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Originally Posted by realshelby View Post
...Money is power! How fast do you want to go?
More correctly; "Money is power!! How fast do you want to spend!!!"
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Rich Desmond
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Open Wide !!!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg V Strom Mod Doc.JPG (37.2 KB, 6 views)
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"There comes a time in the affairs of men, when we must take the bull by the tail and face the situation."
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company has been around awhile
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Sweet, that's the sort of stuff I'm looking for. Thanks for sharing!

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Okay guys I guess I should have qualified this a little bit more in depth but was trying not write a whole book in my first few messages...

I *realize* the DL is never going to be as fast as pure sport bikes. But for all the reasons you guys mentioned it wont be (height, long suspension, seating position, comfort) are the reasons I dig the bike. I don't expect it to be a 1:1 match for a pure sport bikes. I don't want to change any of that stuff that makes it what it is - but a little more pull from 15mph to the speed limit *cough* is what I'm after. I'm perfectly content with the cornering ability of the bike and the lean angles it achieves. Every sport bike rider that's ever spent some time riding with our group winds up saying "That thing looks like a big moped from the rear but it's fast as shit in the curves!" or some variation. I love the DL, i don't want to change that stuff. I don't want to ride 130mph wheelies...that's not what I'm after.

I already have an SV650 and have little elsewhere to store a road bike so a 3rd bike is not practical for me. And if it was, a decent used SV1000 is $3500-$4k. It seems like I can do a lot of mods to a bike I already like better for even half that's my train of thought. Entire used SV1000 engines with electrics and TBs are on ebay for about a grand give or take, and if that's an extra bolt on of 15-20hp that is reliable...that don't seem that bad compared to the alternatives?

I do appreciate the input, I just wanted to clarify my expectations based on the content of many of the replies here. The link to the velocity stacks for the air box is exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for.
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The difference between having an SV engine and a DL frame and a running hybrid is probably more than the cost of a good second hand sports bike. I'm confident it can be done but it's not going to be the least expensive option by a fair margin. And just a comment, there's plenty of room in there with the existing engine out of the way. IF you can clear the frame I'd be tempted to look at stuffing a GSX-R or Ducati engine in there if I really wanted power in that chassis. (Gods know enough end up wrecked that the engines also aren't stupid expensive.)

I'll concede sports bikes can walk away from me on the straights but they have to catch me from the previous set of corners first. I'm finding my gen 2 DL1000 surprisingly fast in real world situations - the limit on how fast it'll go is definitely me, not the bike.
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Here is the text of the post on VSRI where John did the "nuts and bolts" listing of the SV to DL1000 swap. I tried to link to it but it won't let me...

All in all I love the conversion. Worked out well and is what I was hoping for. I did take the hard route though. Putting the 06 32 bit ECU into an 02 16 bit ECU is what caused most of the problems. If anyone else has the intention of doing this, sticking with the following combos will make the swap a lot easier.

1. If putting into an 02/03 DL, use an 03/04 SV engine & ECU. If an 04 & up DL, use an 05 & up SV engine & ECU. Doing this will allow the use of the DL harness with very little or no modifications. Probably won't hurt obtaining the SV harness along with the ECU just in case any sensor connectors are different. But they do appear to be the same in most cases.

2. Parts that need to be swapped from the DL to the SV engine. Front valve cover (radiator mount on different side), Primary sprocket cover (fits the frame better), radiator hoses (different bends for clearance), primary sprocket (unless converting to 530 chain) & ECU.

3. My 02 instruments work fine with the 06 ECU. So I would suspect any combination of DL instruments & SV ECU will function properly. You will lose the OD light as the SV doesn't have one and it's ECU doesn't know about it.

4. Engine mounts are the same. Fuel pumps have the same specs. Coils & plug wires are the same. The DL airbox will have to be modified for the larger throttle body boots, secondary actuator clearance & possibly some sensors moved around. Some extra air holes in the lid won't hurt.

5. The SV belly pan is a direct bolt-on with the exception of minor clearance problems with the sidestand switch and exhaust mounting bolt. A few snips and it's good to go. I might mention that the SV pan will offer zero protection from rocks & such. It is very thin ABS plastic.

Sticking to the above guidelines, this swap can probably be accomplished in one day. A weekend for sure.

What's up next for the SV-Strom? I have obtained a set of lowers & plan to strip, install hole for a slider & paint Bamboo Yellow to match. Down the road a piece, ABS.

Don't wish anything bad to happen, but if anybody hears of a savaged ABS 650, let me know please.

If anybody has any questions feel free to ask.

Now on to the hard part, getting the gearview & intercomm working right. Grin
- Quoted from the post linked above.

It appears the one he did himself took a lot of wiring harness work because he didn't know about the easier years to match up to begin with. If you get the right year stuff, it sounds very do-able...

Maybe I'll sell the SV650 to fund this venture and be the next guinea pig here for you guys
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Focusing on the question asked - I would say yes you can give it a little more oomph. The suggestion for gearing changes was an excellent one. Talk to BobbyVStrom. He is a member here and past racer who rides a gen 1 DL1000. He likes "fast" and has done at least some of this stuff to his bike.

I suspect that the standard mods will give you a few more Hp and responsiveness. Free-er flowing exhaust, K&N or other gauze type air filter, Power Commander or other similar FI module to correct the over rich conditions and give you the proper fuel/air mixture for more power (not max mpg though, but you loose only a couple mpg), loose the intake snorkel if one is there, open up the airbox, etc., along with gearing changes and you should feel the difference.

Think about better brakes and tires too though. Sintered brake pads in the front and stainless brake lines will give you much better feel and stopping power. That goes a long way to giving the bike a more sport bike feel.

All the above is pretty easy to do. Me personally I would check the power commander map files ahead of purchasing anything. You might find a map exactly for a combination that suits you.

Hope that helps. You can find some of this stuff on our site. My left brain will not let my right brain sell guaze air filters, but the 400+K mile DL1000 uses one. Maybe I should get over that.
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I currently own 5 motorcycles . Two of them are DL1000's . I also have a GSXR 1000, XR650R supermoto and a 650L .
I have spent most of my life on motorcycles and I am not young Lol. For me and the kind of riding I like to do the DL
with some mods is hard to beat. The roads we spend most of the time on are twisty and bumpy. The DL works great on these roads.
What I like best is the motor and how it pulls off the turns and is not fussy about what gear it is in. I would also like more power
but as is with some mods if feels like it is putting out more HP than it actually is. With the DL you get to use all of the power.
More HP would be nice but I do not want to loose the grunt
When I ride my GSXR on the street I never use all the power it has and spend most of the time below 8000 RPM.
It all depends on where you are riding. When I go out to the garage on Sunday morning nine out of ten times the DL is my choice.
It is comfortable, fast enough, has wind protection and I can ride it all day. it has become my favorite of all the bikes I have owned.
For riding in the twistys aside from suspension, brakes, gearing, tires and lowering the front. I like to use a DL 650 seat. It is a little lower
and makes me feel more into the bike rather than on top of it. I also do not put any more gas in the tank than I need to. For sporting rides this makes a difference. I will usually fill just above the metal piece in the center of the tank. The bike was never designed to be a sport bike but with a few mods it does surprisingly well.
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Originally Posted by Buffalo rider View Post
... and I can ride it all day.
That is why I ride a V-strom. I can ride it all week everywhere I want to ride and can take the Mrs. if she so desires.
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