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Thinking about the Wee, renting a Vee

Been lurking around here for a few months now. I really think that the V-Strom suites my needs/riding preferences. The question is, which one. There is a shop here in town that rents a Vee. I am going to try to rent if for two days and put it through it's paces. I intend to ride some twisties, slab and gravel roads so I should get a good feeling of how each handles.

Having said all of this, I have been focusing on buying the Wee. Why? Well, gas mileage and off road abilities. As you can see from my sig, I have quite an assortment of dirt bikes, so I can scratch that itch accordingly. I would like the ability to run fire roads, etc in efforts to get from one section of pavement to the other and of course, just for the scenery. I'm pretty sure the Vee would be able to handle those without issue. However, doing so requires a lot of low speed riding. How does the Vee handle 20-30 mph cruising on fire roads, etc? Can you set in in an appropriate gear (2 or 3) and pretty much let it go, or does it constantly need to be shifted because it wants to run at a high speed? I am assuming that the Wee would find those conditions much more to it's liking.

My question is, if after renting the Vee and assuming that I liked it as much as I am hoping, I end up buying a Wee, will I be disappointed? Any tips on thinks to look for or try during my rental that will help in my decision process?

Thanks in advance!

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