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Originally Posted by Wisedom84 View Post
I just picked up a 2010 dl1000 with 23 000 km. I have read that this is a very reliable bike. But as a new owner what are the thing I just look for or inspect?
What are the maintenance and the interval? Follow owner's manual recommendations
What should I never do with it? Ride like an squid
Can I inspect the valve myself or should it be done by mechanic? if you are mechanically inclined
Do you use 87 or 91 octane ? 87
What are 5e common mechanic problem ( if there is any ) ?
What mod are a must? fork brace, swap mirrors, madstad bracket
It is my first bike and I am getting confident with it over time but I keep staying in low rom 3000-3500, the does not like it, it often studder and make weird noise, can i damage it overtime if I keep it in low rpm too often?
My high beam head light turn on sometime for no reason what should I look for?

Winter is coming here, I am looking to. 4 month with 6 feet of snow, so the bike will be in the garage and I will have plenty of time to take it appart, mod it, and do everything so It can be ready for next season.

Thank you very much
see my responses above in red. congrats and welcome to the community

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