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On my 2006 I found reusing the coolant hose clamps was a bad idea. Had to go back in and put new clamps on. Problem solved. It only leaked when it was hot.

My coolant hoses are original, I just checked them again today and see no reason to change them yet. Had to replace the fuel lines on mine and the vacuum lines were all cracked and very dry. I just had to replace my vacuum caps again too, suckers were cracked causing an idle issue. But the other stuff still looked good. The caps didn't last long, Chinese rubber I guess, got them from the auto parts store a few years ago

Good time to put dialectic grease in all the connections too while your in there.

If your over heating I bet your problem is more than hose clamps. Does the thermostat work right? I love my little cheap thermal gun for checking hose temps.

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