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Originally Posted by DaveinNC View Post
No, it's not a Strom but wiring is wiring. I am installing a set of Baja Designs Squadron Pro driving lights on my VFRX, I procured an OEM factory unlit fog light switch from Great Britan. It has 2 wires, the illuminated switch from the Baja Designs harness has 3 wires. I am assuming the 3rd wire is for switch light power, correct? Do I just cap off the hot lead to the 3 wire switch? If not what do I do to get the 2 wire switch to trigger the relay? I am an electrical moron, unless I have a schematic in front of me I am lost, so any help would be appreciated.
I'm an electrical engineer and often find it challenging to work on systems without a schematic.

It would help to know a few things before offering advice. (Otherwise, it would be conditional and complex.)
1. Do you have a headlight relay already installed on the bike?
2. Do you want to enable the indicator function that the 3-wire switch makes possible? (Your post suggests maybe not.)
3. Do you have, or are you willing to obtain, a (likely cheap) digital DMM with which to figure out what the 3-wire switch is?
4. Would you like (or be willing to accept) the driving lights being forced off when the headlights are off?

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