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Chef Gareth
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Hey guys thanks for the well wishs!! Well after a week in Hospital I returned home yesterday with 6 screws and a plate in my leg. Im going to be off my feet for up to 10 weeks.

A BIG THANKS TO STEVE FOR RIDING WITH ME TO CASINO!!!! Hurt like hell but there was no way I was leaving my bike that far from home (I know should of had NRMA).

The DL is a very capable off roader as long as your not trying to stop in a hurry, the accident was a combinaton of a few mistakes on my behalf.
Firstly I was carrying to much speed - Not long before we hit that track we were riding on fairly neat dirt road at 100+ and too much of that speed followed to the track.
Second - It had become fairly dusty at times and was not wearing my goggles and had slightly impared vision,
Thirdly - Hit a Tree root going across track that made me loose control.
And lastly the most important contributing factor was I looked at the ditch and thats where I ended up!!!

It was my fault not the bikes fault for the incident, next time I want to ride the dirt I will wear more protection. At the end of the day I love hitting the trails and as soon as i can I will be back on the strom looking for the road less traveled.

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