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Originally Posted by HokiesRWee View Post
I think this is what you intended to say (minor adjustments within brackets are mine).

Assuming so, I think this might be correct, or somewhat correct. I can't cite the source, but I think I heard or ready, recently, that fuel (gasoline, diesel) is becoming something of a byproduct of oil use for other uses. That statement caught my attention at the time.

In the US, and if here, probably in lots of other parts of the world, vehicles are much more efficient than they were. We own one car that gets ~30 MPG on trips. Probably 2.5 times better than cars my family would have owned 50 years ago. Plus I ride a motorcycle whenever I can. Mostly for the enjoyment, but it results in major fuel savings (major within my family ). We do own a gas-hog truck that's nice, but rarely used. It's mostly used when we need a truck. Of course most other folks have much more fuel-efficient cars today compared to years past.

Gas is ~$2.00/gallon here...
Yes: "For other purposes" is what I meant to enter.

I was wrong, or at least it looks that way.

It appears that I either mis-remembered the article or misread it. When I do a quick google search it shows that way over half of oil is used for transportation and only a small part is used for Plastic production.


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