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Originally Posted by larolco View Post
Find someone with a Yosh box. Richen up the 2000-4000rpm range.

Then sell it.

Buy something that puts a smile on your face.

FWIW: I Yoshed my 2006 190,000kms ago. I still smile when I ride it. It was the best case of beer I ever spent. And I even drank a few of them myself that Friday afternoon. Some Suzuki shop near you has one, but you will likely pay in $ rather than beer unless you're on friendly terms.

As for the drain plug, that's just a minor annoyance. A time-sert or similar remedy and problem solved. Or live with a minor leak.

Your bike is not dead. It just needs some love and it will love you back.
Thanks for the positive vibes. I ordered a PCV and plan to keep the bike and ride it as long as it keeps running
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