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Wow....finally someone brave enough to tell the truth about the Super Tenere!
I, too was the owner of a brand new Super Tenere and here's my story.

Bought the ST after reading all the "wonderful rave" reviews on this fantastic new motorcycle.
After riding my 06 Wee for 4 years I wanted something "Safer"...ABS, Shaft Drive and Treaction Control. Unfortunely, my experience with the Yamaha was less than desireable.

Here's what they won't tell you....
This bikes a real pig...very heavy.
Milage is usually around 32-35 MPG....PREMIUM fuel required.
Seat is a joke.
Stumble at low gears
Radiator mounted on the left side will cook you
of course if you drop it on left ....could destroy radiator.
There are a whole bunch of other issues with the Super Tenere but you'll never hear the truth.

Recently bought another Wee (ABS this time) and could not be happier.
To me the DL650 is a better bike than the Super Tenere.
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