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Originally Posted by frankintx View Post
My only real complaint so far is with the way the bike handles in the wind. I was pushed around a lot and it made the ride uncomfortable. [...]
Hold on to the bike with your knees and stay loose on the bars.
Almost every control problem that people experience is due to the rider, not to the bike. Proof of this lies in the fact that when the rider falls off, the bike rides just fine (next time you're blown about by wind, try letting go of the bars; it's an eye-opening experience).

Keep your upper body loose (that means anchoring solidly to the bike with feet, knees and butt).

Keep your arms down and bent (forearms should be horizontal).

Don't fight the bike; trust it. It knows what to do; you don't.

Something you can do when confronted with strong crosswinds is increase the throttle opening; that'll help, whereas slowing down usually makes the situation worse.
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