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Don't die like this, DL1000!

I'm discouraged. My 05 (65ishK miles) just had her valve clearance adjusted (standard one exhaust out of spec). Then the charging system finally gave up on me and stranded me at work. I build up some money, buy the stuff, put a new Charging set in, buttoned her back up and took her for a shakedown run.

MAN it was great. I hadn't realized how much the electrics were crapping me out. Hasn't run that good in a while.

Saturday morning I pile on and head out to the Experienced Rider Course where I will enjoy riding my strom again. I zip up the highway and onto the offramp and... DISASTER. Strom dies at the light. NONONONO. I get it to start up, kinda, and idle, shittily, by turning the idle up, but try to get it to pull me along and BLUH down she goes.

That day I could get it to start a little with throttle on, but then it'd vroooom DIE. Poking around I discovered that the blanking caps on my extender hoses had cracked and fallen apart. I replaced those feeling dumb but observant aaaaand... Nothing. It'll turn over and starter spins happily but doesn't catch and run.

Got it at home. Here's what I know, I need help:
*Plugs were black and wet. Reek of gas. Both look about the same.
*Put a new plug in the boot and it has spark. Coils in spec for resistance.
*New air filter for good measure. It was grungy.
*Fuel pump gives me 350ml on the money with three turns of the key. Fresh inline filter (HP filter is bypassed ages ago) and checked hose for flow (it flows)
*WFO throttle and starter give a noticable "bupbupbup" that isn't present otherwise.

Odd things:
*I put fresh plugs in and it started to idle high, popped, and died. Nothing doing after that.
*Left plugs out, rags in holes, and let the cylinders air out while at work. Idled a little, popped and died, with a burny smell on the next spin.
*When I popped the hose off the bottom of the pump, it sprayed so hard it got me in the eye. I don't remember it having had that much pressure before.

I'm losing my mind here. I'd be spark suspicious or compression suspicious but both cylinders look the same on the plugs, which I wouldn't expect from single cylinder catastrophe.

I'm getting good at taking the tank on and off though, so there's that? Mayday, Stromtroopers!

'05 DL1000 - Dead at 66K miles.
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