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Let's not forget the environmental devastation of rare earth metal production and which country controls the market.
As for has a carbon footprint that is large. They flooded 11,000 sq KM to make the James Bay project in sanctimonious Quebec. Didn't the Greenspace it replaced eat C02?
Oh stop with the nonsense....all technology has a cost and if you think flooding as bit of taiga to provide low cost low carbon electricity for millions of people I have nice warm cave in Mexico you can retire to and grow your own food.
( 185,403,168 acres of forested area in Quebec and you are worried about 11,000 !!!??? pardon my laughter ).

Rare earth mining is not a "disaster" - AGW is an unfolding disaster.
Rare earths are being replaced in devices as rapidly as technology can solve it.

Japan has discovered likely enough for an infinite supply.
'Semi-infinite' trove of rare-earth metals found in Japanese waters ...
12 Apr 2018 - Scientists have found rare-earth metals required to produce high-tech products ... Seabed Authority, which regulates the sea floor within international waters, ...
We have the technology for a carbon neutral sustainable planet.

This is all the people on the planet stacked in a small corner of the grand canyon.

What we don't have is the honest politicians to undertake the project ... ( tho China at least is getting there as is Europe )
EVs at least address a major issue that in the end will save a commuter transport money and solar/wind is now the least expensive form of electricity production tho storage needs to catch up.

EV motorcycles are niche and likely remain so tho lower cost swappable battery packs will help as well as lots of charging stations. We carry extra fuel on long trips ...battery energy density needs to get into the same range and lithium batteries are light.

Hybrid I'm not sure of the gain...I get 70 mpg on a bike that can cruise all day at 70-80 mp.

RIders in Manhattan can't even buy fuel....but there is lots of electricity

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