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My bad, got it wrong!

First, I saw this list of San Patricios with a ranker named Michael O'Sullivan:
St. Patrick's Battalion :: Batalln de San Patricio: the Irish Heroes of Mexico

Then I found an .edu web page, which I haven't been able to re-google, listing staff reports from the Mexican Army
during Santa Ana's time. One of the reports listed with an info title something like "Lt. Michael Sullivan commisioned
as Colonel". Jumped to a conclusion.

The real story is here:
Colonia San Rafael, un barrio de antaño (Distrito Federal) | México Desconocido
Rough translation:
"Calle de Sullivan is known as one of the traditional places in Mexico City for meetings with prostitutes. What would
James Sullivan think to know that his name would be famous among chilangos, not the work of his life, but for the
girls who chose 'life gallant' on a street named after him in order to operate?

"By the way ... Who was James Sullivan? A member of the San Patricio Battalion, a hero of the war of 1847?

"No. James Sullivan was an American businessman who received the concession to build the railway Mexico -
Nuevo Laredo during the government of Manuel González (1880-1884). The railway Mexico - Nuevo Laredo was
finally inaugurated in 1887.

"James Sullivan, as every foreign contractor in Mexico, lined their pockets with money while the Mexican railroad
system connected with the United States. Even today the railroad he built is backbone of the Mexican rail network."

My brother-in-law, "The Gorman", and his son and daughter are Chicago Police (he's retired, like me) with Mexican
street gang experience. Going to send this along to remind them of traditional Mexican-Irish connections.


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