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I read recently of someone riding across the country on an electric motorcycle, charging at RV parks along the way. Checking the stated range for highway travel on the 'Zero' motorcycle site I see they give it as 112 miles. Lets say 100 miles as a real number. That means I can travel 50 highway miles before I need to turn around. Probably make a good city vehicle but wouldn't work for me.

As for Lithium mining it does sound nasty.
Lithium Mining and Environmental Impact - Lithium Mining - The Worldwide Website

"Everything comes at the cost, so while the environmental impact might not be worse than mountaintop mining, itís going to be important to pay attention to the environmental impact, because there will be one."

I was poking around a favorite area in the desert not long ago, an old ghost/mining town that has been designated a wild Burro sanctuary ( and I ran into a geologist and her crew from Canada. They were prospecting for Lithium and they had competition.

14 tooth for me
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