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I, too, slayed the dragon...

I finally got smart and set up email notifications about private messages here so I wouldn't miss any more invitations to ride

Appalachian Rider tried me one more time after a few involuntary dismissals and we met in Travelers Rest. He asked me what I had in mind and I said that I wanted a long ride in the mountains, hopefully along Hwy 28 to get familiar with the fun route to Deal's Gap. When he just said "Sounds good to me" I figured I'd be a fun ride.

Well, Appalachian Rider lived up to the expectations of a handle name like his. He kept the ride fast but not crazy, fun in the twisties and made a few stops along the way with interesting conversation. Here's one of them:

After the crossing of Hwy 28 and 64 it was all new to me (just got the bike first week of November). Had a nice lunch at a 50's diner in Franklin but I kind of expected Tim at any point to announce that it was time to return. Instead he planned the trip to Deal's Gap. What an awesome ride to get there!!

Here's another stop:

Once we arrived he encouraged me to make a run for it; instead I chose to follow him for a little while. We stopped to let a couple cages go ahead. After a couple minutes I decided to go first. Found the truck that was slowing us down on the side of the road as I swear he saw me and got going again in front of me, like at 20 mph When I had the first chance to pass him safely (though illegally) I did it Then I stopped at the Overlook amazed by the view

There was a nice old man with a restored '75 Honda Goldwing. Pretty soon the re was a guy pulling over with a professional camera ready to capture every detail of the bike. Here's the bumblebee :mrgreen:

After a little while we continued downhill until we reached the valley. Since we needed to go back I decided that would be my "real" tail of the dragon run. As we were pulling over we saw a guy in a red sports bike making his run but he was gone before I could turn around

I got going pretty strong (for my comfort level at least) and after the overlook I saw the red ninja ahead of me. I thought I could catch up with him and realized how bad it could be if i were to loose focus in anyone of those 318 curves. I had to push pretty hard to get right behind him and even harder to stay on his tail. Peg scrapping on a Wee is a bit unsettling the first times

I finally got to the store and shortly behind me was Appalachian Rider coming down. Store closed for the season so no dragon sticker for me yet. Hey, I get to do it again! Here's the mandatory pic:

Glad my Wee's fairings didn't end up here:

Nor writing messages like these:

If I would've seen up close the red bike I was tailing before I started the chase, I probably would've quit

We checked out the little motorcycle party scene for a while

Thank you Appalachian Rider for the whole experience. My last ride had been in the tropics 15 years ago:

These landscapes back in Colombia I missed for years

Not a problem. Came back to the mountains!!

Looking forward to future rides, even getting back home at 8:30 pm via the interstate :mrgreen:

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