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Now there's a girl with a good attitude! I hope my wife reacts like that if she drops her bike (we're going to look at an xl-250 tonight).

+1 to ABS: yesterday, with the sun at my back and all the vibration from the speed I was riding at (160+km/h), I hadn't realised that the lineup in front of me was stopped (brake lights weren't lit, so maybe they were rolling, but at a walking pace). I grabbed both brakes with less than 200 metres to come to a stop. I had never braked that hard on any bike, and I think the ABS kicked in a few times. Side note: the stom brakes do suck; my bike lost speed rapidly at first, but then almost felt like it was speeding up again. It isn't until I started gearing down that I was able to keep decelerating hard.
I stopped with my rear wheel in the air and a couple of car lengths to spare. The bike smelled a bit weird after that (strangely enough, it smelled of coolant; maybe that's what my pads smell like when they're burning up, or maybe the coolant tank leaked onto the engine while I was standing on the front wheel).

I assume you've tried her gladius; how did you like it? (I'm thinking of getting one for wifey, with ABS of course, either that or a versys for myself and giving her the wee).
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