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I spent nearly a month riding through Mexico just last year. Despite all the hype about drug wars and killings and swine flue etc I never saw anything bad happen, well, except for a bit of fun and games in Batopilas with some guns

Once you learn to accept number 1 rule as outlined, there is no issue. On a big bike like ours, the front is the place to be. Just remember when you are filtering through the traffic in cities, if you have panniers, be very aware how wide they are

The people were great, learn a bit of Spanish, at least about 20 basic phrases so you can buy some food, water, fuel, beer and get a place to stay etc. The old adage about trying to speak the local language helps in many ways, is very true down here.

I loved the place and would like to go back one day, maybe even ride back down Copper Canyon again and back out this time

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