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2014 VStrom Fuel Requirements


I have seen conflicting reports that the new DL1000 requires premium fuel. Does anyone have the definitive answer?


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Theres a sticker right on the bike that says it requires premium. I would guess anything else you do would be something of an experiment.

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Correct, the sticker actually says to use Premium fuel "or 90 octane minimum".

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That is disappointing to hear. Premium fuel is harder to find where I am. For me that is a bit of a deal breaker. Will wait to see how others make out running regular fuel before I seriously consider making the leap to the new 1000.
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Two thoughts. Firstly, premium fuel is not the same in each country- octane level in Canada is higher than in the US for the same grade of gasoline. Secondly, contrary to popular belief, using a lower grade may not make any difference, damage the engine, or cause warranty issues. My old caddy required premium (in the book) but never tasted any over the 12 years I owned it
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Key is to never let ethanol anywhere near the bike
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I think this is poor engineering on Suzuki's part. There are outlying places in Oregon where premium gasoline is not sold. It does not make sense for a "dual sport" motorcycle to have to burn premium (although I guess all the BMW's require it too.)

This concern, along with fuel range, seat height, lack of wind protection, suspected lack of off road capability, and high cost will keep me on the DL650 for now...

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Cars with knock sensors can run regular even though the engine is designed to use premium for best performance. The knock sensor will retard the spark timing if needed. I've seen no mention of a knock sensor on the new Strom. I would not run it on lower octane fuel.
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I have been using midgrade on my 07 Vee. Regular pings on my especially in warmer weather . I'm not surprised at the spec, I think the 1st gen Vee shoulda required a higher octane rating than regular as well

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Firstly, premium fuel is not the same in each country- octane level in Canada is higher than in the US for the same grade of gasoline.
Yes and no. Most countries around the world use RON, Research Octane Number, on the gas pump. The U.S. and Canada use the average of RON and the Motor Octane Number, (RON + MON) 2, also known as the Anti Knock Index, AKI.

"RON is determined by running the fuel in a test engine with a variable compression ratio under controlled conditions, and comparing the results with those for mixtures of iso-octane and n-heptane. MON testing uses a similar test engine to that used in RON testing, but with a preheated fuel mixture, higher engine speed, and variable ignition timing to further stress the fuel's knock resistance. Depending on the composition of the fuel, the MON of a modern gasoline will be about 8 to 10 points lower than the RON, however there is no direct link between RON and MON. ...the octane rating shown in Canada and the United States is 4 to 5 points lower than the rating shown elsewhere in the world for the same fuel."
Octane rating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anyway, we'll have to wait and see what the sticker on the new Vee shows for the bike certified and sold in each country.

Much, much, more about gasoline:

"The technical octane number requirement (ONR) of an engine is the octane number of a reference fuel that will produce trace knock under the most severe speed and load conditions. Trace knock is the knock intensity that is just audible to a trained technician. Customers may or may not be able to detect trace knock, so customer ONR is usually less than the technical ONR. For the remainder of this review, ONR will refer to technical ONR. ONR can be reported as a RON or AKI value. The ONR of an engine is usually determined for either maximum-throttle or part-throttle acceleration conditions, whichever is the most critical. ONR varies considerably engine to engine, sometimes as much as 10 points among vehicles with the same engine model.

"With late-model vehicles that use engine control module (ECM) systems and knock sensors, the traditional definition of ONR may no longer apply since the knock sensor systems are calibrated to either nearly or completely eliminate audible knock. Work is being done to redefine the ONR for modern vehicles based on a measure of acceleration performance. When an engine is brand-new, its ONR is determined by its design and manufacture. Generally, an engine will not
knock when operated on a gasoline with the AKI or RON recommended by the automobile manufacturer. However, an engine’s ONR can increase dramatically during the first several thousand kilometers (miles) of a vehicle’s use. This effect, called octane requirement increase (ORI), is caused by the buildup of carbonaceous deposits in the engine’s combustion chambers. If an engine is equipped with a knock sensor, a slight loss of power may occur during heavy accelerations. This happens if the ORI results in an octane number requirement that exceeds the AKI of the gasoline being used.

"It is difficult for a driver to know whether a gasoline has the antiknock performance an engine requires when the engine is equipped with a knock sensor system. These systems, which temporarily retard spark timing to eliminate knocking, are installed on many latemodel engines (see page 72). Retarding the spark reduces power and acceleration. The knock sensor responds so quickly that the driver never notices the knock. Loss of power and acceleration will be the only clue that the antiknock quality of the gasoline does not meet the vehicle’s octane requirement. Using gasoline with an antiknock rating higher than that required to prevent knock or to prevent spark retardation by the knock sensor will not improve a vehicle’s performance."

From the Chevron link above.

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