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Originally Posted by V-Tom View Post
Yes: "For other purposes" is what I meant to enter.

I was wrong, or at least it looks that way.

It appears that I either mis-remembered the article or misread it. When I do a quick google search it shows that way over half of oil is used for transportation and only a small part is used for Plastic production.

I continued searching and came across this:

In: How electric vehicles could take a bite out of the oil market

is the following:

...Besides, passenger vehicles consume only about 26 percent of the oil used worldwide.
So that might have been part of my misunderstanding.


My Opinion:
Vee or V= DL1000 before 2014
Vee2 or V2 = DL1000 2015 to 2019
Vee3 or V3 = DL1050 2020 to?

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