I think.

Have any used ones of these been spotted yet? I haven't seen any for sale.

Illinois 06-07-2014 11:43 PM

Appreciate the write-up. Haven't run across any used new gen so far. Suzuki demo ride doesn't happen in this area to the best of my knowledge. :confused:

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