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Yesterday when I was departing from work the engine stop switch was engaged, side stand fully up & in neutral when I noticed the red check engine light was on with the oil can after the other icons left the indicator screen.

Last night I was able to place my bike on the C-stand with the help of my 95 pound daughter assisting on the other side. My chain needs to be cleaned. Laugh if you'd like, it's on the C-Stand. Now I need help please.....

This moring I got up early & turned the bike to the "On" position but not over to see what's causing this issue. My red check engine light is on again. I noticed that many icons are displayed but once the bike is on only the oil can was left with the red light, gas gauge & coolant temp meter just like yesterday. She's currently on the on the CS, engine cold & the oil is just at the "Full Level Line" so I surmise from this thread that I am short on oil, correct? Quite sure I rode home from work yesterday with the "Red Check " issue I just want to make sure I do this correctly so please be patient with me for the questions I need answered. I'm concerned about over filling it so I was wondering if someone has an exact quantity that would be necessary for her to be back to normal before I ride again.

Thanks for your help......I hope......I think.... I don't know!

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